2016 Sooke Reports

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Englishman, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. lawlu

    lawlu Member

    Out on Saturday. Fished all the usual spots between the Head and Obrien. Also hit the Besfords first. Not a single bite fishing down deep to 200' all the way up to 75'. Beauty of a day before the winds came at around noon.
  2. pelican

    pelican Member

    Out yesterday am until 0800. 7.5# hatch off Aldridge. Then off to work.
  3. Old Seadog

    Old Seadog Active Member

    [​IMG] It was a nice day on Friday, fishing Off Otter Pt. I had to take this one. Just one chinook for the BBQ. Got him on anchovie at 99 ft.
  4. Old Seadog

    Old Seadog Active Member

    Here it is....took a minute. (first time )
  5. Jaybones

    Jaybones Member

    Fished Whirl Bay today from 8 am until 11 am, not much going on. Got one nice one that I had to release, 73 cm, was a great fight though. 80 feet on a anchovy with a bloody nose teaser. Other than that, nothing. Saw one other boat pick up a nice halibut when they were bouncing the bottom. Tried a couple of passes in Pedder Bay on the way back with no luck.
  6. e-zee

    e-zee Member

    First trip out this year. Fished the morning away in Whirl Bay. Flicked off 2 small 5-6 lbers. Marked some large bait balls which is nice to see. Had a really nice mark and then got a good hit at 120ft on the rigger (closer to Christopher Point) on a no-bananas teaser and UV Crush flasher. Lucky Spring got a free meal.
  7. chris73

    chris73 Well-Known Member

    2.jpg 3.jpg Pedder Bay was good to us today. Firstly it protected us well from the howling westerly and secondly it held a few salmon. I took 3 boys out and they had a blast. My older son Ricardo landed a scrappy 11#er and then lost another fish due to a line tangle. The other two guys had a few surprisingly big rock fish, all of which we were able to return safely - good to see them making a comeback in local waters. A woman in a Striper beside us played a feisty salmon for a while which she eventually landed only to throw it back - the skipper gave it a few nice greetings on its way for the lower Fraser natives. Lots of jiggers on the water - not sure how they did but there were for sure fish around. A number of good bait schools. Our hits came on AP spoon near bottom in 120-140' depth. The keeper had lots of squids in its belly. So technically full size hootchies should have done well too.
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  8. Jaybones

    Jaybones Member

    Fished Whirl Bay today at 10 am about 2.5 hours. Picked up two hatchery springs, one really nice one just a bit under 17 lbs. Both on Anchovy with a glow no bananas teaser head and both at 125 feet. The smaller spring was full of squid. 20160524_131824.jpg
  9. boomer

    boomer Member

    Pick up bait a couple weeks ago whirl bay was out Sunday many bait balls still out there one was squid right in the bay

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  10. Old Seadog

    Old Seadog Active Member

    Heading out on to water on Saturday.... anyone else going Out. Give me a call..#old seadog.
  11. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    Hope you got a big boat. Gonna blow SE tomorrow.
    Sadly the weekend weather isn't looking too good.
  12. sudsy

    sudsy Active Member

    Out fishing from 7-11:30 with a couple buddies this morning. Fished otter to sher Ingham. One bite. One fish.......was able to snap a quick photo before it was released...put up a good fight and swam away strong and healthy....only 200 yards more and we could have kept it!!

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  13. Old Seadog

    Old Seadog Active Member

    That was a nice chromer that you got there and released.....sure was a nice morning. We also released 3 fish, but they were much smaller.
  14. Whitebuck

    Whitebuck Well-Known Member

    Sudsy, you should have just killed that fish. It's as good as dead after the bear hug. Not trying to be a dick, just a piss poor regulation...
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  15. plumbcrazy

    plumbcrazy Member

    image.jpg Nice flat calm waters this am and the Hali came quick!
  16. Wetcoastboattops

    Wetcoastboattops New Member

    Nice to see you out with the boys!
  17. Seagirt

    Seagirt Active Member

    First real trip for salmon this year, 5 hours trolling out front of Sooke but not much to show for it. Pulled in a small coho, lost an 8-ish pound salmon, and saw lots of single targets and bait on the sounder, and bait observed at the surface. Nice calm afternooon on the water, almost too much sun, and a bunch of orcas going by. I'd do that again.
  18. Jaybones

    Jaybones Member

    Two trips out last week Tuesday and Friday, fished Whirl Bay both days. Picked up a single 7 lb Chinook both days. Again at 125 feet, on a bloody nose glow teaser head. Definitely feels slower than last year, and fish are smaller, hopefully that changes soon. Had the whales go by which was a nice way to end the day. Interesting sight for the day was a dead seal pup floating in the rip, had its face eaten off but the rest of the body intact. I assume it would have been a killer whale but funny that they didn't eat the whole seal. Maybe the whales have begun to kill for fun, wouldn't that be a nice way to try and control the seal population....
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  19. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    Fished Sheringham to PNP from 6-9 then Muir from9-11.
    Released one undersized. No other hits.
    Lots of bait around but did not see a fish caught.

    Beauty morning on the water.

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  20. boogieman

    boogieman Member

    Fished Friday and Saturday. Had 4 to the boat Friday, kept a 6 pound hatch. Green onion and silver coho killer seemed to be doing the most. Then the whales came through around 1. Saturday had one hit at 50' that didn't stick. Also caught a lot of rays from the big ol Sun.

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