1. SFBC

    2020 Tofino Reports

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  2. Admin

    Coastal Charters

    Coastal Charters has the keys to the seafood supermarket and are inviting you in! They are located in Tofino, British Columbia, and are ready to take you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime in this cold fishing paradise. Coastal Charters has been serving the east and west coasts of Vancouver...
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    2019 Tofino Reports

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  4. Willie Mitchell

    Race for the Blue- 25K First Prize

    Race for the Blue Tofino’s $25,000 Winner-Take-All Tuna Derby The best of Tofino lies well beyond the end of the road, because that’s where you find the real fish. The West Coast’s legendary tuna derby returns September 8-15th, taking fishermen offshore where the real adventure happens. when...
  5. P


    Tofino Resort + Marina is excited to host the first annual, Race for The Blue Tuna Shoot-Out, September 7-15th, 2018 and we want you to join us. Come experience the excitement of the blue water and Pacific albacore tuna fishing while supporting a sustainable fishery in B.C.’s rarely-visited...
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    2018 Tofino Reports

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    2017 Tofino Reports

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    2016 Tofino Reports

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