2016 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Fishing Reports

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    Apparently dfo has announced some changes in regs for Nootka this year. Sounds like they are trying to make it easier to understand the regs relating to that over/under and the color coded maps. Apparently post July 15 more areas will be open than last. Can't wait to see the final maps show up on the dfo site...
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    Also heard that the Gold River FN launch is not expected to have improvements done this year.
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    The "plan" is to do improvements for next year, however, next year has been 4 years in a row. I guess patience is a virtue.
    Will be doing the Children's Hospital fishing trip starting July 1 so I will post the following week on how things are going. Had a report the Beano has started to produce quite consistently so that is a good sign for those of you heading out in the next little while. Yes, it is true, the DFO have removed a lot of "over/under" areas and so most areas will either be closed or open as of July 15th, hopefully that will lessen the confusion of previous years.
    Tight Lines
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    where is the info posted about this years over/under and closed areas?
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    Looking for information on any possibilities to drive into the area around Port Eliza. Want to try fishing this area this year for a week or so and would like to use a camper as our base. Would prefer not to have to travel to Tahsis or Zeballos each day...trying to get closer to the actual outside fishing areas. Any and all advice on possible camping places up there appreciated. (Have a place to stay at Rugged Point but still like the thought of driving in close.)
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    can anyone give me a water/ wind report? I was thinking of heading to Bajo tomorrow/ saturday for some halis..
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    We have the official “2016 West Coast Vancouver Island (WCVI) Chinook Forecast” from DFO.
    Thank You to Diana Dobson South Coast Assessment Salmon Team

    It is ALL GOOD. The run size (numbers) are 50% larger than any yr. since 2000. The Great part about the report is that 90% of the Springs/Kings are 4 and 5 year old fish which means we will be seeing a lot more Tyees on the cleaning tables this season. They are already here on the Highway & will be inside the Inlet and Sound sooner than normal.

    The Following Pictures have all been taken in the past wk.
    Interestingly we have had some Big tides & some Wind & Barometer events BUT outside of that Fishing/Catching has been very GOOD!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Caught June 8th "Esperanza Mixed Bag" Limits of Chicken Halibut, 22-14 lb Chinooks & limits of Ground Fish.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Captain Al with Limits of Halibut, Yellow Eye & other Bottom fish Nice Ling Cod with limits of 20-30lb Halibut

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Jeff holding Tina’s 1st limit of Springs” his James with the largest Chinook of the day. 25l
    limit is still in the boat!!! June 4th

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    DSC01453.JPG DSC01456.JPG DSC01457.JPG Just got back from 2 days in Nootka. Had a rookie on the Islander so our catch rate was a little below the hook-up rate. The report is basically spotty- no concentrations of fish although we got a limit but had to move to do it. The weather was "Sporty" most of the time which presented a bit of a challenge to a fishing friend with 2 prosthetic legs. Burdwood has bait but not much for salmon-released an 8lber there. Ling and yellow eye were pretty good although not as good as last week. Got blown off about 15 miles south by a SE wind so trolled back to the lighthouse-got multiple hook-ups at 200 and 160ft of wire-anchovy and the big LED cuttle fish-this was the only concentrated bunch of fish I ran into-best was 22 lbs. Good solitary Spring off wash rock, bait at Beano and again a solitary fish. Very few boats around-kind of lonely-every week will get better
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    Thanks for the update. Heading that way tomorrow. Can't wait

    Cheers, Rob
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    Went up Friday /Sat last week. Friday great day no wind 20lber at wash rock and 3 more in by Beano and trolling out the reef line. Great fishing lings, rockies and solmon. 80' ish white hoochie and chovie. tons of bait!!! Blown out Sat. tried inside nothing there. Must have looked like a good target got boarded by both DFO and Coast guard one Friday and the next Sat. All good might be because nobody was there except the Moutcha fleet.
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    got this trolling by myself on sunday off beano

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    very nice!!!
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    Halibut fishing. We have been going up to Nootka for the last 5 years and love it! Don't think i will ever have a summer again without coming to this wonderful area. I have been wanting to go after some halibut but i am such a novice halibut fisherman. I was wondering if anyone has some solid tips/areas to go (without going 10 miles offshore). Greatly appreciate any information you might have for me. Feel free to PM me if that is what your more comfortable with.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Dave & Tyler return from their first
    fishing trip of the season with limits Lots of fish & Chips for these guys. 17-25lb Halibut
    of Springs & Halibut as well as a nice Ling

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Red Deer crew Jamie, Ray & Darcy

    Brian' s "Got Spring Fever" a pair of 25lbs

    Chinook from Ferrer PT.

    Limits on Limits on Springs & Halibut
    Langely Crew with Lings & Springs
    Helen came off her sail boat with husband Bob & said " I've caught most every other kind of fish but a Halibut can you help me with that?" Helen with her 1st Hali

    Anacortes couples are a happy crew with 12.5lb Yellow Eye & limit of Halibut 12-62lbs.

    Point Wilson group with limits of Halibut & lots of Ling Cod & Canary Rock fish
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    Back from Nootka this past Thursday. We rented a floating house from last Saturday - Thursday. 1st couple of days was a bit slow as we could not get out very far with the winds but it turned out great for the last 3 and had a great time. Got lots of lings, limit in yellows other rock fish, 6 springs and 3 Hali between 2 boats. Biggest Hali was 30 lbs and a couple of 10's. For springs we got 3 around 20 and a 12 plus 2 - 8's but didn't spend time fishing for them. Did a lot of exploring as the winds were great last Weds and ended up at Estevan Point. Thats the furthest I have been south out of Nootka. Fished Bajo area for a couple of days also. Got some cool GoPro video especially for a buddy that 1st time Hali fishing he got the 30 lb fish. We also had a wolf hanging around that actually bit into our cooler of wobbly pops... no fish in there buddy...

    Cheers, Rob

    IMG_0492.JPG IMG_0555.JPG IMG_2511.JPG IMG_7672.JPG IMG_7700.JPG IMG_7830.JPG
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    One more thing, we had a freezer and wanting to freeze fish to keep it fresh early in the trip. I used wax paper between the fillets and it worked great. Used a power saw for the skin and then vacuumed packed at home.

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    Looks like a great trip! Crazy with the wolf biting the cooler.
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    Nice report and love the pics.

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