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    Old g loomis mooching rods

    Any one have old ones they want to part with ??
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    My buddy Ted Hanson

    Sad to report my good friend Ted Hanson has suffered a serious stroke on the weekend and is in pretty bad shape !! Teds alife long fisherman on the south coast and barkley sound his whole life ! Ted was also a tireless volunteer at the goldstream and nitnat hatcheries on the coast for many...
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    loomis rod

    does any one have a 10-6 gl2 rod they want to part with ???? thanks
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    DFO and 64 bands in crisis mode to help salmon over slide

    The only reason there trying to remove the slide is to get the salmon past is so all the FIRST NATIONS above the slide can net them and sell them period !!! theres net all the way up the Fraser below the slide and now they want to net above it !!! NO fishing / slot limit now / total BS...
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    Why are there Nets on the Fraser

    Why are FN harvesting salmon on the Fraser ?? I thought we are trying to bring the stocks back up ??
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    dfo cracks down hard on illegal nets on fraser and non compliance sporties

    go to dfo cbc to see the report ,pretty interesting!
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    2 hp honda victoria area

    bought may 2013 for my kayak 80 hrs -need bigger boat,need bigger motor!!! $800.00 serious offers only thanks.250-8844363