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Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Englishman, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    I've had 3 fish all cookie cutters at about 27-28 pounds that I have released in the past week. All left in the water and a pic like below taken for the client. These ones didn't turn out that well but hard to tell what you really have until you upload them off the camera. There is a time when I will bring a fish on board to a wet deck to remove hooks that have the upper and lower jaw locked shut. I tried to pull the hooks on such a situation years ago and the line broke while I was trying to remove the hooks...didn't feel good knowing the fish had no chance with his mouth locked closed. So now I bring them on board if I see that situation and remove the hooks.
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  2. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    Posted yesterday on the Cheanuh site...Nice fish and congratulations, but...if you know this fisherman, give him some advice on proper live release...eh?

  3. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Why don't you tell him yourself. That's Dave from GTD charters. Seems people are getting super emotional just like last year.:rolleyes:
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  4. 2xeagle16

    2xeagle16 Active Member

    Nice fish to say the least - I'm sure Ernie Crey will be waiting for him.
  5. Sam7

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    Well after the winds had died down a bit from Saturday, like an addicted gambler, I decided to head back to the Trap Shack honey hole on Sunday, that worked extreamly well for us on Friday. After battling a bit of chop & wind on the water from Sooke, we were in place fishing about 1 1/2 hrs before tide change. The tide change came and went, along with our luck that we had on Friday. It seemed like the bite that was there, lasted for about 1/2 hour, we saw 3 boats in action, 1 boat lost their fish, while the other two, who where fighting fish at the same time, both landed theirs. From the 30 or so boats I counted on Friday in the area, to less than a dozen fishing boats on Sunday, I figured things had slowed down. It doesn't help when 15 whale watching boats show up just around 11 ish, which might I add, put on a great show, breaching, splashing and frolicking in the water. So needless to say, fishing was quiet after that. Tried stretching the fishing out, but the winds blew us off the water at about 12:45. So, from 7-12:45, not a sniff. It was a good little ride getting from the Trap, around the bluffs to the protection of the spit. Mother Nature is a powerful beast.
  6. terrin

    terrin Well-Known Member

    Pretty hard not to notice the fish has still got the landing net tied around his Gill plate area.
  7. Allbay

    Allbay New Member

    Heading out to Sooke for the first time on Saturday or Sunday if the wind cooperates. We'll launch from the Best Western and head out towards Otter Point or Secretary to get familiar with the area. Any advise about getting in/out of the harbour past the spit and where to troll when new to the area would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Jama

    Jama Member

    Head out at 6am and follow the line of boats!! Most will troll the same lines at those spots so just get in behind and pay attention. Otter can get pretty busy on summer weekends I watch boats bump twice last year. If the weather is decent I would expect 40+ boats between there and Muir.
  9. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    Getting out of Sooke Harbor can be problematic, especially if you have fog.
    Carefully watch the marker buoys and make sure you stay between them.
    Sand bars, crab pots and eel grass are lurking on either side.
  10. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    Allbay - I sent you a message with some basic direction and note a couple of things to watch for.
    Keep your speed down until you get well away from the docks.

    Good Luck.
  11. Allbay

    Allbay New Member

    Beauty! Thanks for the advice Jama, fogged in and Tips Up! I'll let you know how I make out!
  12. Englishman

    Englishman Well-Known Member

    First post for two months since been away camping and fishing in the Interior for May/June. Who knew the Sooke Basin would turn a tropical green while we were away?! We noticed the cloudy green water extended out past Secretary at low tide. It was such a hot flat calm day we kept thinking we were in the Florida Cays and any moment a tarpon would strike!

    Well anyway fished from 7:00am until 12:30pm with only a single shaker to show for it. Tried Harbour Mouth and Possession Pt. and then moved over to the Trap. Must have been over 30 boats at the Trap but never saw a net in the water. By 11:30 am we were back out front and the Trap crowd had dwindled and there was not a single boat at Possession and we could not see any at Otter either. It sure is slow at the moment judging from all the reports and so we did not miss anything by sitting at home for a week waiting for the big winds to drop!

    Anchovies and small herring in teasers and a glow coyote spoon were the unsuccessful lures, fished 59' down to 160’ by the end of the session.
  13. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Oh my god doom and gloom. Its not that bad out there. I know was Roy was out and got one out West in morning, and I went out afternoon out east. Wow was a lot of immature feeder fish around. I cant remember when I hit so many of them. I tried moving and just couldn't get them off the line today. Got three nothing big under 10 lbs. But hey it's in the slot limit:rolleyes: . Everything I got today was hatchery, and stuffed with small sand lance.
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    Anyone know if the slot limit for area 20 will be lifted on July 15?
  15. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Active Member

    So a top rod, got ONE fish and it's not that bad? Oh wait you got three immature feeders, gas up the boat -- it's GO TIME!
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  16. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Well its a short summer fishing season and a long wait for next year...so yeh gas up the boat! Life is short and you only have a limited number of fishing seasons to enjoy! And to answer a previous question, the slot should be lifted on July 15th and we'll be back to 2 Chinook wild or hatchery.
  17. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Thanks RR its useless sometimes and no wonder a lot of us even share anything on here anymore.

    I am going to ignore your post Rum Buddies and take the high road. You need to grow up frankly. :rolleyes:

    The fishing isn't bad, and people need to get off the armchair and drop the lines in the water.;)
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  18. N2013

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    Not much happening out there today. 0530-1330. One charter special that went back in the drink and another handful of little feeders. Fished Possession, then Trap Shack, then harbour mouth. Didn't see anything else caught. Only action was 12-1pm and on spoons, 60-90 feet. Bait went untouched except for bottom fish...Whales came thru around 8ish I think, didn't help things. Off to Kyuquot tomorrow, hopefully more happening up there.
  19. Rum Buddies

    Rum Buddies Active Member

    Hey I agree, get out on the water and have fun. It's not always about catching fish.

    But if we're talking about the quality of fishing, let's be honest, it's horrible. It's nearly mid july and most guys are heading out without a great expectation of catching a mature spring. If that doesn't trouble you, I don't know what to say. Nobody should be happy about scratching up some immature feeders mid summer.

    Being positive is great, but up and down the island this is the worst year many have ever seen. So ya, some people are concerned.
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  20. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    I love this forum. Wrong on so many levels and major negative. Anyway it's a reports page let's move on.
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