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Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by RogersonCrusoe, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. BarryA

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    I'm so adept at losing cannonballs that I've wised up and switched to gangion line tied to a coastal lock. Make my own clips by buying the Scotty clips (just the clip with no line or ferrule) and tying on 200# mono. Buy the 15# balls on Craigslist in bulk. Out the door cost is down to $33 US. Not so painful anymore. Dragging bottom for black mouth across the border takes its toll.
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  2. Arjento

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    Tried our luck red can to powder wharf a couple baby coho nothing else lots of bait calm flat water. There was maybe 2 other boats not much action that I could see. Oh well goid day to be out with my kids.
  3. advTHXance

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    Bonked a nice 9# hatchery coho in Sidney Channel today. G-force spoon and betsy flasher. Saw a nice sized coho get netted at the bluffs earlier on as well.
  4. advTHXance

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    Out for a couple hours today, mostly just to test my new cabin heater and make sure everything else still works before the boats annual servicing. Released a small guy around Wain rock, went to try and fish Coal or Fairfax for a bit but the wind got up on my way over so I packed it in. Saw 1 other fish netted, looked to be about 5 lbs or so.

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