2015 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Reports

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by pescador, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Travo

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    How was your fishimg last year in May andrew ? We have never went out to the 50 fathom Line bajo has always produced when inside had its slow days .
  2. Andrew P

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    Our fishing was good for the amount that we fished. We went out to the 50 fathom and only spent about an hour....no bites so we veered in towards Bajo and picked up the 12lb that you see in the pic and headed in to surf the evening. The next day we just went out and jigged some bottom fish for dinner (took about 30 minutes). So really it was only the last day that we spent any significant time fishing and had about 10 chinook to the boat in a few hours between 8-15lb just outside Friendly Cove. Sandlance spoons on the bottom is what we were dragging.
  3. TipUp

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    Looks like an epic trip...fishing and surfing would be epic!
  4. Travo

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    nice sounds like a nice trip , good job man .
  5. Sangstercraft

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    Andrew, do you loop-line your boat at Skuna, or anchor it? In the past I've camped at Friendly Cove and tied up at the dock overnight.

    And by the way, where can I purchase your spoons online?
  6. Andrew P

    Andrew P Well-Known Member

    We anchor pretty tight in. It means someone has to paddle out on a surfboard to get the boat. Maybe we will figure out a better system this year to be able to pull the boat in to shore.

    Lures are online now!http://shop.sitka.ca/sand-lance-spoons/
  7. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

    Cool, thanks.

    Look up the loop line system, that's what I always use. Anchor, 20' chain, 30' rope to a ring with a float on it. Then run a long rope from shore, through the ring, and back to shore. Tie both ends together, forming a giant loop. I use my halibut anchoring line for this, it's 500' long so the boat is anchored 250' offshore in the bay. Tie the boat to one part of the line (make a bite out of the line) and then pull on the other end of the line and the boat will be pulled out to the float. Then tie off the loop line to shore so the boat can't be blown back in. I leave the loop line in place for a few days when I'm camping and just pull the whole thing up when I head home. Takes 30 min to set up and take down.
  8. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

    BTW, if you could pick one spoon for the WCVI and one for the ECVI which would you choose?
  9. bones

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    Learned something, thanks
  10. walleyes

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    Something like this I take it. Interesting system for sure.

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  11. vanisland

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    Chrome live image coyote 6.0 for west coast and same for east but the 4.0.
  12. bushwackin

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    Just got off the phone with a friend that just got back from Tahsis. It was his second prawn trip there in the last few weeks. He's been fishing and prawning there for over 30 years and says this is by far the worst he has ever seen the prawn situation. Him and his buddy rotated traps all the way up and down the Tahsis inlet on both sides and all the way past Esperanza. Lots of traps were coming up nearly empty. He said it was an absolute waste of time and money. Everyone else he talked to were having the same results.
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  13. crazycanuck

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    X2 !! fished 6 traps for 3 day weekend absolutely a waste of $$ was going to do this easter weekend but think I will spend my money on something else. I was disappointed to say the least
  14. PapaWisky

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    Great thread...keep the pics and stories coming. Got a week booked for moucha for July 1...looking very forward. May get a few little trips in before and after.


  15. bones

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    Welcome to the forum Pete, first visit to nootka? See you there!!
  16. Fish on John

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    Read post #56 on this thread! Make it a Great Day!
  17. Fish on John

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    Please read post #56 on this thread.
  18. Fish on John

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    Good news!!! the Columbia River Chinook have hit on door step of Esperanza Inlet!
    Over the pass few days the wind has laid down enough to allow boats to fish the mount of the inlet.
    From Estevan Pt., Outer Black Rk. & the Pins all have brought in Salmon 12-20 mint Bright!!!
    A few hali. also hit the cleaning tables. This time of year requires a GOOD look at the weather before heading out there.
    The Springs Are HERE!!!
  19. Fish on John

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    Great News
    The Springs/Kings are here in Big numbers. Right at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet at the
    Inside Whales Tail today dozens of 10 – 21 lb Chinook were boated. Why- because there are lots bait right in the mouth of the inlet. There are thousands of herring post spawn spread out from the rocks on the south side of Catala Island over to the outer rocks of Rosa Harbor.
    The fish are right on the bottom. The Salmon are being caught on anchovies in green headers with green flashers and 5 in. green image & cop car Coyotes. The nice sunny weather got lots of boats out there today. See You Soon!
  20. Nakoda boater

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    Show us some pics please!

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