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Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    Any thoughts on the best tide to fish the Strait side of Porlier? Ebb/Flood?
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  2. MadJigga

    MadJigga Active Member

    When I was pinching the AP spoons hooks on the chuck I wasn't able to achieve a pinch without it still grabbing a little on the sleeve test. That's why I'm grinding them in advance now. Better safe than sorry! But to each their own.
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  3. Jimfish

    Jimfish Member

    Kind of intrusive comment.
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  4. advTHXance

    advTHXance Well-Known Member

    Ah yes how intrusive of me to comment on a picture posted on a public message board!

    This seems to be getting out of control so lets just dispel the notion that I meant any offense to any of the parties involved (it seems most that have something to say arent involved to begin with). To be honest, if I had known how bent out of shape some of you would get, I probably wouldnt have said anything. It wasnt meant as an attack on Pursuit, merely an observation. I clicked the topic, a picture loaded up and my initial reaction was "wow, that hook looks like it might not be pinched properly" so I posted my thoughts. For what its worth, if a fisheries officer found somebody fishing with a hook like the one pictured, theres a fair chance that that somebody would be the recipient of a ticket for fishing with barbs. Its all right there in the rules, clear as day.

    Anyways, sincere apologies to Pursuit, as my observation seems to have derailed this topic, and I certainly didnt mean to accuse you of anything.

    In my experiences, AP spoons can have hooks that are tough to crimp with pliers, but nothing a good pair of vice grips and some elbow grease cant solve.
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  5. Admin

    Admin Admin Staff Member

    The barb conversation is now complete. Let's get back on topic....fishing reports!
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  6. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    Out at Salamanca from 10 'til 2 through the tide change. Was a bit of a bite on around 11:30 with lots of shakers and one keeper. AP herring (green and white) and sand lance (red with a red flasher) spoons, 90' to 140' on the rigger in 140' to 240' of water. Beautiful calm day on the water, 3 or 4 other boats in the area but didn't see any nets out.
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  7. Fisherman Rob

    Fisherman Rob Well-Known Member

    Haven't fish Porlier since the '80s, but back then we would troll from the green can toward Dioniso Point and back on a low slack. Mooching with a Riptide around the green can was also productive. Caught some big lings there as well!
  8. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    Thanks Rob. Will try that troll line next time at the pass.
  9. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    A little nasty on the Strait side of Galiano today so fished Collinson Point and Enterprise Reef areas on the inside of Active pass - ebb to flood - only managed one undersized. A few other boats and didn't see any action.
  10. Kramer

    Kramer Member

    Buddy of mine fished Tumbo recently and did well. No specifics but he said that was the place to be for what it's worth.
  11. Fisherf

    Fisherf Active Member

    put in 4 hours on sunday anchored for hali by zero rock. no hali, one dogfish and a few nibbles. there was one other boat there that left 30 mins after we got there and we did not see them land anything. we tried large anchovy, fake squid (lure) and a mudraker.
    hope to get out again sometime soon.
    thanks, fisherf
  12. michael_reiber

    michael_reiber Active Member

    Does anyone know the link to more information about the silva bay derby? I cannot seem to find it anywhere!

  13. Oglthorpe

    Oglthorpe Active Member

    I know you can get tickets at the Harbour Chandler.

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  14. SFBC

    SFBC Admin Staff Member

  15. Tried Porlier on Saturday, 11am - 4pm. Had 1 pin popper that didn't stick, and a bunch of shakers and undersized. Only marked a bit of bait, but it was all down deep (250') and on the bottom. Still beats a day at work though :)
  16. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    At Salamanca for a couple of hours today testing the gear ;) No birds, no bait, no shakers and it looked like a wasteland on the sonar.
  17. BarryA

    BarryA Member

    Was there last weekend doing the same thing. Five mins into the weekend had a double header spring/ling on near Gossip on LED hootchie and cop car spoon. Lost the spring at the boat, looked 12-13#. Not a sniff the rest of the weekend, and I pounded it hard all day sat. Didn't see a single bird, bait or seal.
  18. tincan

    tincan Well-Known Member

    bit of a ghosttown on this gulf islands thread this year eh? May / June is typically peak season for this fishery but it's been super spotty this year. Anyone finding any sort of consistency out there? I haven't been able to get out as much as I would have hoped so far but it doesn't sound like I'm missing much off thrasher, porlier, etc.

    The recent derbies out of galiano, salt spring, etc produced a few fish (1-2 per boat) but definitely not red hot which is unfortunate. I won't be able to fish the gulf islands for another 2 weeks but hoping to hear a few positive reports here in the meantime. Good luck out there.
  19. Pursuit

    Pursuit Active Member

    It has been hard work out there Tincan but there are few fish around jut nothing big yet. I fish mostly Salamanca, it seems to be more consistent than on the inside of Galliano for me but also work the inside of Active Pass [Colinson Point area] and occasionally down to Sidney. Some guys swear by Pender Bluffs but its never bean very productive for me. Haven't gotten up to Porlier yet this year, maybe later in the month. From following the Vancouver thread it seems guys are making the crossing and picking up some better sized fish along with Coho so you'd think they'd be showing up further south. Look forward to hearing how you do.
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  20. TheBigGuy

    TheBigGuy Well-Known Member

    Must say it was not very busy boat wise on my trip over there this weekend. More of a cruise for me. I did stop at Porlier on the way back and there were a few boats Salmon fishing there. Never saw a net out while I was there for a couple hours. I was not salmon fishing, so I can't report anything from a personal perspective. Looked pretty dam slow for the guys that were trolling the area. Hopefully thing will pick up soon.

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