1999 150 Yamaha 2 stroke engine

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  1. jimbob

    jimbob Active Member

    Does anyone have an idea about fuel consumption for a 1999 2 stroke Yamaha engine. I assume that these engines are not fuel injected. Would it use 7 gallons an hour or more than that? I don't really have any idea. The motor in question has very low hours on it. Probably less than 500 hours.
  2. danthewire

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    I had a 130 two stroke around a 94 or so pushing a 17.5 Double Eagle at 3200 rpm it was around 5 gallons an hour.If you let her rip it was considerably more.Dan
  3. I have a 97 125 merc 2 stroke, roughly 6-8 gph cruisin at 3500rpm.
    really drinks heavy once u push it.

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