2015 Nanaimo Reports

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Sculpin, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Hot Reels

    Hot Reels Member

    Thanks jeffywestcoast. That fish put up a great fight. I didn't see too much action out there but it was a perfect night to be on the water.
  2. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    I agree today looks much the same in the afternoon...

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  3. Hot Reels

    Hot Reels Member

    So hard ro predict the wind the last few days. Heading out to Entrance around 2pm see if we can get a Ling, first trip for my buddys new boat.
  4. 3 mid teeners off the humps today, setting a new biggest fish for my son. 2 on the chovie and one on kitchen sink spoon. Depths were all over the place.
  5. 7Deuce

    7Deuce Active Member

    Got a 26" keeper today at about 130 or so about a mile and a half off the fingers in 900 feet of water or so.

    Kitchen sink spoon, 220 down, long leader, marbled female.
  6. Someday

    Someday Active Member

    Saturday my son and I managed 4. Long day on the water though. First one at Winchelsea, (16), lost a couple springs , also lost a real scappy coho that was easily over 10lb as it cartwheeled beside the boat. (I know it is not June yet lol) Then in front of Rocky point we found some fish and in half an hour picked up three more. 14 and a couple smaller ones, around 7-8lb. We also picked up a bonus ling in the 10lb size. Surprisingly most fish were around 100' mark in 200 feet of water. Lures were Homeland security, bait, spatter back hootchie, and a pink and black one I cant recall the name. So nice to be able to share a good day on the water with my son.
  7. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    Was tough fishin saturday.., was on the water by 5:30 am , it was blowin 16 knots nw by 6.., couple undersized, then a seabass, rockcod n undersized ling .. Jigging near entrance... Packed it in around 3...

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  8. AquaDisiacIII

    AquaDisiacIII Member

    Went out this afternoon 5-8. Blowing 15-20. Fished entrance going with the wind. Released an undersized, got on to a double header. Bagged a 15lber, lost the other one. 115ft army truck hootchie.
  9. mike780

    mike780 Member

    i was fishing in the area 3 weeks ago and hooked into a nice 15lber and when i got home (edmonton) i processed the fish... the meat was very pink in color. I was surprised because we fish prince rupert most of the time when we are on the coast and the Chinooks are more of a orange meat.
    Is it just the difference in diets?
  10. lastcast

    lastcast Member

    If u go to nanoose and french creek report on the last page you will see redfisher answering your question
  11. hastamanana

    hastamanana Member


    Well the wind finally let up. Had a couple of undersize at Thrasher then I moved a little and found these two. 145&190' on 3" spoons image.jpg
  12. photocopy

    photocopy Member

    That wind eh!
  13. Someday

    Someday Active Member

    The wind almost beat us on Saturday, but we persevered. Made it all worth while as we fished the high tide and caught our limit, and released some smaller ones. Biggest was 18, then, 16, 12 and 8. Those Amundson reels sure make it sweet when these scrappy fish take off on long runs. Who ever wins the Brendan Morrison's Tofino Saltwater Classic prize of the Amundson reel will be in for treat. IMG_0933.jpg
  14. luckysalmon

    luckysalmon New Member

    Where did you land those guys someday?
  15. treblig

    treblig Well-Known Member

    Gerry sent you a PM Amundson Outdoors via Gil d'Oliveira
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  16. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    Just picked up my ticket to the silva bay derby [​IMG] cant make it sunday but a great cause to support and ima giver hell on Saturday...hope to see some of you out there [emoji476][emoji226][emoji106]

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  17. finaddict

    finaddict Well-Known Member

    I'll be out Saturday as well JWC. I'll probably be between Thrasher and Lagrande along with anyone else who can tolerate the building NW winds........:rolleyes:
  18. ryanb

    ryanb Well-Known Member

    Fishing was very slow out there yesterday. Hopefully it picks up a bit for the derby.
  19. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    Pretty slow this afternoon, trolled entrance to thrasher without even a bump...hopefully thing pick up on the eArly bite[emoji15]

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  20. Salty

    Salty Member

    Ya I was out Wednesday around entrance with a whole lot of nothing too, lost a 20ish at the boat the day befor at neck pt. hope it picks up again soon. When have the coho been showing up the last few years?

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