2015 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Reports

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  1. Bullwinkle

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    Any chance of getting the results of the 2015 Salmon Derby at Westview posted?? John and Kathy,can you put it up on the site??> Thanks!
  2. Bruce Lee

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    Fished last Sun - Wed, pretty steady action for Coho and Chinook in the usual haunts - Rosa, Garden, Saltery bay, Centre Island. Had our best morning around Garden Pt. but lost 3 big chinooks to shitty leader material(not mine.....:)). Green flashers, anchovies, 35 - 40 ft in 175ft of water. Flood tide was best.
  3. Fish on John

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    Thanks for asking Bullwinkle.
    The Westview Regional Salmon Enhancement Derby occurred on Fri. & Sat. August 28 & 29.
    Yes at the exact same time as the pineapple express weather system came on shore WCVI.
    The conditions made fishing very interesting. Not much off shore fishing went on.
    That did not slow down the participants.
    Winners: Chinook mid 20s, Coho low teens, Hali was random draw & Cod was a 40lb+ Ling. More details with names & exact weights later.
    Over 200 participants at Awards Banquet Saturday night..Live Music, Live & Silent Auction, BBQ Salmon dinner, Door Prizes, Lots of very NICE Prizes from over 160 Sponsors. LOTS OF FUN< FUN< FUN
    Major sponsors- Scotty Marine Products, Delta/Gibbs, Bradly Smoker, Super Store, Canadian Tire, Lordco Auto Parts, Grieg Seafood, Breakers Marine/Suzuki Canada, Endurance Marine. All Participants got a prize.
    RESULTS: Something North of $35,000 For Salmon Enhancement in Nootka/Esperanza.WOW!! That's an all time HIGH & represent approx. a 14% increase over 2014. Exact # when all commitments are gathered.
    Lots of more GOOD thing will happen for Regional Volunteer Salmon Enhancement Programs/Projects as a result of the DERBY!!!!
    This is just one of many reasons why Fishing/Catching is so GOOD in Esperanza/Nootka.
  4. Fish on John

    Fish on John Member

    Nootka- Moutcha Bay & Head Bay remain closed to protect the Conuma River Hatchery stocks. the rest of Nootka is wide open under the same regs. that came in on July 15th. Esperanza & Nootka have seen good numbers of Coho show up after last wkend rain. Bright 6-12lbs. limits are 4 per day both hatchery clipped & non clipped can be retained. Possession of 8 Coho
    On Sept. 11 the Coho regs. changes for outside waters of Nootka & Esperanza (Area 125). The regs. now are 2 per day clipped only. After Sept 11 it is 4 per day clipped & non clipped may be retained. Same as inside areas.
    We have not seen a Coho over 14lbs YET! But from now to the end of the month is when they usually show.
    On calm days & there are lots of them now that we are out of those hot August days, Hali. & ling are still coming in in good numbers. Albacore Tuna are also being boat on those calm days 15-20miles off the surf line.
    For up to date Video reports on fishing/catching in Nootka/Esperanza Google - youfishtv- click on the 1st item that comes up-fishing reports-Nootka/Esperanza- most resent reports are at the bottom.
    Have FUN & be SAFE out there the season is NOT over there are lots more fish to be caught.
  5. Sitkum

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    Any ideas of inexpensive cabin/lodging for self-equipped pair of fisherman; prefer to cook, etc. ourselves, no electricity required, just a solid roof and place to tie up the boat for a couple of days at the mouth of Esperanza. Prefer not to travel all the way from Tahsis each day, somewhere closer. Thanks
  6. Fish on John

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    Sitkum Try Ann at Flynns Cove located south side of Esperanza Inlet across from Centre Is- Lost Of Fish Still around FOJ
  7. Fish on John

    Fish on John Member

    “ ALL of the pictures below were taken in the last week”
    “ALL the COHO were caught inside Esperanza Inlet”
    “The TUNA & Halibut were caught offshore of Esperanza”
    “There are still LOTS of fish to be Caught” 100_3324.jpg 100_3326.jpg 100_3327.jpg 100_3328.jpg 100_3329.jpg Snapshot 1 32 salmon cropSMALL.jpg
    1 William & Rick with 8 Albacore Tuna & 3 Coho
    2 Dennis & Brian With 3 Coho & 2 nice 50 & 55lb Halibut
    3 Wally with a huge 17.25lb Yelloweye Cod
    4 Carry & Jim from Edmonton with limits of Coho & one nice 17.5lb Spring which Bob who is taking the picture caught
    5 Blake & Wade from Calgary with limit of Coho 9.5-5lb & one 11lb spring
    6 Wally Again with his 32.75 male Spring
  8. Fish on John

    Fish on John Member

    100_3367.jpg 100_3368.jpg

    Some think the fishing in Nootka/Esperanza area is done for the season. The pictures above, which were taken Yesterday, Wed. Sept.30th, would say there are still lots of fish to be caught. I will admit that most of our local Chinook & Coho have migrated up into the rivers & steams. So the inside terminal water are not holding fish.
    Where are they? Dave Smith & Tiler Hunt Pictured above were fishing DEEP on the highway at 285ft. near the "T". The Spring is a silver bright 21.5lb , 3 Coho one of which was a hooked nose Northern, 2 chicken Hali, 1 Yellow Eye & a nice ling. Some of the fish are at their feet (not Shown) all where caught Trolling Large 6in glow lures & white pearl squid by North Pacific (common know as the Turd).
    There are still migrating Spring being caught at Ferrer Pt. TOO! Remember on Oct. 15 All Chinook Salmon regs. in Area 25/125 Go to 2 per day minimum size 45cm & Coho remain 4 per day Clipped or not may be retained.
    Pick your weather there are STILL Lots of FISHING/CATCHING to be done.

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