2015 Nanoose Bay / French Creek

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by rowswell, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. rowswell

    rowswell Member

    Calm water, need to check that some mtce work was successful & rumours of fish lead to launching Yesterday for 1st outing of the season.

    Fished off Ballenas & South from Cottam reef can to Gerald, 2 fish on, both lost deep and both likely undersize. One at 160' in 250' off Ballenas, other at 190' in 500' straight of Dorcas Pt.

    Only found scattered bait balls off Ballenas, all at 150'+, none were of any size. Only one small bait ball on shoreline run - on inside of Gerald at 150".

    Left boat in the water and may try again today / tomorrow.
  2. Copper Moon

    Copper Moon Active Member

    What were you using Scott?

    Were the whales nearby?
  3. rowswell

    rowswell Member

    No sign of whales. Huge # of seabirds as always this time of year.

    4" Cop car on green flasher & 4" Green / chrome on green flasher - hit on each.
  4. rowswell

    rowswell Member

    Out again today. Flat and no fog. Unlike y'day, huge masses of bait across high slack at many places - surface to bottom. Bait all but disappeared by slack +2 hours.

    Flocks of birds surface fishing off the North end of Gerald, but not a hit.............
  5. bigredsnapper

    bigredsnapper Well-Known Member

    I ran up to French creek yesterday for a couple hours with a couple buddy's and released three undersized. There was bait showing but I couldn't find my spot cause my nav sucks. Bought a used standard horizon just like my old one that I need to install. Only one other boat, a small centre console with a guy fishing solo that stopped by alongside. He yelled " just got two keepers up ahead at 180". Trolled over to area wher he was and nothing. I got two of the fish on the green and white three inch and Bushy managed one with a goofy kone zone and spoon..........BRS
  6. rowswell

    rowswell Member

    Last post for a bit. Pulled the boat given the fcst for the next while. Have friends coming later this week and hoped to give them a west coast salmon dinner, but not to be.

    Another day off Ballenas & Gerald. Fished over the high slack for a couple of hours. No bait at Ballenas but massive balls at the north end of Gerald and lots of birds feeding at the surface - but another shutout for me.

    On the positive side, one of the best Orca spectacles I've seen in the 15 years I've been fishing the island. 10, maybe 12, transients off the East side of Gerald. When I 1st saw them they were hunting & one with either a sea lion or seal surfaced just off the boat & all the time the gulls seemed to be having a field day with the droppings. After they finished the meal they played in the area for about 40 minutes. I just pulled my lines & floated as they played around, and under, the boat. Incredible!
  7. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    Snuck out today in the little tinny. Went 1 for 2 at ballenas on barely legal springs. 200ft rubbing the bottom.

    Would've loved to have seen the killers.
  8. bigredsnapper

    bigredsnapper Well-Known Member

    Hey Kelly love to go for a ride in the tinny. I'm good to go anytime, and my new boat is in the water.........BRS
  9. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    Beauty day with BRS today. Calm seas, Killer Whales and 2 for 5 on nooks.




  10. Discus

    Discus Well-Known Member

    Awesome Pictures Kelly!

    The first picture is the best ever I see it!
  11. Lipripper

    Lipripper Active Member

    Yup.. that first one is a beaut..
  12. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Awesome pictures..
  13. MRWood

    MRWood Well-Known Member

    Very nice boys. The winter fishing hat trick "Calm seas, Killer Whales and 2 for 5 on nooks". Pretty cool looking, the blue in the bubbles on the first pic, the fish ain't bad either.
  14. TanTastic84

    TanTastic84 Active Member

    I love those shots with the lure hanging out of their mouth. Great photos bud.
  15. rowswell

    rowswell Member

    Adding to the Ballenas count for yesterday. Flat water made me put the boat back in for another try for @ 2 hours over high slack. There were 3 of us working the water. Scattered bait all close to bottom.

    1 for 2. 75 cm right on the bottom at 185'. Both on 3.5" cop car on green flasher. Small lamprey scar on one side of the fish.

    Guests will be eating well after all
    . Spring Jan 14.jpg
  16. newfie boy

    newfie boy Active Member

    Hey Greg and Kelly you are making me very jealous but I will manage to survive I guess. Great job take care.
  17. bigredsnapper

    bigredsnapper Well-Known Member

    Aloha Newf, it was way nicer yesterday than today. Got Kelly out on the new rig and I gave him the port side and he had all the action. Passed off the second spring so I could have some fun bringing one in and he could get some pics. Lots of bait around, from 150 to 220 ft and we got a whale show as a bonus. Hey Rowswell saw you land that one solo, always lots of fun........BRS
  18. rowswell

    rowswell Member

    Exciting part is one I lost hit just after the one I landed & while I was trying to sort things out with the 1st fish, wrapped the line around the opposite downrigger cable before getting off. Took me 40 minutes to clear the mess as I was recovering the ball when it tangled & didn't see it until it was well wrapped around the spool. At least I didn't lose the tackle, just 60' or so of braid. One of the joys of fishing deep single handed.

    Forgot to add that the one landed had a single 4" herring in its stomach.
  19. bigredsnapper

    bigredsnapper Well-Known Member

    Went to Ballenas with Bushy yesterday and was surprised to see three other boats fishing, they must be reading the reports! Tons of bait everywhere from top to bottom. We went one for two, I lost one and Bushy nailed a beauty 17 lb . Fed the Eagles a couple Big red snapper and got a good show, there were four of them fighting for a taste. I cant believe how nice it was out there for January, what a day.............BRS

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  20. Copper Moon

    Copper Moon Active Member

    One of those other boats also picked one up. Just legal, 190', 4" G&W spoon

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