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    Lost PAL

    Lost my PAl and would some one please give me the phone number in N.B.
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    Browns Bay Derby

    Good luck to all that entered the derby. The weather looks better then the past several years. Stay safe and have a great weekend. ........BB
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    15-18’ boat trailer

    Looking for a used boat trailer on Vancouver Island. Must be road worthy, lights, bearings and tires in working order.
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    Logging in

    I can stay logged in on my lap top, but lately cannot stay logged in on my iPad . Please do you have any idea to fix this? Regards, Barnacle Bill
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    Where is Charlie

    Does anyone know the where abouts of Charlie? Believe he is from south of the border in Washington State.
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    WTB - used Scotty Swivel Bases

    Wanted a pair of used 1026 Scotty Pedestal swivel mounts and a pair of used 1027 Scotty rail mounts. Live in Campbell River.
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    PowerPro Braid

    How long do you leave the braid on your down rigger? How many of you reverse the braid to get another year or two? This summer will be my third year, so am I pushing my luck with 15 lb balls! 400' of 150 lb on one, and 400' of 200 lb on the other. .......BB
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    Locked out

    Cannot log on with my Lap Top as a padlock appears there. Tried several times with no luck. IPad works fine. Need help with Lap Top please.
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    Winter storage

    The temperature is starting to drop, so now is a good time to change the oil in the legs , thereby ensuring there is no water in the leg able to freeze and crack the housing. .....BB
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    Gas prices

    Shocked to see the latest price jump at the pumps today. Glad I got the boat and the truck filled up. .......BB
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    WTB boat railings

    Require a pair of rear side railings for an older 17' Boston Whaler. If you also have the mount set up for the downriggers that go on the railings I would also like those. .......BB
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    Discovery Harbour boat launch help

    Went fishing about 0615 by myself, got to the launch at 0630, backed the trailer down the ramp, and just as |I was doing the crank, a fellow fisher came up to me and said " I will hold your bow line and dock your boat while you park your truck/trailer". Sure made a great start to my day...
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    CP&S membership card

    Just been advised that there was a delay in printing the new membership cards for members of the Canadian Power and Sail squadron. They should be in the mail soon I was advised. BB
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    Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day everyone, and safe boating and tight lines..............BB
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    Posting Times

    Some how the posted times shown on my PC is in GMT, it shows 7 hours later then PDT. Does anyone have any ideas on how to correct this? My clock on the PC shows the correct PDT. Thanks,............BB
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    Launching Coal Harbour

    Sunday and monday mornings (28 & 29) the low tide at Coal Harbour is 1.3'. What is the lowest tide that you can launch and recover a 17' boat there? ............Thanks,..........BB
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    Loggin On

    Have no trouble logging on with my lap top, but, cannot log on with the new up-to-date PC. Any help will be appreciated,...............BB
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    Pink salmon/walmart

    I was in Walmart yesterday and saw Pink salmon filets for sale, $8.00 for 2. Was very surprised to see, as my wife pointed out, "product of China" marked on the frozen package. Must admit, they did look good. This was in the Campbell River store of all places.............BB
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    Halibut size limit

    Just heard today, that a size limit is in the works. Think it is a minimum of 30 inches. Anyone know anything about this?..........BB
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    Travel time Winter Harbour

    Anyone have an idea of the average travel time from Port Hardy to Winter Harbour by car. Not pulling anything. Just want to have a car in there. Thanks,......BB