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  1. nathanzv

    nathanzv New Member

    Caught a 25 lb spring between hump and light house on June 30th 220 feet 30 mins before slack. Saw Rcmp confiscating some undersized springs at the big rock launch tonight and writing some tickets.
  2. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member


    where do you get those Shimano Coltsnipers from? local store on V.I.?

    Also were they catching Coho or Chinooks?
  3. Mervillite

    Mervillite Member

    Fished green can to fransisco point last 2 days. did pretty decent.
    Tuesday left pacific playground about 5AM. put gear down just before the green can, solid bait top to bottom all the way along the reef, sounder couldn't even find bottom. non-stop action for first 2 hours. Mostly shakers with 6 wild coho that went back, one was big about 10lbs. ended up with 4 springs and 1 hatchery coho. One spring was mid-high 20s. caught all our fish from 35 to 75 ft tight to bottom along the reef. used spoons and trolled fast. Got the big spring at 70ft. as the day went on the bait went into the depths but we consistently hit fish until about 10AM and then it slowed down. We got our last spring at the low slack around 1230. Lost a few good springs that spooled a bunch of line and got off. Best spoon was the wonderbread. released over 30 small springs as well. 60+ boats in the area around 9AM.

    Wednesday we took the kids out for a few hours, left pacific playground about 10AM, were in about 330. Ended up with only 1 hatchery coho, had 1 spring almost spool us, fought it for probably 20 mins and it spit the hook. Great fun. less bait and slower than the day before, still a beautiful day on the water, released about 3 wild coho and 10 small springs. only about 25 boats at peak that we saw.

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  4. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    Pacific Playgrounds Tackle shop has them.
  5. Waterwolf2230

    Waterwolf2230 Well-Known Member

    We have caught both Springs and Coho on them. In this picture I was bottom fishing and got slammed by this 18lb spring. What a fight, just off Francisco Point. It's still out there too, growing as we speak. My wife is not a fan of keeping fish so catch and release is the order of the day when I take her with me. She's had more action than I have with her blue/silver/pink model. She has caught 4 wild coho on it as well, two jigging and twice she cast it at a bait ball that was on the surface (could see the herring jumping) and both times caught really nice Coho's.

    The Tackle Shack at Pacific Playgrounds is the only place that I've seen them on the island. They've sold a ton of them so far. Excellent action they produce. They have 60, 80 and 100 gram models. Her 80 gram model has seemed to be the best so far. PM me if you want more info on them. I think that they are $11.99 which isn't too bad for Shimano quality...



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  6. N2013

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    Spent a couple days up around Sonora. Wasn't much happening at Greensea on Tuesday/Wednesday. Just a short Chinook and a couple bottom fish. Fished both flood/ebb. Some bait balls, but didn't mark much. Used anchovy and spoons. Fortunately the cooler had a couple nice lings to bring home. Good camping weather.
  7. Gearbox Paul

    Gearbox Paul Member

    Fished Fransisco Point/Green Can this morning. Lots of bait but fishing was mostly slow. Released lots of shakers and undersized. Looks like most other boats were doing the same. Landed a 7-8# spring and lost another. Saw a few nets but not that many.
  8. SFBC

    SFBC Admin Staff Member

    Some good news for a change! Two of my brothers are fishing at the Green Can and picked this one up at 160 ft on a hootchie. Hope this is a sign of things to come. If they catch anymore I will add photos!

  9. Gearbox Paul

    Gearbox Paul Member

    Fished Francisco/Green Can again this morning. Found bait hanging around in shallow water just off Francisco Point. Set downriggers at 35 feet, trolled fast (3.5 mph) and banged coho non-stop. Kept 2 hatchery and released the others. Never saw a spring but I'm not complaining. Great fun.
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  10. any reports out of the north.....greensea/browns???
  11. Rednex3

    Rednex3 Member

    Spent the evening out at Francisco. Saw lots of shakers caught and a few people playing fish. Got one wild coho to the boat and lost three. All on AP spoon. Never saw a flasher on any line that was playing fish. I'm guessing lost were running spoons or plugs. Lots of bait and birds out there as well.
  12. chopperdude

    chopperdude Member

    Was out yesterday morning at Francisco point and green can. Had a few wild coho to the boat, kept a couple hatchery and landed a 14lbs Spring. lost another really good spring. Was fishing hoochie/flasher
  13. Trimtab

    Trimtab Member

    Fished around the hump this evening. Lost a beauty at the boat, came right up behind the prop. Maybe I should have turned hard right or left? Anyway need to let it go. Grin and bear it. Kept a hatchery coho. Thanks to the hard work of hatchery employees and volunteers.
  14. Rednex3

    Rednex3 Member

    Fished up north pretty much all day yesterday. Picked up a fifteen at Greensea within ten minutes of arriving. Lost 2 while we were there. Tried Chatham but nothing happened for us there on the tide change. Moved down to Browns for the afternoon, long line released one and lost one right at the net. Looked like probably fifteen pounds. Anchovies provided the action for me.
    Not too many boats up at Chatham and Greensea in the morning. Browns had a good number of boats there most of the day.
    Looks like it might be starting to pick up a bit finally.
  15. chopperdude

    chopperdude Member

    Good to hear a positive report coming from north of the narrows!
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  16. chopperdude

    chopperdude Member

    Fished around the green can this morning, had a couple of keepers early on, but released them as I thought I could do better. Had a double header right at slack tide. Dropped my net in the water trying to get the first in the boat, was a little pissed at the boat next to me as he could see I was struggling to steer the boat while playing the fish and would not give me any space. Managed to get both in the boat with the gaff. 8lbs and 16lbs.
    Went over to Francisco to try and fish for some Coho, but no luck. Had a undersized spring and a couple dogfish.
  17. leftcoast

    leftcoast Well-Known Member

    Any report from Stuart Island? thinking about heading that way Saturday.
  18. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    Left coast pm,d you
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  19. GWT75

    GWT75 Active Member

    Have a buddy who wants to do a charter out of Campbell River 1st week in August. Any recommendations from you guys in the area?
  20. Chris at Crabby's out of a marina near the Oyster river was great for us last year. Great boat and works hard to get into fish. Managed to get us each a 37 and 30 last year...
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