2016 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Fishing Reports

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by saanauk, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. eriks

    eriks Active Member

    Hey Evenweight
    We're heading over on the weekend, so if there is any must-bring gear/bait size, please let me know.
  2. hydroman

    hydroman New Member

    Fished Beano, Maquina and the Monument, catching slow. Lots of jelly fish, requiring frequent checking of bait. Fished in derby at Critter Cove tie for first place 25.75 lbs.

  3. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Leaving this Saturday for the annual trip to Rodgers. Plan on fishing Nootka on Saturday afternoon and then out in Esperenza for the next 4 days. Looking forward to it!
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  4. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Look forward to your reports gents. We need intel....
  5. crazycanuck

    crazycanuck Member

    All this doom and gloom going on around wcvi fishing... wtf somehow I heard this was going to be an epic year with large numbers and larger fish! Seriously thinking of postphoning my trip this weekend unless a decent report comes forward. Please don't make me do that... Jesus CC
  6. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    CC don't put it off-I assume you are going to Nootka-The Nootka fish come around the monument inbound between the 29th and the 8th. When they. come it can be like turning on a lightbulb. There are fish there_ you just have to persevere and do the right thing. Don't get lazy-stay the extra half hour etc. If it truly is a slow year waiting an extra week or 2 won't change it. Kinda like guys who won't fish on a full moon-sure I think it affects things but if a guy does the right things you will still get fish and if you don't go you certainly won't get any!!
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  7. Old Blue

    Old Blue Active Member

    My buddy is up at Englefield right now guiding....they had 30 springs to the boat in 3 1/2 hrs yesterday. Give it time, they're on their way.
  8. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    epic year? lol...... Who did you hear that from? Marina owner?
    I have good word dfo is investigating why nootka's avg fish weight is down over the last 20 years and why little fish are showing.

    It will be repeat of the last 3-4 years hard pressed to tyee there. You will be fishing saltry bay and center island by Aug.
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  9. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Bones -no secret why the average weight is down on the fish-I'm not a particular fan of DFO but to call it an investigation is a bit of a stretch-they know why and are taking steps to correct it at the Conuma hatchery. Size Matters!! So they are now fertilizing large hens with large males-Duh!! who knew!-they did not use to do that so guess what the average size dropped. Whatever!! Don't think it was just the Marina owners who were Touting the run but from what I've seen--unless they are hiding way off-shore(possible) then my records of over 20 years say it is very slow and a small run. Fingers crossed!
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  10. Fish On II

    Fish On II New Member

    First Week on Summer 2016
    Yes, it was very productive for Spring/King, Ling and Halibut.
    The pictures say it all. We have not seen Halibut in these numbers in many years.
    The Springs/ Kings/Chinook have arrived in GOOD numbers in Nootka at Maquinna Pt., Bajo & Beano Creek. In Esperanza at Ferrer Pt., Outer Blk. Rk & all the regular spots on the World Famous Salmon Super Highway.
    “The Catching is going to do nothing but get BETTER as the days move us into July”
    “Whale sightings are a daily occurrence- Grey, Humpback & Orca Whales”

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    They just keep coming by the boat load
    45-15Lb Haibut. The largest of 6 Springs boated yesterday. 25Lb all
    Caught at the Red Can Esperanza from the highway

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The largest Hali of the week. 81Lb caught +

    at Bajo Reef
    Ken with his 32 Lb Ling caught at the Pins while

    fishing for Hali

    Sheila caught her 1st Spring ever while on the Highyway off
    Esperanza this week. Their boat with 3 abaord limited out 21-28 Lb


    Two 15 Lb Yellow Eye. Some of the best white meat in the
    ocean- Don caught these off Ferrerr in 150 feet of water.

    Howard boated Springs, Hali & Yellow Eyes on a recent Day
    Trip to Nootka
    Joel with the 1st Tyee of the 2016 Season. Caught on
    the Highway on June 26th. Using a 6 inch image blue
    coyote spoon. 31.25Lbs
  11. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the Highway is the ticket!!
  12. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Highway here we come July 8-11...
  13. trophy fisher

    trophy fisher Member

    Thanks for the reports. Looks like I need to fish the highway. Any hints on how deep before its considered the highway? And how deep are the fish? Wondering if I need to switch to braid on my downriggers.
  14. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    The highway is usually considered 300 ft but that is subjective-can be 250 to 500 -depends where the bait is, where the salmon are travelling. I usually put my gear down to 200-other side 150-try it for awhile and then I start dropping deeper. I continue straight out into deeper water up to 500 feet-if no fish by that point better come up with another plan. Very important -if you hit a fish hit the man overboard or waypoint on your chart. Then do a thorough expanding square or some search pattern around it before moving on. Go back to the same depth-maybe try a similar lure on the other side but a different colour. Be pro-active change speeds ,change lures , try bait-even if it is very deep-not usually any structure to see so you have to travel to get the fish and then stick with them!!
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  15. trophy fisher

    trophy fisher Member

    Thanks SF! That's kind of what I was thinking and where we did quite well last year, 300-350ft, but wanted to confirm. I've heard some say the highways at 600 but kind of doubted that. I guess it is where ever the fish are. Will post a report on return. Going for 4 days with 4 guys. Hoping the truck is heavy on the way back.
  16. Tight Roll

    Tight Roll Member

    I have been going to Nootka for a number of years in the slot somewhere between July 1 and July 15 th to avoid all the restrictions. Almost every year the fishing reports are that it is slow and the fish have not arrived but when we get there it's always better than expected. I would not be panicking about some of the recent report. Looking forward to heading out July 5th this year to Critter.
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  17. sailfisher

    sailfisher Member

    Thanks for the pep talk guys! I too was getting a little worried. We are heading out there in a week and, while we've only been a few times, its a bit earlier than we normally go.

    Would anyone be willing to share tips for fishing near the monument or the shoreline west? Bait, plastic, or spoons? Shallow or closer to the bottom? We've always had the slot restriction in effect when we've been there so we have focused on elsewhere.

    Hoping there will be some more first hand reports soon! Can hardly wait!
  18. greenhornet

    greenhornet Active Member

    Hello fellow fishers
    I just got home from knootka.Was at mouth bay lodge went in the derby and placed 4th with a 23.6 the winning fish was 26. something then 25.6 and 25 for third.So we got knocked out of the money in the last few hours... Hers my fishing report I fished 10-12 hours a day did well but its not on fire you have to just keep tacing back and fourth.I fish bajo,beano,the pins,whales tale the t and ferrier all great spots this time of year.I did the best at bajo 5 days straight was into about 7-15 chinooks a day.27.5 and 25 being the biggest.Fish bajo in the horseshoe 80-100 ft of water and fish right on the bottom or in the first 30 ft if the depth sounder reads 80 ft make sure your fishing at 70-90 ft on the rigger then you know your on the bottom I did well at 90 ft on the rigger in 80-90 ft on the sounder.either tide doesn't matter at bajo.Beano was also good for some guys I caught a few fish there but did better at th e reef.so fishing beano fish 70-90ft of water also,starting from the caves or the rock that looks like a dinosaur you see it fish @ 60-70 on the rigger in 70-80 ft of water you'll get them there.I fished wash rock and the lighthouse also hooked 4 or 5 but was very slow so if you can get around the corner to bajo or beano you should do better.I like the highway and those places but a lot of fuel and running time to get up there from moutcha.so we stayed local.

    The hot items for us was a coyote live image spoon silver with blue and a blue footloose flasher 6ft leader at 3-4 mph
    on the other side i had on a blue mirror flasher and a hootchie AO12R its white but turns blue when it hits the water this is the hootchie we caught all the biggest fish on,and a 31.5 yeeoff bowed a few weeks back they love this set up I call it WHITE DEATH the leader little longer than an arms length same speed...try purple and red as I seen some of my guide peers using these colours...

    good luck stay safe and when that NW wind gets blowing get back inside of wash rock

    Halis are everywhere especially by the pins in the trench I got them in 120 ft of water of the bajo reef using herring,salmon parts...
    These salmon are super hot fresh chromers that just peel line off your reel I was close to being down to the backing on a few occasions thats 500ft of mono they peeled off !!!!! buddy arms were screaming when he had to reel that all back lol !!!! enjoy thats all I have for now till I return july 20 - august 13 for my next knootka adventure..

    Tight Lines
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  19. greenhornet

    greenhornet Active Member

    Guess I should have said coyote in the 4.0 or the smaller of the two and fish beano only on the rising tide...

    Tight Lines
  20. sailfisher

    sailfisher Member

    Thanks for the great report. At least it sounds like there are some fish there. Fingers crossed for some nice weather when we are there!

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