2016 Campbell River Reports

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  1. salmonkiller01

    salmonkiller01 Well-Known Member

    Hit Greens yesterday, got 3 wild coho-10-15lbs(all released). Using anchovy. Saw a couple springs caught. What a great day to be on the water.
  2. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    Few hundred yards north Moriarty pt monday morring (labour day reward) 15lb spring after 5 minute of fishing in the 11' tinny , the fleet was just starting to launch as I was on the return to the ramp ,Tomic 5"tuby 602 red shovel.25 pulls 6 oz 60 pulls.i had forgot the landing device for the weekend and built a (1' timber tie wire strand crimped over fastened to a heavy string and fastened to the boat ) when the fish neared I cradled the rod in my forarm and reached for the leader and hand over hand worked the leader grabbing the plug with same hand that cradled the rod ,slipped the metal fid under the gill plate and out its mouth and with two hands pulled the fish aboard .great weekend.
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  3. ExFlyGuy

    ExFlyGuy Well-Known Member

    The chase for the elusive ling was back on this last weekend with a visit to pacific playgrounds with the family. We put in 2 1/2 days searching for a nice sized keeper and struck out... We did have a ton of action and on Sunday morning alone we boated over 15 lings but not one was of size. We had a shot at a monster (looked like around 15 pounds) but as I pulled its head up out of the water while my wife went for the net it shook the barbless hook!

    Oh well what a great weekend to be on the water it was calm the whole time we were out.
  4. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    Lifting a ling's head out of the water is like telling your wife her a$$ looks fat - in both cases you're just asking for trouble!! ;):D


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  5. Heavyc

    Heavyc Active Member

    Trick with ling's is they always open their mouths when the break the surface. If you have the net below them before you break the surface, you'll have them every time.
  6. lure-washer

    lure-washer Member

    Any-one know what happened to the "Tales fron the Tyee Pool" thread went?
    I can`t find anything from Dave of any up to-date results.
  7. CTDCanuck

    CTDCanuck New Member

  8. ThreePer

    ThreePer Member

    Right here: http://www.sportfishingbc.com/forum/index.php?threads/tales-from-the-tyee-pool-2016.63791/page-6

    In other news I have a old college friend of mine from Alberta up for a quick trip out tomorrow. Weather looks good and just wondering where to go? Would love to find some coho to play with (for them) if they are still around? Green Can/Fransico? Head up the straight to Browns? Over to Cortes? Jig some bottom fish somewhere?
    Some recent info would be much appreciated.
  9. Heavyc

    Heavyc Active Member

    According to the website there's been no new tyee's caught since September 2nd.
  10. lure-washer

    lure-washer Member

    Thank you CTD Canuck for the connect to the Tyee Pool.
  11. Rainbrown

    Rainbrown New Member

    Anything happening down south? Green can... Hump?
  12. mrbav

    mrbav New Member

    Any chum action yet?
  13. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    Picked up a couple chum last weekend along the wall north of Deepwater Bay
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  14. Gearbox Paul

    Gearbox Paul Member

    Fished the Green can last night. Very slow.
  15. lazoman

    lazoman Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon at green can after the tide. Wind stayed down and we picked up a nice fat 18 spring and a few coho.
    Some Ginormous bait balls east of the buoy.
  16. lazoman

    lazoman Well-Known Member

  17. Rainbrown

    Rainbrown New Member

    Anybody getting any feeders? Heard they're getting some dandy's near Powell river.
  18. Trophy21

    Trophy21 Active Member

    Got out today at shelter point area. I was marking some fish on the bottom and around 100 feet. Didn't mark much bait. I got 4 lings all realesed, one spring just under and realesed. I had one good hit that popped the clip and didn't stick. There were six others out. Any members? How'd you do?
  19. Trimtab

    Trimtab Member

    Fished willow point for morning bite. Hit 4 Chinook and two ling cod using bait. Kept a 10 & 12 lb. spring.
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  20. Bugs

    Bugs Active Member

    Happy Holidays Folks,

    Given that some will be out winter fishing I am just bumping a link to this diet sampling program thread to a couple of the fishing reports threads. A number of forum members have already expressed some interest. If you are interested in participating, please PM me your email address and I will send some more info. We are interested in participants from anywhere in Southern BC.

    Tight lines



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