2016 Victoria waterfront and Oak Bay

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by megabite, Apr 7, 2016.

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  1. Rayvon

    Rayvon Active Member

    If jigging try the second rock showing on the south-west corner,watch your track and run back on it as the tide changes and you find bait or fish.Your drift should be in 75-95 feet of water.Most people troll the west side drop off and the south side till they find fish.Sandlance spoon close to bottom worked today and Saturday.
  2. coastal creeper

    coastal creeper New Member

    great report kael, maybe one day I'll get an invite to come join you on one of these epic days ;)

    we went out on a friends boat for salmon on sunday, trolled around pedder then to whirl bay and church rock and back to pedder. Only one strike that didn't stick. Crab trap saved the day with 3 keepers tho.
  3. kaelc

    kaelc Well-Known Member

    Roger CC. Keep on scouting out your summer salmon slaying grounds and we'll get out for one more Hali trip before the springs show! We had 4 keepers and I'll be crabbing off the paddle board the rest of the week.
  4. Discus

    Discus Well-Known Member

    I am back. I cannot wait go fishing this season.

    How is fishing for salmon and halibut?
  5. kayladog

    kayladog Active Member

    Nice morning on Oak Bay flats, lots of boats out and saw a fair number of fish caught. We got 2 on bait, a 16lb hatchery and wild around 6lb.
    16 Brodie Rock.jpg
  6. NautiGirl

    NautiGirl Well-Known Member

    Nice fish kayladog. It looks like it is time to fish closer to home. Was its belly full of needlefish? I headed out to whirl bay today. Lots of fish being caught in the 6 to 14lb range, but short bite about 10-11 am
  7. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Late report- last Wednesday rockdog and I headed out of esq anglers in his boat hoping to fish Constance, but the waves weren't cooperating so off to oak bay for a 3 hour tour. First bounce of rockdogs ball off the bottom and he hooks into a screamer which is promptly lost. Rocky gets gear back in boat to find spoon still attached but the hook is nowhere to be seen, swivel broken. So that kinda sucked. Pretty slow for a couple hours. Saw one fish caught and a couple guys playing tug of war with a seal (they lost). Then I hooked a 62 cm (creel dude measured it) hatchery. Picked up and did a quick pass of the break wall, trolling towards green can Rocky picks up a super feisty wild which we both thought was going to be twice the size it was, rocky lets that guy go to fatten up. Spoons on the bottom, hatch had one lone needlefish in the stomach. Nice to get out. Gotta get my tub in the water. Thanks rockdog
  8. saltydawg

    saltydawg Well-Known Member

  9. Humpbubble

    Humpbubble Active Member

    Tried for hali off discovery( not in the lane) and had a nice visit from US coast Guard with one novice RC on board. A bunch of nonsense questions like "who makes a double eagle? " and "who's boat is your name under?" Wtf? They did not want to see fishing license, claimed my operators card was a fake, ok then, do not want to see my emergency kit, all they wanted was to read the small print on one life jacket, and make sure I had no fish in my cooler.
    Made sure of that as we spent the small window to fish talking with a heavily armed "tour boat".
    Meanwhile "pleasure" boats jig rock fish off chatham isl...
    Have we no boats Canada?

    Anyway, there are a load of barely legal hatch fish( invasive:) in oak bay, released a few this weekend and watched a few charters slip them in the tub.
    Looking forward to another summer like last year on the flats. If the fish cops let us.
  10. saltydawg

    saltydawg Well-Known Member

    I can sympathize brother.
    You must have looked like some kind of a "scoundrel" with bait fish blood and slime all over your pants. ha ha
    But while you have their ear, tell them about the knobs fishing the rockfish closed areas. I do.
    The last time I was checked in Haro it was 1 Rcmp, 1 fisheries and 1 Us coast guard so they must trade seats.
    And yes, there were some embarrassed looking guys quickly cleaning trout sized salmon at OB marina. :(
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  11. saltydawg

    saltydawg Well-Known Member

    Getting better..... IMG_0418.JPG
  12. Humpbubble

    Humpbubble Active Member

    Didn't think just anyone was allowed on chatham island? Special privileges?
  13. saltydawg

    saltydawg Well-Known Member

    Todays score:
    saltydawg=1 IMG_0422.JPG IMG_0424.JPG
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  14. saltydawg

    saltydawg Well-Known Member

    leaving a tid bit for the wolf
  15. Humpbubble

    Humpbubble Active Member

    facebook-20160126-155050.png Nice fish Dawg! Feel a little flu coming on,might be out there tomorrow;)
    Anyone spotted wolf lately?
  16. saltydawg

    saltydawg Well-Known Member

    Ocean River guide swears that they found it in the water last year. Swimming back from Oak Bay with a freekan deer in its mouth. Can you believe it?
  17. Humpbubble

    Humpbubble Active Member

    Yep was local reports on a large "dog" attacking deer at ten mile pt, speaking of which, put in a couple hours at ten mile last night, shakers was all I hooked. Massive fire from the apartment next to the beach hotel smoked us out, hope everyone was ok, it looked pretty bad.
  18. SFBC

    SFBC Admin Staff Member

    Fished the OB flats from 9 to noon today. Got one smaller keeper and saw one other caught as well. Unfortunately saw a guide boat lose a couple to seals...tough given how little action there was in general. Caught ours on a Peetz flasher/AP Sandlance combo right on the bottom.
  19. Humpbubble

    Humpbubble Active Member

    image.jpg Full moon Hali. Evening tide was mellow and we finally managed a fish up haro, although it did do its best initially popping the rod holder! another reason to always leash your stick ;)
  20. saltydawg

    saltydawg Well-Known Member

    slow on the morning tide change
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