2015 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Reports

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by pescador, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Fishtech1

    Fishtech1 Member

    Just got back, had a great trip. As it has been stated there are alot of fish inside and outside right now. Had a great evening bite in beer can bay, San Carlos was stacked up in the morning, most fish coming on anchovy in a bloody nose with 60" leader behind a white flasher. But plugs worked also along with a Nogs spoon.
  2. hooked for life

    hooked for life Active Member

    slimey fishing

    Just back from four days at Nootka. Lots of fish but had to work to get fish over 16lbs. Threw around 20 low teens back. Everwhere was slimey with jellyfish slime. You gotta check lines every 15 mins max. The reef was not good to us gave up only a couple of fish. Hotspots were Camel, San Carlos, Beer can bay and Hoise at first light. Thasis inlet was slow although we picked up a couple of nice ones at Coopt. Almost any colour teaser head was working for us once. depth was dialed in. Try to find Spring Fever at Critter on Friday to say high but did not see you. Bacjk up next Monday for 5 days.
  3. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    I am always on the hook-seldom go into critter or any dock for that matter.
  4. bones

    bones Well-Known Member

    9 of us fished nootka Friday Saturday Sunday. All in esperenza, steamer point to garden and Rosa. Good fishing.

    Fish avg was around 15-16 with the odd 20-24 lb being caught. Ferrer point was dead no fish. Mostly bait but green white hootchy worked and spoons.

    Out of the group we limited on springs and few coho where starting to show up. Fish seemed to be holding in areas that you usually fish in late Aug, good luck for those that are leaving this week.
  5. Fish on John

    Fish on John Member

    Yep- as it has been all season everything is 2 - 3wks ahead of the norm both in Nootka & Esperanza.
    Spring Fever is a GOOD Friend but it is common knowledge that he is to cheap to pay for moorage anywhere. LoL!!
    Westview Marina & Lodge in Tahsis has plenty of Anchovies & Herring
    Stop by the tackle shop for a coffee & let's talk Fishing/Catching & where to find them TODAY!
  6. Coachman

    Coachman Member

    Back from a few days. Got our limit pretty easy, but all in the high teens except for one 22.

    As usual, i sucked at hali fishing offshore. Pretty windy most days. Didn't see any hali at the dock at Critter.

    All of our fish were hooked at 70/80 feet. Mix of anchovies and 3-1/2" cop car spoon. A couple double headers and lots of small fish released.

    Some people were having trouble hooking up. We told a bunch of people that we were hooking up at 70/80' and then watched as they netted fish.

    Going back for round two on the 8th. Probably try esperanza side for hali, and try and break my curse.
  7. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    60-70 feet. That is interesting. I guess warm water is pushing fish deeper. In some spots you'd have to stay a bit further off shore I guess. I had the same Hali curse until last year. I had to figure out a couple of things that don't always get shared Coachman. I am up this Sunday for a week. Will report during week if I can get on a computer...
  8. Fishtech1

    Fishtech1 Member

    Our fish seemed to come a bit deeper also, 65 - 75ft on the inside, 150 - 175ft outside of Bajo. Seems the hali curse is going around, last two trips and only one small one.
  9. Coachman

    Coachman Member

    Pescador. We tried all the way along tbe Escalante side out to 300' of water, 13 miles out.

    If you're willing to give some tios and or advice, I'd welcome a pm from someone in the know before I blow another couple hundred in fuel.

    We're at Critter from Aug 8 to the 12th.

    "Jade Fisher" on the radio.
  10. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Coachman, I'm at CC Aug 9-15. We can touch base on the dock...You don't have to burn a lot of fuel...
  11. paplae

    paplae Member

    Back from 5 days at Moutcha Bay. Fished Nootka and Esperanza and found fish were biting almost everything we put down. 6" Tomic plugs and spoons, 407 and Army Truck. The Ghost hootchie with Purple Haze Cuttle fish matched with Purple Haze Flashers. Hell I even had a King Candy Herring going and it hooked a few. Most fish 15-19. Lots of jellies and salad in the water. Most of my fishing was between 6am and 2pm.
  12. KCW

    KCW Active Member

    Will be at TUTA tomorrow afternoon for 4 days
  13. westburg

    westburg Member

    Just came back from tuta after being there for almost a week. Magic depth for me was 56 and 44 using a blue brined chovie on one and red striped white glow hootchie. Springs were between 14 and 24#. No coho at all. Got a few hali too. Hooked onto a monster. Had to be well over 200#. Snapped my hali rod in 2 and then i continued to fight it with my friends help lifting up the front of it. I just wanted to see it and video it. Damn thing snapped the line after all that. Would have been quite the experience to bring it up. For sale one half of a hali rod. 3.00 obo
  14. Fish on John

    Fish on John Member

    Yes Salmon are stacked up Everywhere in the 1/1over-under areas of Nootka & Esperanza. They are holding in the cooler water 40 -60 ft.
    It is defiantly different this season. In the last wk. we have seen lots of near 30 (27-29.5lb) & the first steady stream of Tyees (31- 33.5).
    Catching---Yes everything seems to be working but per normal anchovies are winning the day.
    Interesting they are NOT coming from the Hyw they are coming from the inside Rosa Harbour, inside Pins & Double Is.

    Tuna- Albacore are in the area. It's all about water conditions. The tuna are up & around the south Brooks weather buoy. Be safe Tuna fishing is all about watching the weather & wind conditions.
  15. Fisherf

    Fisherf Active Member

    i am asumeing there will still be fish up there in mid october? if so what type?

  16. Fish on John

    Fish on John Member

    Young Fellow Mid Oct. Always ling & Hali. Chum salmon may still be around. On a normal years all other salmon are up the rivers & streams.
    To catch lots of salmon come NOW to mid Sept. Weather is an issue in Oct.
    Good Luck FOJ
  17. Fisherf

    Fisherf Active Member

    thank you @ fish on john. was up in november and got to check out nootka island but no fish! it was onl a 2-3 foot swell so we went offshore abit.
  18. TipUp

    TipUp Active Member

    Got back last night after staying at critter cove for three nights. Fishing was very good for us with consistent action every day. Came home with our limits of spring (16!) and a few nice ling. Anchovies in a green teaser head with a gold flasher was definitely the top lure with a 500 tomic plug doing well also. Fish were stacked up thick at camel and hoiss was very good at first light. Great trip!
  19. Fish on John

    Fish on John Member

    For some resent video fishing reports on Nootka & Esperanza check out YouFishTV-Fishing Reports-Esperanza& Nootka
  20. hutch

    hutch Member

    Back from cougar creek last night with limit of 12 all between 13 and 20 lbs. white hoot hootchie was the lure for me this time with almost 80% hits compared to bait

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