2017 Comox Valley-Comox Harbour, Kitty Coleman, Cape Lazo, Denman & Hornby Islands

Discussion in '2017 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Phil my boat

    Phil my boat Active Member

    Fished Kitty Coleman Hump this afternoon. Nothing happening for me. Lots of "line snot"to contend with. Water was flat calm.
  2. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    Fished Kitty Coleman hump aswell yesterday.First day on the chuck this year.Trolled 3 hours 10-1 .first hour was a waist of time as when i brought up the lines the two flashers had clipped together and had no leadders or lures.sorted that, then broke the ice with a large rock cod .Finished off with a under size spring,bite turned on about noon as at one point five boats around me had nets out.waited many months for a day on the water like yesterday.
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  3. meathook

    meathook New Member

    Fished Kitty Coleman Hump yesterday. Kept 3 and released a bunch of undersized. 230 ft on coyote spoons.
  4. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    OK-- fess up. Who was the one that lost the estimated 50 lb hali when trying to gaff it on the Kitty hump yesterday ????? Had two guys tell me they witnessed that !
  5. GLG

    GLG Well-Known Member

    Not me... we were busy with springs at 195 on glow.:)
  6. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    Quite a pile of "just unders " now
  7. eaglemaniac

    eaglemaniac Well-Known Member

    Good on Yah Fish Camp. Thanks for the update. Cmon back now.;) eman
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  8. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Well-Known Member

    Oops! Good to hear they are around though, despite the gaff on their part :D...

    Loving seeing the reports finally, getting the itch to get out there. Only 49 more days until we arrive.
  9. Gettin_Bent

    Gettin_Bent New Member

    What is all this brown slimy sludge in the water from? It's on my lines so thick I can't reel my lines in.
  10. FisherTim

    FisherTim Active Member

    If you're not fishing alone, get the other person to just pinch the buildup with their fingers, it comes right off. I've also not had it stick to braid
  11. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    Some guys in the past have replaced the end eyes on old rods with bigger ones so at least they can wind in.

    This seems to happen every year around this time for a couple or three weeks.

    There's the slime...and then there's this sort of brownish poo-smelling algae that sticks to the line like sh*t in blobs.. It is noticeably harder between the fingers when you try to crush it or pick it off.

    I get it stuck to the braid downrigger lines just as much as the mono line.

    When I get back in I rinse the lines. Then let them dry out in the basement for a couple of days. Then run the lines through my fingernails and it comes off easier.

    Tedious process.
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  12. Gettin_Bent

    Gettin_Bent New Member

    Yes it's hard and is a pain in the ass to get off! Guess I will just have to wait a bit to go out again, what a mess it makes.
    I had to cut my lines to get my gear in because it was so thick and built up at the rod tip.
  13. SpringFever552

    SpringFever552 Well-Known Member

    Heard there were like 50 boats out off kitty yesterday..plus others in different parts of area and no reports...wow must be slow out there
  14. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    There were a lot of boats at the Kitty hump on Sunday!! I usually don't fish this side often but I might have to change that, LOL Tubbed out while testing the boat for the west coast. Larger fish were Whites-biggest was 18lbs 9oz weighed minus guts and gills -so well over 20 I would think. Very deep-220 on the counter! Nano jughead and needlefish jug in green splatterback and a white UV glow(lighthouse lures) plus the usual 6 inch chovy in a kripple K holder DSC00946.JPG DSC00948.JPG
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  15. SpringFever552

    SpringFever552 Well-Known Member

    Work for me all weekend and still today..on whats turned out to be best weekend of yr...just my luck..thanks for pics and report
  16. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    Fished KC hump 5pm-8pm yesterday .One under size 3.5 cop car at 180 at 6pm,and a fright train I could not stop and bust off ,on a winter white hoochie at 180 at 7:30 pm.seen 1 out of 20 boats catch a fish.
  17. Chinook Breeze

    Chinook Breeze New Member

    Fished KC yesterday from 6am - 11am, landed 2 keepers and lost a decent one. saw lots of nets out in the morning. Fished the Campbell river hump in the afternoon, landed 1 decent one and lost 2. Talked to a few guys that fished Grants and they had one or none. Salmon May 26, 2017.jpg
  18. SpringFever552

    SpringFever552 Well-Known Member

    Ran over to Grants yesterday afternoon
    A bunch of boat trolling but saw no nets out
    We puttered around looking for bait/ buzzbombing...no salmon
    Ran over to kitty and did a couple passes again a lot of boats but i saw no nets out..we had no hits so pulled gear and ran for home

    I did get to try out the iTroll that i just installed there and i must say Wow its a great mod to the kicker..i think i will use the "hunt" mode alot

    Beauty day on water..would have stayed longer but had other plans for evening.
  19. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    Another kick at the bucket KC hump north 12 pm -6pm.Started off from the ramp without the fuel line hooked to the motor,in a reaction to the starving motor I rushed to grab the fuel line and broke the plastic coupler to the tank ,without the breather valve open the fuel started pumping out of the tank ,so back to shore for repairs.I tried digging the threaded broken piece out of the tank and stabbed myself in the palm with the sharpest blade scewdriver I had.I eventually stuck the fuel line into the tank opening and secured line in place with tape and went fishing.2pm let a keeper go after 5 min fishing ,trolled the hump north till 5pm nothing happening ,so i started trolling for shore ,at 240 water depth and line at 180 white hoochie ,other line 160 cop car ,double header.i let the sceamer scream ,and delt with a undersize ,and welcomed a 12lb white to the club ,first chinook on my licence .
  20. Fishbox

    Fishbox New Member

    Fished KC hump on Sunday unbelievable day on the water limited out on the north side fishing deep using hootchies, first keepers of the year
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