2017 Comox Valley-Comox Harbour, Kitty Coleman, Cape Lazo, Denman & Hornby Islands

Discussion in '2017 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    The rods out the back, classic way to assinate the fish.
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  2. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Well-Known Member

    Wind is down, waters flat. Headed out in half an hour
  3. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Well-Known Member

    Turned into a beautiful evening on the water. Productive as well, netted an 11 1/4 wild red spring, lost two on a double header fishing solo. Nice to see some fish again.


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  4. dfrase

    dfrase Member

    Yes beautiful night off hornby as well. Similar results with lots of action and a 13# in the boat
  5. seahare

    seahare Member

    My son and I are looking to stay at Salmon point and fish for a few days this week! Any comments on this place and marina? Sounds like there might be some fish around! Any ground fishing areas around? Any tips would be appreciated! Cheers!

    RODNREEL Active Member

    Nice camp ground. You'll have to watch the tides getting in and out of the marina.
  7. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Well-Known Member

    Another productive short evening. Wind was nice and died down, turned into a nice hour out.

    Wife managed a wild red spring. No Bananas spoon on a Boogie Man flasher.
  8. N2013

    N2013 Active Member

    Escaped the westerly's that are plaguing Sooke for calmer waters to the north. Picked up a couple springs in couple quick hours at tide change today. Didn't wanna keep anything but my first one was tuckered right out I guess and couldn't make it so I kept it for the parents freezer then the second one went back in the swim to grow bigger. One on a grew hootchie around 170 and the other on a white UV hootch dragged right down on the bottom. Nothing big, 9-10lbs but a fun couple hours for my first time outta Kitty. Nice water and a fun fishery. It felt like winter fishing with my riggers stretched out that far! Hopefully can drag the old man out this week.
  9. dfrase

    dfrase Member

    not sure if any folks on here were fishing off flora yesterday afternoon when the humpback jumped outta the water and almost landed in someone's tin boat...that was quite the sight for my 4 yr old ;)

    didn't seem to impact the fishing. kept a nice thick mid teens spring and lost a few screamers that threw the hook. irish cream coho killer was the ticket
  10. Phil my boat

    Phil my boat Active Member

    Fished the Hump this afternoon. Picked up a couple of cohos, both wild. Managed a 20 lb spring as well as a 4 lb rock fish by running deep. Lots of sea weed too. Great afternoon out there. Quite a few boats out too
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  11. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Beauty day out there today with an old friend and a new one! I know the story, I should have been here yesterday. Oh well, another trip is in the works I'm hoping!

    We hooked 4 Springs. First was a barely legal wild that was released, second came unbuttoned, third was a red hatchery keeper of about 11 pounds (thanks for the net job Willis!), and the fourth will provide me with reoccurring nightmares, a heavy fish, that you know is the fatty of the day, took a lot of line and then when you try to gain it back and start reeling like crazy hoping it's still on, you get that feeling you know it's gone. A few doggies in the mix as well as a released P Cod.
  12. seagal

    seagal Member

    Feel your pain Big Green Machine. Had a friend on board that only fishes once or twice a year and it wasn't his day or mine. First fish to the back of the boat lost in the prop wash while rolling and head shaking. Lines back in the water. Five minutes later port side rod goes off. Fish pulls 40-50 ft of line off right out of the clip. Could feel him swimming along the bottom. Hand the rod to my buddy. Fish starts on another long run with a couple of starts and stops. In that process, he gets his hand
  13. seagal

    seagal Member

    caught in the reel knobs. You can guess what happens. Broke off. Third fish long line released. Tough day getting fish in the boat. Not to mention losing one of your favorite pieces of gear. Fishing plugs at 200 ft.
  14. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    Kitty creal survay Kitty colman .4 salmon as of 8:30 pm for the day .3 from grants 1 from kc hump . I fished NE 250 in 300 at the hump 4:00-630 ,seen 1 fish caught.Moved to the south at 190'off hump and started sounding large fish at 100 so up I came to 120 and 100 .worked circles over them they were holding there for a few passes every pass I made NW I had a fish on and lost 3 .630-800 pm.3.5 tear drop nasty boy gold green flasher.
  15. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting. Pm sent by telekinesis. In this case pm stand stands for punctuation marks.
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  16. Jwolfe

    Jwolfe Member

    Anyone know the name of the boat launch in cr on the Indian reserve
  17. N2013

    N2013 Active Member

    Put in a couple days at the hump and nothing but doggies. Only 3rd time fishing the hump so I still have no clue what I'm doing out there. Rolled some 'chovies just because I had some to use up, and nothing but sharks. switched to white and green/chart hootch but no luck. Very few bait around, found some today which is a nice change to a blank screen, but couldn't find anything biting. Fun fishery when I come up island, but seems slow at the moment. Saw someone net a little rat, but on second thought, they mighta just been netting their anchovie and using the net for effect or to give it a bath. Saw some killer whales though which was nice to show our Aussie guest.
  18. Dirty_Oar

    Dirty_Oar New Member

    Discovery boat launch
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  19. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Fish your balls as close to the bottom as possible. Can be tricky to stay on top of a hooked fished though.
  20. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

    Was just there all day yesterday and this morning and made short work to daily limits.

    150-200 feet on the rigger were the best depths for us. Purple Haze Crush Flasher with Glow Blood and Bones Cuttlefish and Blue Meanie Hoochies were golden as were 6" 602, 632 and a Custom Plug. Found bait and bam! Saw one at 120' on the Sounder and looked back at the rod and Fish on!

    Plugs 30' off the cable at 3.6 sog.

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