2017 Bamfield and Barkley Sound Reports

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  1. Redfisher

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    Quick shout out to the organizers of the 29th Sproat Lake Loggers Derby. Thanks for putting together another great derby with prizes and a cold beer for all. Thanks for the great weather (no wind:)),lots of feeder springs and a feast of crabs with the cold beers. Nice excuse to get out on the water for the weekend.
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  2. the fog ducker

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    IMG_9068.JPG Hola to my west coast brothers from Cabo San Lucas !!
  3. Salted

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    Sproat Lake Loggers Derby Report - March 3,4,5,6

    Aquilar Whittlestone Point had too many fish, even had a quad-header! Couldn't find larger fish in that school, so left.

    Had good action the entire length of 'the wall' 2hrs after slack (?) for 1-2hrs. Pill Point was good in the mornings.

    Had a big one on a 6' 700 tomic . Ran everything, surprisingly most productive was small 3.5" spoons in copcar & kitchensink.
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  4. BigBadBrad

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    Thanks for the report!

    Planning a trip to Barkley April 5th-9th. Got a few days off. Just curious if some Chinook will still be around? Anyone ever salmon fish Barkley in April ?

  5. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    fish still all over the sound,, just gotta find the deep bait. i tried satellite on the bottom , green and black needlefish. got a few!!
  6. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    will be there for extended Easter wknd with Cathy and the boy Blair
    You ??
    how was the new tinny

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  7. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    " surprisingly " 3.5 in spoon most productive ??
    all we use is 3 to 4 in anything in the winter , bellies full of firecrackers , shiners , needles typically
    , pretty standard winter gear for us

  8. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    trying for easter break, new tin is still in the driveway.. i brought out "swell dancer" hope to see ya there!
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  9. Cougar Gold

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    I'm planning on going up to the Sound on Friday. Any reports on the fishing would be appreciated.
  10. Black Bird

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    Just back from 4 days in bammy ....
    Road sloppy but not horrible ...
    2 shy of our limit of springs ..... 4-8 lb range
    Afternoon bite was sloooow... Morning bite was best... ap sandlance and glow hoochie had most success ... Near the bottom ... Brady's and whittlestone cold ... More success at Kirby and Meers
    Too windy to Hali fish ....
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  11. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

  12. BigBadBrad

    BigBadBrad Member

    We had a great few days fishing Barkley with lots of small fish 2-7lbs. Nothing bigger. Had some of the worst pawning I have ever seen. Tried different bait, 3 different areas, different depth from 300-375ft. Averaging 4 prawns per trap? Anyone else shed some light on the prawning? Cheers
  13. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    Mr native guy smashing it all winter with dozens of traps and buoys , commercial boats are in for a little surprise when they come through to find no prawns , complete miss management by dfo as usual , you think the commercial boys would step up and take some responsibility here ,see the damage they are doing ,step out , too much vacuuming going on the past few years , absolutely zero to do with the sports guys
    Sad , $$$$ and greed

    Time to go wash some Lures , get the lines down ,
    Happy Easter Wknd

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  14. trophywife

    trophywife Well-Known Member

    felix should have a good report,, no hali love for me....!
  15. At Ease

    At Ease Member

    Had a nice trip down the canal this past weekend. Stayed at Poett Nook Marina in the bunkhouse as it was going to be too chilly to stay on the boat. The plan was to prawn and fish between sets. This was our first time prawning by ourselves and either we were extremely lucky or all the time I spent studying contour maps payed off. Figured that we got our cost down to about .50 cents a prawn. Didn’t do so well fishing with only 1 keeper Chinook caught near swale rock. Big thanks to Fog Ducker for giving some ‘hot spot’ locations Sunday night, unfortunately we had a late start Monday morning and didn’t get to drop a line before we had to head back to PA. For anyone looking for a nice sheltered harbour and a place to stay I would recommend Poett Nook. Gilles the caretaker excellent to deal with. Cheryl (sp?) is a pleasure to deal with to make bookings. The bunkhouse is just that, bunk beds in rooms with a communal kitchen. Clean, warm and good conversation (with Ira and Jason). Big plus, they sell gas as well.
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  16. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    IMG_9246.JPG IMG_9258.JPG IMG_9224.PNG Np
    Nice meeting you ,
    fishin was great , lots of springs still milling around ,few little bigger now for sure, suspended as well , 80-100 , greens worked best for me , easy limits
    Bar none , best winter fishing for me in years , Bamfield harbour and West Flemming were great ! IMG_9237.JPG
    Prawning , mediocre at best ,most worked hard for any success , had to play around , get outta the chit sho fleet , but eventually loaded up !
    Thx Blair for takin me out , had a great time , love your boat buds

    Tight lines

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  17. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

  18. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    last outting , id like to correct myself , Mr Native Commercial wannabe had more like hundreds of traps soakin , i watched him lay a string from Nanat Isle
    to the Poett Nook entrance atleast a 1/4 mile long , no return float either , , watched him unload 2 huge stacks of pots ! literally zero prawns left on that usually productive strip , All GONE !!
    word is he has been doing this all winter ta boot ,
    only place i found numbers were in tight rocky steep areas that most dont want to get to close too ,
    a f'n disgrace on what hes been doin , especially while it was closed for ALL other users
    brutal , really gets our blood goin

    my rant

  19. gamechanger

    gamechanger Well-Known Member

    Some stellar fishing out there right now guys, inshore and on the edges of the sound. Saw a couple of 20+ fish last week and lots in the teens. I was on the wrong end of a jackhammer all week but the guys that were out on the water were doing well. The water is cold and there is more bait and fish around, kinda seems like things are switching back to more normal patterns than what we have seen in the last couple of years. Great start to a hopefully awesome season, sure seems fishy! Prawning was scratchy at best, I pulled my gear out half way through the week because it wasn't worth it :mad:
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  20. Black Bird

    Black Bird New Member

    Just a curiosity ..... Was there ever a meathod the FN could have used back 2-300 years ago to catch prawns at all .... ?
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