115hp outboards, which one?

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    Possibly going to repower my North River 18' with pod from 115hp Suzuki of 640hrs to Yamaha. Any thoughts? I have enjoyed the suzuki but it has given me some electrical issues the last two years starting the season in Jan. Also having to take it to bridgeview is a pain. I have always liked Yamaha but have been impressed with the suzuki in power and fuel consumption. I'll sit back and absorb your thoughts. Many thanks.
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    i have a 2013 115 yammy on my 17.5 double eagle 350ish hours. hasn't even so much as hiccupped. went from a 75hp mariner 2 stoke to the yammy burns half the fuel. friend of mine has a 115 e tec seems good so far but I'm just not an e tec fan and I find it noisy sitting at the dock and running. I would say it comes down to where has the best service and parts.
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    I have a 150 yammy and it has been rock solid for me. I have heard good things on the mercs also. Both have a lot more service locations in the lower mainland. I personally stick with 1 of the 2 if you want options for service locations.
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    i went against the grain on my power this year , ive heard nothing but praise on both my purchases , Verado 350HP SCI
    and the newsest one , a Mercury 4S 115HP , based on lodge performance and reliability etc.. this 115 is suppose to be amazing ,
    super quiet , Light , great holeshot , RELIABLE , no rust or corrosion issues with HEAVY use
    fingers crossed on both for me lol ....

    btw , I may be selling off a Yamaha ( pretty sure 2008 ) 4 Stoke 115 with controls , gauges , brand new SS prop soon , super low hours , like brand new ,will post when and if i do

    Mercury link
    gd lk


    Merc 115.jpg
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  5. nicnat

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    I put a new 115 etec on my 17.5 armstrong and have been more than happy with it. I had a 90 4stroke suzuki on it previously and it was also a great motor very fuel efficient. I get even better fuel consumption on the etec which really surprised me and it sips the oil especially with the 100xd (or whatever it's called) set up. burns virtually no oil trolling. I would have no qualms buying any of the merc yamaha suzuki or etec 115's and would probably go with whichever dealer is more convenient and you are more comfortable with. watch for deals at the boat show with extended warranties etc, I got a 7 yr warranty with mine contols and an extra prop all thrown in on a boat show promo in 2015
  6. Matty4x4

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    Love my 115 e-tec. Bought it last year during the boat show. Pretty sure you can still get a 10 year warranty.
  7. Damien

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  8. JAC

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    Merc 115CT with smartcraft gauge is a really nice engine

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