2016 Nanoose Bay/French Creek Reports

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  1. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    She was pretty sporty Saturday, but a good bite from 8 to 9, then spotty thereafter. Lots of unders after the main bite was over. Was blowing a gale today, so no joy! Maybe settle down by Monday night - hopefully.
  2. bigredsnapper

    bigredsnapper Well-Known Member

    image.jpeg Got out today with Bushy and bonked a 10 and 15. Lots of boats out today and lots of chatter on 68. Sounds like Gerald and Ballenas are slow so we ventured across to Sangster for a change. Half a dozen boats including a guy in a canoe with an outboard on the back and the guy came across from FC, wow. No love on Bushys side today although he was a pretty good net man............BRS

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  3. Derby

    Derby Well-Known Member

    Tough slugging today..Sangster on our side today a few sub legal and some small stuff..didn't see any legal taken... great day on the water..
  4. Ryan A

    Ryan A Active Member

    Tried Sangster, Young Point this afternoon and didn't get a sniff, only one pollock which was a nice change. Beauty day on the water
  5. bigredsnapper

    bigredsnapper Well-Known Member

    Small spoons, 130 -160ft long leader.....................BRS
  6. Ryan A

    Ryan A Active Member

    After seeing your post from yesterday BRS thought I would give sangster a go while letting the traps soak. I'll give the smaller spoons a try next time. Thx
  7. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Looks like we are in a spotty period, hopefully a few more move in soon!
  8. bigredsnapper

    bigredsnapper Well-Known Member

    I hear ya, did spar buoy to Douglas and back again and squat. I think FC and Sangster might be the ticket...........BRS
  9. Ryan A

    Ryan A Active Member

    Tried the humps at low slack this afternoon, not a whole lotta action so cruised over to Finnerty and landed a 10lber at 95' in 150' on a blue speckle back hooch along with a couple undersize. Absolutely beauty evening on the water
  10. adrian1991

    adrian1991 Active Member

    How long is long 70"?
  11. bigredsnapper

    bigredsnapper Well-Known Member

    Yup six feet or so, but it's tough netting when solo. Water at Gerald was so bad yesterday from the algae bloom it was hard to get the line in. Might try again today.............BRS
  12. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    6 foot leaders for me too. 131, 141, 147 are best depths for me. Let's keep fingers crossed the fish turn back on soon! Started out as epic fishing and then petered out.
  13. Ryan A

    Ryan A Active Member

    Tried Finnerty again this evening but it only produced a couple undersize for us, both hit on the blue speckle back hoochie. Tried out front of FC on the way home for an hr or so in the 160' range, saw lots of bait balls but no hits.
  14. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    You would never run an even number on the rigger would ya? ;).
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  15. Bigdogg

    Bigdogg Member

    Fished sangster yesterday morning from 7-11am got 2 springs and lost 5 others. My buddy is a rookie on the rod and was having a bad day. Lol. Had the first double header of the season to so that was pretty fun. It was a tough week of fishing this week. Put in the time and not much for results. Well hope some more bigger fish roll in soon.
  16. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Nope, the fish gods might not be pleased....only odd numbers keep the beast amused.
  17. rowswell

    rowswell Member

    Fished the mid day swing for a couple of hours each day over the weekend - between Dorcas and Ballenas Fri and Sat and outside of Winchelsea Sunday. After the big winds last week, lots of junk floating & weed along the tide lines at slack that kept clogging up the kicker prop. Algae in the top 50' most places, but still fishable without clogging up the rod eyes too badly. Biggest problem was pacific cod. Had to check rods every 10 to 15 minutes to make sure they were clear. Should have kept them as I had at least 15 over the 3 days & would have made a good fish fry.

    Great Orca show on Friday. At least 6 cruised South between Ballenas & Gerald. They seem to be doing a good job of keeping the seals under control as they have been conspicuous by their absence.

    4 undersize Springs landed over the 3 days as well as 2 small coho off Winchelsea y'day. Lost a couple on long releases that may have been legal. Only 1 legal fish in the boat.

    No flasher used. All on a naked cop car or green & white 4" spoon in 300-600' of water at depths from 80 to 200'. Sunday fished a plug one side, but it only caught cod........

    Been fishing out of Schooner Cove for 13 years now. For the 1st 5-6 years, I dragged my lines alone most days. On Sat PM there was a launch line up of 6 boats at 16:00 and & counted 10+ trailers in the lot. Amazing what a few fish will do!
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  18. mike8423

    mike8423 New Member

    Out from 3 till 8 yesterday, not even a sniff and didn't mark much for bait either
  19. southern star

    southern star Member

    1 keeper off ballenas lighthouse this afternoon. 180 ft.

    Even all the hake and the bloom couldn't put a dent in such an amazing day.

  20. hedgehog

    hedgehog Member

    We almost didn't go out today as it was a bit lumpy and there hasn't been much around lately but out we went. Tried army truck, and green splatter back hootchies - nothing. Switched to kitchen sink and landed an 8.5 in 250' of water fishing around 220' depth. Switched again to a cop car type spoon and fished at 150' and caught a wee coho. That was pretty much all the action I had for today.
    We stayed out in front of the marina for the most part not even coming close to the hump. If the fish are hitting where you are why move?
    A couple of guys came in from Sangster with some Ling so there are some fish out there.

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