2016 Ucluelet Fishing Reports

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by uclueletcharters, Apr 6, 2016.

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    Late start Monday tried for halibut 9-11, no love. Switched to salmon and went 2 for 4, @ 150' small spoons were working, #3 Kingfisher "Maverick". Tuesday we landed this 45 halibut while jigging for ling cod close to shore. Not hot fishing but they are out there.
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    Fish Doc, at 2:16 of the video, it sounds like "Useelet"? Apologies here if I sound like an *sshat, but thought you might like to know, its pronounced You -Klew-Let ;-)


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    Hearing some pretty scratchy reports for this time of year. Hopefully that bumper stamp run is just around the corner lol!!!!
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    Lol, I think he's from the States originally.
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    Yeah no problem I don't mind information. But I was aware of how it is said from town folk and the phonetics in the book, Island Salmon Fisherman. But it's not exactly English, haha, so doesn't seem to roll off my tongue. Can't go back in time and change how I said it now. I'll just stick to Ukee now, much easier.

    I'm not from the States, I'm Canadian born and raised, from Edmonton. Was just down in California for school. Couldn't get into school in Canada probably cause I couldn't say Ucluelet.

    Thanks for watching guys!
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  7. FishDoc

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  8. Sculpin

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    Heading up on Friday to give it a whirl again. Can't wait. Going to prowl the inside big time if the weather is the sh*#'s. We will have lots of bait on hand this time round:cool:.
  9. Sharphooks

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    Hey "FishDoc"--- would you take offense if I politely asked you to change your avatar? I find flaunting large mature DEAD rockfish to be patently obscene, especially Canary and Yelloweye. Whether the regs support keeping them or not is immaterial--- they have been hammered by the commercial fleet over the years and their populations are hanging on by a slender thread (or a distended air sack) .

    RCA's are an attempt to try and bring them back but their populations are under constant pressure with or without those RCA's ----------- flaunting large dead ones (these fish can live to be 75 years old !!!) does NOTHING to promote the conservation dynamic for these species

    Black rockfish populations are far more robust and there is ZERO difference in taste. How about beating up on those instead?

    I have never made such a request on a Public Forum and I hope you don't feel insulted or belittled by this post. However, I recall that you (or a similar guy also named "FishDoc" ) posted on the old FishBC forum, and in those posts, also chose to flaunt pictures of large piles of dead Canary and Yelloweye and Shortraker rockfish --- I seem to recall that several members of the Forum took that FishDoc guy to task for those pictures (and at the time, I thought to myself---good, I'm not the only one who is offended by large piles of dead rockfish) ---

    I think conventional wisdom these days is that the days of our "heroes" such as Earnest Hemingway (who was lauded for the large piles of dead animals he left behind everywhere he went) are over and done with.

    More and more fishermen are starting to realize how fragile those rockfish populations and are. They are starting to realize that harvesting them should no longer be considered even if they have the regulatory option to do so---- to the contrary, the push now is rather then getting a hero shot, the drill is but how to safely get them off the hook and return them back to the depths of their natural habitat by using various devices that mitigate "barotrauma" (allowing the dis-tended air sac to be pulled back into the body cavity once they re-regulate at proper depth)

    For more information on mitigating barotrauma, I respectfully refer you to the following website:


    We all have been guilty of hero shots of salmon (me included) but it seems clear that the decision of whether to harvest or safely release a fourteen inch Canary rockfish (that took seven years of growth to reach that size!!!!!), should be given long and serious thought by the contemporary well-informed fisherman.
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    I try to limit my rock fish bycatch as much as possible. I do not think you should feel pressured to change your avatar, as that is your own personal choice. However in this day and age, deliberately targeting such a slow growing species should really not be encouraged. You are free to do as you wish, but I feel experienced anglers on the forum should be trying to set a responsible example for the next generation of anglers who come to this site to learn about fishing.

    Your avatar does not offend me, as your catch is legal by our regulations. I do think you might want to reconsider it though. My avatar is also of a nice catch of bottom fish (with my two sons). Halibut populations however are not in a deathspin like many rockfish species. If anglers were complaining about my choice of avatar I would seriously consider using another for the sake of other anglers sensibilities.

    It's a free country, do as you wish.
  11. Sculpin

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    Thanks for the reports Ucluelet charters and others that have posted recently. Much appreciated by everyone fishing the area :cool:.

    If someone wants to have a discussion about or push their idea of ethics onto another poster, please have the balls to start your own thread in the general section and stop hijacking the reports section. Most of us on here would really appreciate that :). I can understand why a lot of great members have left this forum. You can't even fish legally without some jack wagon spitting on you :confused:. The in fighting between recreational anglers will be the end of us :(.
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  12. terrin

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    Pretty hard to see Sharp Hooks as a jack wagon and he also contributes great fishing reports on this forum as well.
  13. tightlines

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    Hey sharphooks would you take offense if I politely asked you to change your username to Getoffyourhighhorse? Too late I already asked. SMH
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  14. finaddict

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    we will be there as well. What channel do you monitor? Perhaps we can network a bit of intell.
  15. Sculpin

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    Usually on 6 or 69 inside but I like to try to pick up the chatter up North on 78a when on the banks. Weather is looking a bit better and hopefully we can get offshore. Heard South Bank was going off the last couple of days! :).
  16. Fishtofino

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    Ha Ha!! We text! ;)
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  17. uclueletcharters

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    Today was hot as well boat didn't even have to hit the Big Bank nice short run, lots a fish. I think it's going to be full on from here in.

    New Photos from today at top ---> http://www.uclueletcharters.com/west-coast-fishing-reports

    Texting seems to be the only intel exchange these days :) But I think everyone should do well doing what they typically do each year out here if the fishing continues to get better everyday the way it is.

    Good luck all!
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  18. Big Green Machine

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    Sharphooks has been the victim of some 'jack wagons' commenting on his great Steelhead reports and he has responded with kind words and understanding. If somone objects to a post, by all means call them out on it, but it's not necessary to call them names. That just inflames matters.
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  19. FishDoc

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    I don't mind you giving your opinion as long as you can tolerate mine. The avatar pic is from kayak fishing central California with my first ever Vermillion and a big Copper rockfish. The limit is actually 10 a day down there although you have to release Canaries, yelloweye, cow cod and maybe some others. They seem to be adding more to the list all the time and I'm surprised they still allow 10 a day with all the pressure. So I have used fish descended.

    You're correct.
    There was a prior uproar over me catching shallow water rockfish.

    Another uproar over the big lingcod we caught and kept last year. I won't be keeping lings that big again. The ling was more so the topic of thrashing then the yelloweyes.

    Oh an I think another uproar over not wearing life jackets.

    I actually target bottom fish sometimes cause I like to eat them. If I knew how and where to get the blacks I would do so, but haven't found much where I've been. Used to catch them in cali.

    Anyways I enjoy eating fish and rockfish. As long as they're selling it at Costco and I can legally keep one I'll probably keep one to eat. Cause I don't buy fish, I catch it.

    I respect fishing guides but i also see a lot of guides with the so called trophy shots of stacks of dead fish you're talking about. Why you picking on me a guy who gets out a couple times a year??? The guides get out there all the time and know how to get on the fish! Why not spend energies going after the commercial trawlers that haul tons of rockfish off the bottom.

    I like my avatar and it's staying for now.

    Thanks for your concern of the longevity of the species. I think these RCAs and dropping limits are a great step in the right direction for rockfish.
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  20. uclueletcharters

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