2014 ECVI Nanoose Bay, French Creek Reports

Discussion in '2014 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by VanCity Tyee, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. tains

    tains Active Member

    Awesome job. Looked flat calm all day. Wish I was out today.

  2. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Where the hell are the Longwoods?
    Good job boys....
  3. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    Getbent just picked up some jugs lastnight!

    Fished the low today. Wasn't ripper, we boated 3 and bonked 2. No size. Awesome whale show though.


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  4. Oceaneco

    Oceaneco Member

    Hey Kelly great pics!!

    Just a shout out to everyone fishing the Nanaimo area. We are giving out $50 gift certificates at a tackle shop in Nanaimo for good whale info. We started the program last year with the Silva Bay fishing group and it has been working well for them. Basically we are looking for good sighting information with number of whales sighted, location, direction, speed of travel and time sighted. As long as we find them with your information we will supply you with a $50 gift certificate at a tackle shop in Nanaimo, if tackle isn't needed we can do beer instead :). We monitor Channel 79 or you can reach me on my cell @ 250 883 3358.

    Thanks a lot a hope to work with you guys!
    Apparently there were killer whales at Porlier this morning.

    Thanks! Simon at Ocean EcoVentures in Cowichan Bay. 250 883 3358

    The Vancouver whale watch boats are on the program too.
  5. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Seems the whales follow Kelly like Maybe does Hopper...sweet pics as usual....
  6. buccaneer

    buccaneer Member

    Same pod i imagine. Same whale? Taken last nite across the strait.[​IMG]

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  7. Klob

    Klob Well-Known Member

    Is that bottom end of Sangster.
  8. buccaneer

    buccaneer Member

    Its off of Francis pt. Pender harbour. Probably passed by Sangster though..
  9. Scouse

    Scouse Member

    Fished Ballenas last night, 4pm till 6.30, nothing but small pacific cod, only bright spot salmon wise was the large number of bluebacks feeding on the surface. Saw schools all the way back to french Creek where we finished off the evening with one undersized spring. Stunning night to be on the water.
  10. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    We were out yesterday looking for Lings......

    did some salmon trolling too.........I noticed the fish were either right at the surface or down deep hugging the bottom .

    The ones up surface were small fry of sorts.....

    The bigger ones hugging the bottom were 230 to 270ft.

    Didn't see much bait to speak of.......

    Did ok for Lings.......I ran a painted *cough* "commy" spoon 5 feet behind a planer.......then I go into tight to the rocks and reefs.....and I don't care if my planer bounces off rocks.

    Havn't lost a planer and I get more hits that way than jigging.

    I have lots of go to jigs besides the ones I posted in the P-line thread today. The planer with the spoon outfished these 6 to 1.

    Once again Enviro Canada got it all wrong.......I was expecting at least "some" wind later in the aft....

    Nope.....just about dead calm all afternoon.......:cool:
  11. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    We've hit a few decent fish the last couple evenings. Springs to low 20s and some big ling. I normally don't bonk ling this size on ECVI but he ended up in the box.


  12. jeffywestcoast

    jeffywestcoast Well-Known Member

    That picture of the eagle is FNN great man... and Nice Ling!:)
  13. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    You never cease to amaze me , Kelly..........:)


    Mine wasn't quite as big as your fish ...but....

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  14. Tide Up

    Tide Up Member

    those are some nice fish boys
  15. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    After fishing bamfield the last 5 days and hearing good reports out east I had to try for myself. Went for a dinner cruise and hit 7 in an hour around the high. Nothing big 10-15lbs shallower than normal 130-150.
  16. tains

    tains Active Member

    Anyone in the mood to go out fishing short notice tonight.
  17. kelly

    kelly Well-Known Member

    Went 3 for 5 with klob on the low tide. Splatter back hootchie 140. Back to the west side.
  18. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member

    Was going to go to Nanaimo......got up too late so went to French Creek out front today.

    Started at about 1pm......got bites but most action was around 5 pm.
    Caught Coho plus quite a few undersize Chinooks (released) and some P-cod.

    Lost two good Chinook (hook came out....and it was a 5/0)

    landed a 10 and a 7......

    Saw several large schools of Chinook on finder 200 ft to 230ft of water. Inside ditch off Humps.

    No baitballs.

    They liked:-

    Green Glow flasher, green Splatterback hooch, 38 inches from back of flasher to nose of hoochy, fished at depths from 140ft to 190 ft in 180 to 230ft of water.

    Lots of Coho on finder.

  19. MRWood

    MRWood Well-Known Member

    Great reports Seafever and Kelly. It sounds like fishing is pretty good out there. I'm getting my boat in the water this weekend, finally. Been working on a stone patio which has been like building the pyramids :) It's now time to get out there and try my luck.
  20. Seafever

    Seafever Well-Known Member


    There's still an algae bloom going on.....just enough to annoy.

    I was running a brand new hoochy on one side with a UV skirt in it (Splatterback).....this worked pretty good....

    On the other side I was running the same hoochy.....but it was an old one and the bottom half (glow) had turned sort of a lightish brown from use and staining.

    This one outfished the new one.

    Lots of P-cod out there and you tow them around without knowing they're on.

    The Green Glow flasher outfished the Chartreuse Green/Yellow UV body by far.

    I think there are bigger Chinooks around going by what I saw on the finder.......

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