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Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by RogersonCrusoe, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Active Member

    All I can add is that I was at Pender, Saturday 5-8pm and there was absolutely nothing going on. My bad luck with the Bluffs continue...
  2. Arjento

    Arjento Member

    I was at james and sidney spit yesterday with the family of course that was a challenge with them on the boat so didn't fish too hard but nothing notta bite at all depths from 35 to 135, a few small bait balls marked. No crabs at the spit either in about 45 feet of water but then again the trap doors were blowing all over the place so I think I'm gonna need to get some lead to weigh them down cause half my bait was gone and pinched at. Back to the fish part though like I said notta tug for me, used andrew p's on purple onion flasher, superbetzy and ancho, and coho killers, no bananas spoon, changed and checked combinations every 20 minutes or so fished I'd say after the bite was on cause we didn't get on the water til 9am and the first line down wasn't until about 9:45, and we only fished until about 2PM. Maybe those guys did it all at Hambley any idea where they were fishing in Sidney? ie. Fairfax, Hambley, James?
  3. Allbay

    Allbay New Member

    Thanks Colin! Things seems to be warming out there and I appreciate all the info you and others share on here.

  4. Docmedia

    Docmedia Member

    Yes they were fishing Sidney Spit and started at 6 am. 80 ft on the rigger using squirts. Hope it wasn't just a one-off!
  5. MadJigga

    MadJigga Active Member

    Which side of the spit?
  6. markustyson

    markustyson Member

    Out today from 11:30 - 3:00. Fished the first half at Hamley and the second in the channel across from the Wharf. Not even a nibble. Water was nice. Saw a few boats taking advantage of the slow tides and trying for Halibut. I tried jigging for a half hour and again..nothing. Still had a great time.
  7. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    Hope the Halibut fishing was better Tuesday than Monday. We set a record, for us anyway, of dogfish. Cleaned out of bait and wore out hauling up 30+ of the pests. Nice day though and a good workout lol
  8. markustyson

    markustyson Member

    Spent 2 hours (4-6) trolling around Coal Island. At least the waters were nice and calm and the rain held off.
  9. vancity16

    vancity16 New Member

    Caught a decent size spring right at the change tonight (900pm) at Fairfax. 100ft on a green coho killer.
  10. Arjento

    Arjento Member

    dropped crab traps near james island road dock then headed around the corner to island view worked our way north around and into the powder wharf area. One stripped bait and some salad other than that nothing. Rewarded with redrock crab where are all the dungeoness :p better question is where are all the salmon they don't seem to have shown up yet :(
  11. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Active Member

    Every time I drop my traps close to Island View / Tulista / James Island Dock I get Red Rocks and female dungies. I think the commercial guys have taken a lot of the dungies in that area. As to where the salmon are... I've seen a lot of marks and bait around Sidney Spit, but they certainly weren't interested in biting anything I threw at them!
  12. vancity16

    vancity16 New Member

    4 hours at Fairfax for the afternoon change. One small spring that we released. No other boats out there.
  13. MadJigga

    MadJigga Active Member

    Anybody been out with anything to say?:(
  14. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Active Member

    I've been out twice in the evenings and not a bite at all. Fish are showing up in the usual spots though.
    I just had eye surgery and am landlocked, so invariably it'll be the best weekend this year.
  15. Mark L

    Mark L Active Member

    Sigh......not much MJ. I'm on futilty streak of close to 100 hours of trolling without a keeper. Did jig up a 5ish lbr at the spit a couple weeks ago(first ever jigging), and a pin popper that I played for about a minute but spat the hook. Tough times indeed.
    I know there's a guy at our marina outta Mill Bay who seems to be getting the odd one here and there. On a number of occasions now the few of us ask him where about he's getting them...We all get totally different bulls$%@t stories about he's picked em up..........so that doesn't help much.
  16. doryman53

    doryman53 Member

    Fished Hamley today from 9 till 2. Buddy didn't have his line in yet and mine went off. Barely over so released thinking a good sign. NOPE. Nada for the rest of the day. Tried it all bait and spoons. Good day on the water though. Sun calm seas and good company. Two traps at the spit on the way home. Rewarded in one but zilch in the other. Great day. Terry
  17. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Active Member

    Fished Fairfax from 5-8:45 today. Loads of bait on both sides of the point after some decent fish showing up as well... But we only caught four dogfish. While trolling . Sigh.
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  18. advTHXance

    advTHXance Well-Known Member

    Well it looks like the Sidney closures came into effect a bit earlier this year.

    Saanich Inlet's closure begins on August 1st as usual.
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  19. Xena

    Xena Member

    Fished Sidney Tuesday. Dropped crab traps at 8am, fished the tail end of the flood around the Spit and South of Dock due to the early closure due to low water levels. Hooked a doggie, then my hubby got a beauty Ling, under sized, released, sigh..... another doggie and then a pin popper which didn't stick. Some crab in the pots!
    Beauty day, no wind, fog etc. Loved it!! Xena
  20. Mark L

    Mark L Active Member

    A lot late but finally:D ended a long skunk streak early Monday morning with an 11#wild 108' in 110' in Sidney Channel.

    Fished Sidney Spit area last night 5-8:30. No action trolling bait and AP spoons other than a dog. Switched it up for the last 45 mins of night and brought out the jigging stick as the current was slack enough. Hooked into a nice spring on the first drop, gave one good line peel followed by a few headshakes and spat the hook. Hooked and snagged a few dogs in the next half hour then whammo! Another big strike and off it went. Unfortunately same thing again, one good run and headshakes....fish off:(. Both fights lasted about a minute.
    Fish or no fish it was a beauty of a evening out there and was super stoked to to get into a couple:). IMG_20160729_203205.jpg IMG_20160729_203205.jpg IMG_20160729_204212.jpg
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