2017 Consultants Derby July 29, 2017

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  1. Deewar25

    Deewar25 Well-Known Member

    Hi all - that time again - as always, we do look for skippers willing to take people out (as well as the charters of course that get booked). This is an invitational charity event held out of the Prestige in Sooke, proud to now have raised over $130,000 for salmon enhancement and stream restoration projects mostly in the last 9 years.

    As skipper, you will get a free ticket, you can choose to fish your own rod or just run the boat (your choice but you can win the trophy as well!) You can attend the pre-party and the main event on land, and the guests should also help cover your boat costs. For the most part, we would typically request you have gear available as well since we don't know the calibre of fisherman we match you up with and they may not have their own gear.

    If you can help, feel free to reply, or drop me a PM c/w # of people you could take. Prefer 17' or larger so the risk of them getting blown off the water is less. I have notified all the skippers from the past if I had their emails, so no need to reply if I have already heard from you.

    Thanks much
  2. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info .....
    I hope to see you there ....
  3. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    Great derby, well run, good selection of prizes, I would highly recommend it if you haven't gone in it yet.
  4. victoriaboater

    victoriaboater Active Member

    Things are happening fast and furious for us on the committee. We have lots of great prizes coming! Our raffle tickets are coming soon. This year we'll be set up at Island Outfitters at some point where you can get a chance to win a charter from Outfitters to Port Renfrew including a nights stay, A 4 day fishing/eco tour package in Port Hardy and much more!

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  5. Deewar25

    Deewar25 Well-Known Member

    Update on our raffle as we just received our lotto license (#97081) - over $13,000 in prizes to report - heckuva first place price worth $7200, 2 nights 2 full days all-inclusive trip with Serengeti Charters in Port Hardy, c/w 2 nights at the new Kwa'lilas Hotel & Eco-tour for 3 people, 2nd prize is the 5 night stay at a junior suite at the Westin Bear Mountain, c/w $500 voucher for anything on the mountain, 3rd prize is a Port Renfrew fishing charter c/w stay in Osprey Cabin for 3 people courtesy of Island Outfitters, and 4th will be a 4 foot steel orca whale art piece in black/clear coat courtesy of Ruggid Coast Tackle & MFG. For those that know the event, it is a private event and tickets are sold at the firms and the event itself, but this year thanks to Outfitters, we also hope to set up a booth perhaps on 15th to sell tickets as part of Outfitters participation. You are welcome to come down and grab tickets then if you aren't participating. They are $10 each, 5 for $40, and 20 for $100. We will confirm timing if/when this happens.

    To top that off, we also received a generous donation from Sherwood Marine & Suzuki right after we submitted for the raffle! 2017 Suzuki DF9.9BTL electric long shaft remote model c/w power tilt. This is almost a $4000 package. We will update how we plan to give this away on our website but may just have to do a competitive side bet for it! Heck of a prize!
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  6. Deewar25

    Deewar25 Well-Known Member

    FYI - we should have someone manning a table infront of Island Outfitters tomorrow afternoon (3-5 area). If you aren't in the event but wish to purchase tickets , feel free to swing by and grab some (note all these proceeds will be going directly to our charities as is always the case)!
    More details on the raffle can be found on our front page at www.consultantsinvitational.ca

    Also, for those interested, the amazing package from Sherwood Marine/Suzuki, we will likely do a live auction at our event (flashback to the fun one we had a few years back for the Merc outboard!) I expect even more competition, so bring your cheques!
  7. Deewar25

    Deewar25 Well-Known Member

    Hi all - to all those that have helped, supported, participated in our event, we thank you so much. Unfortunately, our run has come to an end (at least for now) and we will likely not run our event this year. We are understaffed, and overworked, and there is way too much uncertainty in the air right now with the whole salmon/whales thing etc. For now, we want our summer back - this may be indefinitely, it may be a year or two. This has been a very difficult decision for us, but feel free to PM me if you have ideas to make it work, or feel you can make up a crew with experience willing to continue the event under our guidance and we can start up a dialogue. thx much
  8. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    This is really bad news As i looked forward to this event, wished it wasn't happening as this contributes alot to local salmon enhancement and losing it just makes it harder for the future...
  9. casper5280

    casper5280 Well-Known Member

    Yes very sad news. Was only in the derby twice do to family commitments or work, but both times had a great time and met some great people. Always thought it was a great concept for a derby.
  10. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Yes and agree with Wolf. But honestly how can events run with limited help, and an uncertain fishery? This event won't be the first this year. Anyway it was great being a part of it over the years, but in a way its time. I am very proud on what this group was able to accomplish, and being involved on and off over the years was awesome. It is great to bow out on a high note.
  11. Whole in the Water

    Whole in the Water Well-Known Member

    Wow, very sad to hear this, this was a very well run derby, with great prizes and donated much back into the community. However I also totally understand as being involved in a big fishing derby I know full well that it is a LOT of work and needs ongoing volunteer support.

    Derbies like this need more volunteer support from the local rec fishing community if local fishers want to enjoy derbies like this in the future.

    As the old saying goes - ya only get out, what ya put in!
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  12. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    Sad to see my baby go but kudos to everyone who was involved and participated in over the many years! This event raised I believe around $160k for many Vancouver Island enhancement and stream restoration projects over its course, started new friendships, spawned business relationships and set new standards for another style of fishing derby where the socializing and the fundraising aspects were front and center instead of handing out cash to winners. Its success demonstrates the merits of this model and I hope others took note. Another innovation by this event was to tap into previously untouched funding sources for the local salmon charities by getting industrial sponsors from as far away as Atlanta, GA or Buffalo, NY involved, and they loved every bit of it. Something to think about before hitting up the same 3 local stores again and again. Anyway, a great success story - it was fun and it was worth it! Cheers!
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  13. Deewar25

    Deewar25 Well-Known Member

    You created an amazing thing Christoph, and really, we need a special shoutout as well to Glenn from Martech - Driving Strategic Sales for coming up with the vision that made the event it was! Lets see how it plays out...we may get the itch down the road, we may get a few more that want to join forces and still give it a future, always open ears to new ideas!
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  14. calmsea

    calmsea Well-Known Member

    Too bad, really. RIP
    I suspect there will be more victims by the coming restrictions/closures until someone may realize that shutting down rec salmon fisheries will also mean losing the most support and stewardship that our salmon ever had. I can't see many enhancement and stream rehab projects survive without angler's money and work. Even PSF will feel the pinch when thousands of anglers don't bother buying a conservation stamp anymore.

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