2016 Nanaimo Reports

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by AquaDisiacIII, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Someday

    Someday Active Member

    Tuesday I managed a few hours of fishing in the morning till 10:30. Managed 4 springs, all small. The biggest was around 8lb. Coho were fairly abundant, not hard catching a couple legal ones.
    Earlier this year I caught a 3 1/2lb P cod, (weighed). Yesterday I caught one that made me think I had a spring on for a second or two.....lol I have no doubt it was a dog fish. IMG_1397.jpg
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  2. Brian Reiber

    Brian Reiber Active Member

    Any reports? Trying to decide between Thrasher and Alberni tomorrow. This rain going to push the sox through so I'm thinking Thrasher is more practical.
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  3. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee Active Member

    Finally got out in front this afternoon, fished from 3 until 6. Got about a dozen wild Coho, biggest was about 5 or 6 pounds. Action was pretty steady. Fished near the Fingers in about 400 - 500 ft, riggers at 120 and 140. Irish Cream on one side, Coho killer in green/glow on the other. Lots of boats seemed to be hooking up....great day on the water!
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  4. Salty

    Salty Member

    out 4:30-8:30 too, I fished deeper 140-180 and had about 6-8 med undersize springs and a dogfish. Seems the same story every time out the last couple weeks aside from a couple hatch coho at thrasher last week. Hope to see some bigger fish soon. Put in plenty of hours this year so far but haven't caught anything over about 12lbs. Usually have a few 20ish pounders by now... Haven't hear much big fish chatter at the dock this year at all.
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  5. Salty

    Salty Member

    So I was thinking of taking the prawn gear to Stuart channel and from what I remember there are usually pulse closures, but I was looking on the dfo site and didn't see anything about it. Am I correct in assuming it's open all the time until further notice? Anybody know?
  6. LukeSeawalker

    LukeSeawalker Member

    There's no no point in prawning right now. The commercial prawn season was a bust and that area gets pounded. Sorry
  7. Salty

    Salty Member

    Ya I heard the Commercial season wasn't great, didn't realize it was that bad in that area this time of year though.
  8. DoubleLife

    DoubleLife New Member

    Just had my best fishing day ever.(I'm new to this). Wednesday afternoon out solo. Gorgeous sunny day. Lines were only in the water for 5 minutes when I hooked a decent 10-12lb spring. Got all tangled up in my kicker but managed to bring it in anyway. Lost a pin popper about 10 minutes after that. Then, about half an hour later, bam! Almost stripped all the line off my reel during the play and I was terrified I'd get it tangled in my opposite side line which was still in the water. Managed to land it safely though as it stayed on it's own side of the boat. 28 pounds! My biggest ever! Both fish were straight off neck point in about 400' of water. The smaller at 120' on the rigger and the 28 at 160'. One was caught on an army truck spoon, the other on a blue/chrome spoon I don't know the name of.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  9. ExFlyGuy

    ExFlyGuy Well-Known Member

    Nice to hear some big fish are out there! I haven't been out in a couple weeks due to work and summer vacations. I Dropped my boat off at the shop on my way out of town and get it back next Wednesday and am itching to get back on the water...
  10. vanislehunter

    vanislehunter Member

    Great job DoubleLife!!
  11. Salty

    Salty Member

    Yes great fish! You made me wanna go out this afternoon Hopefully the wind dies down like expected
  12. Salty

    Salty Member

    Well unfortunately no fish in the box tonight but had tons of fun with my kids anyways, probably brought 15 nice undersize springs to the boat, almost all in the 50cm range and a steady flow of wild coho, sure is tough to find the hatchery coho sometimes. Funny, it seems like the fish are getting bigger every week but I'm not having much luck finding the "BIG" enough ones..
  13. aheny

    aheny Well-Known Member

    Great job, and great report double life!
    What an amazing fight that must have been!
  14. vanislehunter

    vanislehunter Member

    Fished Thrasher this morning. Released 4 small springs and 2 small coho in about three hours. Had a few bumps that didnt stick. All depths and all over the place, fish were there. A big grady white lost a fish to a sea lion right beside us, what a #$%&*!

    Saw a few people reeling in fish but no nets were out. Was hoping for bigger, but still a fun day fishing and nice to be out on the water.
  15. TipUp

    TipUp Active Member

    Fished off the fingers today. Two hatchery coho to the boat and lost a bigger coho. Irish creme spoon at 140 feet had most of our hits. Had another couple solid strikes. Lots of coho out there not too hard to find some hatchery fish.
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  16. LowTide

    LowTide Member

    We went looking for Coho yesterday but all we could get was Pinks and one Chinook. They were all at 100 feet and were taking Coho Killers. I must be doing something wrong.....although the Chinook was 30 lbs so I was good with that. Funny that I was doing everything wrong for Chinook and got my biggest one in over a year. 20160716_143201.jpg
  17. Rusty Hooker

    Rusty Hooker Member

    Out yesterday pm. Fishing mostly round the fingers. Tons of coho. All wild but getting bigger. Even had 2 hit while clipping up to riggers. Fishing all depths from 90-175 with anchovie and spoons.
    Jelly fish were a problem. Lots of slimed lines. Did get 3 undersized springs but not a single hit that felt or looked big. Oh well. Msybe next time.
  18. Robert Robinson

    Robert Robinson New Member

  19. seadog19

    seadog19 Active Member

    nicely done low tide
  20. aheny

    aheny Well-Known Member

    I spent the day at fingers yesterday. Fished 160-220 and hit undersized springs all day. Only 1 wild coho, but we lost track of the springs at 20.
    All caught on white, green/blue Jughead Nanos and 3.5" herring aids.
    Definitely an epic day with most between 45-55cm. Not a single keeper though. Still an amazing day on the water

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