2015 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Reports

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  1. Drewski Canuck

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    Are you suggesting that a fishing resort owner would fabricate a report? Why would he possibly do that, so early in the season?

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    Errr, I just like fish porn....;)
  3. Fish on John

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    Here you GO!!
    "A PICTURE IS WORTH 1,000 WORDS" This fish (19.5lb) was catch last Saturday April 25, 2015. It was the largest on many that were caught that day. Again they are feeding on post spawn herring & are right on the bottom at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet. The fishermen's name is Derek Weaver.
    Make it a Great Day!
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    Very nice! Keep them coming!!
  5. pescador

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    Wow, hope they don't all show up too early!! Nice fish and the water looks like glass.....
  6. Drewski Canuck

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    That fish does not look like the usual Columbia River fish. Head is long, body is sleek, tail is small. I suspect that is a local Canuma feeder. A lot of Columbia / Eagle River fish are stout and deep bodied, but all the same, I expect that a few 40's will show up in May - June as they do every year, headed to the Columbia.

    Thanks for the post!

  7. Tide Up

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    Nice fish.Looks like a beauty day.First trip is 50 days away
  8. trophy fisher

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    We will be up the in 8 weeks, hopefully there are some nice fish around.
  9. Andrew P

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    MAY long weekend is coming fast! We are getting pretty pumped up for the trip and now just have to pray to the surf and weather gods. Nice to see the fish are there already, as they were last May Long weekend. We plan to do our fishing on the last day besides fishing for dinner daily. Any other reports?

    Fish on John - any reports from the outside of Nootka to pass along?

    Anyone have experience dropping crab traps on the outside of Nootka?

    If anyone is up may long weekend between Cougar Creek and the west coast of Nootka, we are in a 16' blue Harbercraft and 20' blue Thunderjet, say hi.
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  10. Fish on John

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    100_1868.jpg Craig Kary caught this 50lb Halibut at
    red racon buoy at the mouth of
    Esperanza Inlet on April 29th FOJ
  11. Andrew P

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    Looking forward to the weekend. Any reports?
  12. SeaWolf

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    We picked up 3 Hali's, nothing too big on a Friday evening, Sat morning trip. Not too many boats to be seen, maybe 2 on Friday and 1 on Saturday. Maybe 8-10 vehicles and trailers parked at the launch.
  13. Fish on John

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    Check out the recent Nootka/Esperanza fishing reports with pictures.
    They are under resources then archive newsletters.
  14. Andrew P

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    It looks like it may be a tad choppy Saturday morning so we were thinking of driving the extra bit to tahsis so that we are coming down Nootka with the wind and waves. Perhaps stop at fetter on the way by.

    Any tips on launch and leaving truck for weekend?

  15. bones

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    How big of a boat are you launching? Try to make the high tide if your boat is big. Water there is little thin on the low tide but can be done. Ferrer is past nootka going to esperenza. You may want to look at which way the wind is blowing and plan nootka or esperenza based on that.

    Good luck let us know how you made out
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  16. Fishtech1

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    Just got back the weather and tides were decent plenty of ling cod, rock cod, small halis, the prawns are not be be found made 28 sets in different locations ended up with 5 and that's before the commercials were in, sad. The ramp is in the same condition, the docks are still there loose as normal, signs posted use and park at your own risk.....so not much has changed. I launched a 27 Seasport with no problems, just watch the tide. On the road to Gold river they are working on one of the bridges and have it down to one lane, controlled by a light. Good Luck!
  17. Andrew P

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    We are launching a 20' thunderjet and 17' harbercraft so depth should be fine. By going to Nootka I mean the actual island and not the inlets as the destination, in case that wasn't clear. We camp halfway down the west coast of Nootka. Ferrer is the top nw corner of Nootka Island. Wind looks like it will be 15-20 nw tomorrow morning on the outside so we are making the call to launch in tahsis to head out and down the coast rather than beat up the coast from Nootka sound.

    On the road now! Stoked. Looks windy for Saturday but calm from then until Tuesday. Will report back.
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  18. bardfromedson

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    I had to change plans for my big trip of the year and am now going to zaballos July 9-16th. Never been to the area before and I don't have much time to research. Can anyone lend me a hand and give a bit of a crash course? I only have access to my navionics app. Maps and have only found s couple of the areas mentioned in old reports. I'll be taking my 23ft sea ox "wasted seaman". If anyone sees me on the water I'll be happy to share an ol mill at the end of the day and trade stories
  19. Fish on John

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    2015 May long wkend Esperanza/Nootka fishing-Catching report with pictures
    The weather cooperated & generally so did the wind.
    Ground fishing is VERY Good!!! Lots of Halibut, Ling Cod & other cod. From the "T" off Esperanza Inlet to the Red Can & Inner Whales Tail getting your Hali. was pretty much a slam dunk. West side of Bajo, off Maquinna Pt. & Off the Monument produced in Nootka. Most ling have been caught while trolling near the bottom for salmon. The picture with several ling were catch off Tatchu Pt.
    Salmon- fewer around than there were a couple weeks ago when we had a large shot of Columbia River Hatchery marked fish. If you are ok limiting out on 10-18lb spring Fish the outside of Ferrer Pt.(Esperanza) in 80 to 90ft of water, put your bait just off the bottom & hold on. Nootka pretty much the same thing off Wash Rks. & Maquinna Rks. in 60-70ft of water. We have only seen 2 Chinook over 20lb on our cleaning tables so far. They will be here soon enough. First coho came in yesterday. The picture with 2 guys taken on May 17,2015 hanging on the hooks are a17lb spring,17lb ling, 17lb Hali, & a small rock fish. Picture was taken at 1700- Guess 17 was their LUCKY number!!!
    The 14.5lb Yellow was caught near the red can Esperanza.
    Fish On John FOJ 100_2597.jpg 100_2596.jpg 100_2604.jpg 100_2599.jpg IMG_0537.jpg
  20. SpringVelocity

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    That yelloweye is a monster....

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