2015 Ucluelet Fishing Reports

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  1. Morning Magic

    Morning Magic New Member

    Fishing off Ucluelet is really starting to pick up. Lots of chinooks starting to show up in numbers along the beach right down to the mouth of the harbour.
    Squid and Needlefish are tight to shore with the cooler water drawing the chinooks closer to the beach. Most of these fish are 12 to 20 lbs with the odd one in the low to mid 20's and are a gorgeous bright orange meat almost like a sockeye, very healthy fish.
    Not only good fishing along the beach but Big Bank has now kicked in giving us another option.
    Lots and lots of bait out there, mostly good size herring and even seen a few humpback whales gorging on the bait, been a while since I've seen that, so this is great to see.
    Limits of nice Chinooks averaging 10 to 17lbs with a few in the 20's. Coho showing up in numbers as well and your usual big bank chickens dragging up from the mud. Bigger halibut are out there if you put in your time either on the drift or anchored up.
    It's just like the days of old out there where you're having non stop action, as we say on the West Coast when fishing offshore, "put on the sweat band it's going to be busy".
    Not even in July, and the season is really starting to shape up along with the weather as we've been experiencing calm seas of late and hopefully this will continue and only get better.

    Tight lines and be safe out there.


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    MM J 20.JPG
  2. Secretpursuit

    Secretpursuit Member

    Many Thanks Morning Magic, off tomorrow am early. Appreciate the heads up.
  3. westburg

    westburg Member

    Thanks Morning Magic. I was out a few days ago and fished from north of the mouth to ukee to salmon beach and nothing. Also went out 10 miles to south bank and no hali. only dogfish and a skate. so red can buoy and west up the coast is the place. Is that up on the bank or tucked in close to shore.
  4. Jencourt

    Jencourt Well-Known Member

    Back from what was intended to be a full weekend of solid effort toward halibut fishing that evolved into a more relaxing kinda holiday.

    Got to town by about 12:30 Friday. had the pick down and gear in by 2:30. pretty quiet till 5 then had a double. Nice Yelloweye on one and a solid 50ish Halli on the other. After having the new harpoon head stay stuck on the pole and getting soaked by an angry BUTT with pole still attached, we tail roped it and won the battle. Was a fun fish as it actually decided to relocate a couple times on the way up and took some good line peels. With the beast bled and safely in the hold we re set and fished another hour or so for nothing else. Saturday, on the water by the crack of almost 8. we decided to troll a couple spots on South-bank. No love other than a couple yelloweye while bumping bottom on one side. Half decent size so Happily added to the pot. Never found any bait and lots of bloom in the water. decided to finish up the day on another hump. Made the trek only to find someone already firmly anchored on it. Moved a little further South put an hour or so in on another spot before the wind got going. Made for a fun ride back into the Northwest wind. We ended the trip with a nice dinner out and maybe 1 too many at the sports lounge afterwords. Decided to forgo a morning fish and made our way back home in the morning.

    All in all another fun trip with a couple of great family members. Was good to get back to the sound. will fish locally for the month and then back to Julia pass last week of July.

    And yes I am struggling to hold it up while Steve takes all day to get the pic

  5. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Heck of a fish..
  6. bigdogeh

    bigdogeh Well-Known Member

    nice pic and story!
  7. Morning Magic

    Morning Magic New Member

    Yes head West when leaving the mouth of the harbour, you can fish the Red Can, out front of Little Beach and even Black Rock resort.
    If you wanted to venture further then Long Beach, 9 to 10 miles up the Coast and usually good Hali fishing up there.
    Some days you have to work for your fish and other days they come much quicker and easier, right place at the right time and generally the flood tide is best.
    Good luck....

  8. uclueletcharters

    uclueletcharters Well-Known Member

    Fishing has been good with many great days on the water. Halibut fishing has been excellent a father son trip on their final day out ( Day 3 ) on a white fish trip as they were limited out on salmon from the prior 2 days. Ucluelet has really picked up! Spreader bar and bait on the hook is shining.

    Father and son Harold and Scott 50 pound Halibut and lots of Lingcod.jpg
  9. ClayoquotKid

    ClayoquotKid Active Member

    Got this gal right at the entrance to Little Beach yesterday!
    Tried trolling spoons at 30' to 40' with no luck, then had success jigging about 10' off the bottom.
  10. uclueletcharters

    uclueletcharters Well-Known Member

    Way to go must have been a blast in the kayak! Good one! :D
  11. Oly1

    Oly1 Well-Known Member

    Yup heck of a nice fish, especially out of a kayak. Way to go.
  12. gorillaboy

    gorillaboy Member

    hi all
    im headed out to Ukee on july 3, looking to chase some butt's. where can I find ocean current information for the area.
  13. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    Just back from a week in Ukee. Gorgeous weather and other than some wind in the afternoons the seas were very manageable. Very scratchy for us in the beginning - no signs of bait in close at Chrow/Beg or Great Bear/Alley but did find some coho including a beauty 8lber. Headed to South bank and again no bait but did get coho so ran over to Austin/Meares, marked lots of bait there but no action at all, though admittedly late morning to early afternoon on a bright day and in between tides. Next day hit Lighthouse bank and did ok with a good mix of chinook to 20lbs, back the next day and nada other than a very nice ling. Finally listened to the whispered rumours about Florencia Bay and Wya Point and sure enough it was lights out for the rest of our trip. VERY hot bite early (very early) but still decent later. Lots of little needlefish in all our fish (which were all wild females with deep red flesh) but Andrew P spoons, small coyotes and coho killers never got bit. All our love came on the OALR12 oct and cuttlefish "UV Purple Haze" hootchies behind purple onion and UV Moon Jelly flashers. Grade of fish was 8-25lbs for us. Was a big momma humpback with a calf working the area on Saturday and a few greys inside. Before we left town heard of fish being caught at the amphitrite to little beach stretch as well as from the harbour mouth, around Beg Island and down to the Food Islets - so obviously the fish are moving in.

    Good luck and be safe! Cheers!

  14. westburg

    westburg Member

    Thanks alot for the detailed report UKeeDreamin. Were headed up there Friday evening for 2 weeks of fishing and campfiring with friends. Hoping to get as lucky as you did. So it looks like the spot to go is from the red can buoy up to Wya Point. Trolling in close to shore or right on the edge of the bank?
  15. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    When fishing Flo Bay and Wya, the fishing is in close we fished in 50-80 feet of water 45-80ft on the riggers. There's lots of company there right now to show the popular spots - off the rocky points and in tight south of the island off Flo Bay.


  16. Morning Magic

    Morning Magic New Member

    Group photo of guys and their limits of chinook and halibut fishing with 3 boats..... Big Bank June 21.... Went pretty much the same today. Other than a 30, biggest for me was 20ish but another guide boat got a 28 so some nice quality showing up!

    MM J 22.jpg

    MM J 22 1.jpg

    First tyee of the season, 30.5lbs. Big Bank..... Lots of fish out there and excellent sea conditions, like a lake out there the last few days!

    MM J 22 2.jpg

    info@morningmagic.com http://www.morningmagic.com/
  17. westburg

    westburg Member

    Geesh, big bank or Wya. Decisions decisions...Were all the springs still really deep on big bank?
  18. uclueletcharters

    uclueletcharters Well-Known Member

    Quick 6hr Trip - Today June 23

    FullSizeRender (8).jpg
  19. Slickwater

    Slickwater Member

    Great reports guy's & nice catch. Will be out there to enjoy & join you all soon. Heading up Sunday.
    Keep reports coming we all look forward to them when were stuck at work.
    Cheers Slick
  20. uclueletcharters

    uclueletcharters Well-Known Member

    Another great day on the water guest show casing his biggest hali of the day. Halibut salmon fishing have been excellent!
    Fish Halibut June 19.jpg

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