2015 Bamfield and Barkley Sound Reports

Discussion in '2015 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Sculpin, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Aces

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    I forgot to add my congratulations to Bod for guiding the winner of this years Salmon derby. Well done sir!
  2. tubby

    tubby Crew Member

    Bod can correct me if I'm wrong but he did not guide the winner, the winner caught the fish by himself and Bod drove him into town from Bamfield
  3. Aces

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  4. tubby

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  5. Paul Burak

    Paul Burak Member

    Was up in Bamfield for 3 days we got are limit on springs and coho. The biggest one was 18 pounds most of them a lot smaller around 10 pounds. We fished the wall and Effigham we also got an 48 pound Hali inside the surf line.

    On a side note went to King Fisher to get some fuel " I know mistake I normally go to Harbour side but they were busy didn't want to wait" So I ask the guy how much gas is a liter he tells me $1.40 liter not bad price I'm thinking. So I'm fueling up the boat when I'm done I pass the nozzle back to the guy he goes and clears the pump instantly. I tell my buddy who's tern it is to pay watch it I think he's going to try and rip us off we have only took on about 40 liters I tell him we ran from Port Alberni to Bamfield fully loaded then trolled around on the kicker. My buddy goes into pay and the guy tells him it will be $308.00 dollars my buddy goes I don't think so. The guy says we took on 208 liters of gas. so buddy says lets go talk to my buddy who's boat it is. The guy says we took 208 liters of gas to me. I said that's impossible my tank is only 80 liters unless there's a whole in my tank. So I say let me take a look he goes no no how about you just give me $100.00 I say nope I didn't even take that much and asked him why he cleared the pump installiy he doesn't even answer that question he just tries to barter with me like were in Mexico. In the end I gave him $68.00 and told him that was to much. Then he says we should rent some rooms off him next time were up in Bamfield lmao could just imagine the extra charges that would be in there. Should have just went with my gut in the first place.
  6. fishin solo

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  7. the fog ducker

    the fog ducker Well-Known Member

    season rap , fished 3 days , still a good number of fish around , majority of fish are all
    holding up at the wall , bamfield entrance , in closer to the beach worked well for us ,
    anchovy show again , 30-75 feet , nothing huge , key was short leaders for consistent hook ups ,
    coolers stuffed , Stripers home safely , a thanks to Robert !! we blew a bearing in coombs ,
    my crew and there ingenuity had her back and rolling in no time , missed a ferry , but ....all worked out
    hope a few those tuna tubs get out , sure was alot of them pacing up and down the wall .
    nice sein a few of ya , may the winds reside , gd lk , stay safe

    until next year gentlemen...
    lookin forward to winter safari with the tin

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  8. Mavericko

    Mavericko New Member

    Hey FD....good ta see ya on here. I'm slowly getting back into the fishing scene, except not out where you are...Maver-icko
  9. Olde School

    Olde School Well-Known Member

    we are approaching the time of year for coho in Trevor Channel, anyone have any reports specific to that fishery?
  10. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    Fishing is hot, get out there.

    REIDNICOL Member

    Is that the first station in Bamfield on the left as you drive in to harbour??????
  12. firemann911

    firemann911 Member

    Anyone give me a quick update on how fishing is out Bamfield way.... hoping to head out in the next couple days. Cheers.
  13. Olde School

    Olde School Well-Known Member

    buddies who are good fishermen worked the area hard Thursday and Friday. Not a nibble.
  14. sthomas

    sthomas New Member

    Any word on what fishing has been like lately in China Creek/MacTush area? Thanks.
  15. firemann911

    firemann911 Member

    Anymore updates would be appreciated. Thx.
  16. trophywife

    trophywife Crew Member

    gonna have to move around to find the coho... i had a few buddy boats fishing inside.. one did well around harbour entrance and effingham.. the other was around flemming and wall with naddda...
  17. Olde School

    Olde School Well-Known Member

    any recent reports from the sound?
    looking to make a run out on Sunday - wanting Coho!
    a call to the Nook was uninformative, so few are fishing there that there aren't recent reports to be had
  18. firemann911

    firemann911 Member

    Was out this past Tuesday. Managed to scrape together 3 nice wild coho, all 8-10lbs. Fished the Bamfield wall from the Bamfield inlet to Nanat. We fished mainly in 100-200 ft of water with the rigger set around 50ft. One caught on on an anchovy in a a bloody nose teaser the other two caught on a purple haze hootchie with short leader. Action seemed to come in a couple small flurries but other then that it was fairly slow... Only about 5 other boats fishing in the area and only saw one other fish landed. Hope that helps.

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