2016 Beach Fishing Journal Trailer

Discussion in '2016 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by treblig, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. treblig

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    This is my secound year trying to make the journal movie. Here is a teaser trailer. It was a tough year fishing on the beaches with the heavy rains, winds, extreme high surf. Yet we did find openings and took advantage of them. Four new sponsor came through with new products to test out on the East Coast of Vancouver Island beaches, Olympic Tackle, AP Tackleworks, Lucky Strike Bait, RIGRAP.
    To all the new angler I met this year I hope I was help in your success.
  2. hedgehog

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    I tried loading your web page a couple of times without much luck. "Scripting Errors", slow loading.
    Maybe there is something of interest there, like places you fished and gear used?
  3. Dogbreath

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    Works fine for me
  4. treblig

    treblig Active Member

    Here is my article on Fishing for salmon on the East Coast of Vancouver Island. It was published in BC Outdoors. That should help

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  5. hedgehog

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    Site seems to work better with Google Chrome then with Firefox but still seems to be off some how. I've tried it on two computers. I suspect the content is really just too large which causes many sites to be slow or slower then necessary. A 500kb picture is better then a 5 mb one for web content. Just my two cents.
  6. treblig

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    I don't know much about web sites. This was offered to me for free and I just put my input. I have a mac Sierra 10.0.1 and have no issue . My mac friends have no issues but I have heard that non mac phones and tablets sometime have issues. Again I just fill the parameters and it done for me. I can open it at work and they are windows and it works. Not sure what can be done... or figure out how to do it .

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