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    Hi Guys and Gals,
    I thought i would ask the fellow anglers here how your 2016 Freshwater season was?
    Any huge or big catches?
    Favourite places on the island to fish?

    I just moved back to the island from Ontario and had part of the season to try out a few lakes in the greater victoria region.
    I spent more time in 2016 looking for spots and revisiting some places I had previously been when I lived here before.
    Not the most productive season compared to the previous 2 in Ontario bass fishing and carp fishing but I did manage to land a 4lb+ smally at Elk Lake.
    Caught a few rainbows and catfish as well later in the season.
    I felt like I was mostly trying to take in the experiences rather than trying to land more fish but the 2017 season is here and I'm going to be putting together a better season with a little more focus on landing bigger fish.

    Here is a compilation of some short videos I took over the summer on a few of my trips.

    I'm not a professional but very much enjoy fishing and learning new techniques and ways to fish.
    And..... this year I get to try fly fishing...... I had a friend bring me a 9,5ft Ted Peck fly rod with a Fjord reel attached to it. The best information I can find says that what I have maybe be from the late 1960's or early 1970's.... which for it's condition is amazing.... its older than I am and in better shape.

    Tight lines for everyone in 2017!
    -John G

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