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    WTB: center console 19+

    Thanks boys I’ll keep searching
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    WTB: center console 19+

    In the market for a 19+ foot welded aluminum Center console... budget around 40k. Any tip offs are much appreciated.
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    2020 Haida Gwaii Reports

    Hey man don’t know if we’ve officially met but I’ve been guiding past couple summers up there. Obliviously super bummed to hear about postponing/cancelling this summer. That’s my favourite place on earth and I’ll miss it big time this summer. Fantastic group of people is an understatement. Clint...
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    Looking for electric downriggers

    Wish I waited, got a set with no swivels for 550. Thanks though!
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    Looking for electric downriggers

    Looking for a set of electric riggers for my tinny no mounts needed have 500$ cash and can pickup anywhere on Vancouver island.
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    2019 Sidney Reports

    Nice work boys, pretty consistent fishing out there eh! I dragged my grandpa out there and we made it happen the other day. Plenty of fish in the 12-18# range and managed a thumper of a pre season fish, a true wild that measured 36.5x24”.
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    Islander reels for sale

    Have a pair of islander reels for sale. Both a few seasons old, well maintained in a good used condition. Pics to follow. Located in Victoria but I do frequently travel up island. MR2 gold spooled with 40lb maxima in September 350$ Steelheader Silver spooled with 20lb maxima in September 300$...
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    2019 Sidney Reports

    Joined the Sidney wagon for the tinners first trip of the season. Released a pair of wilds around 10# and took home a nice hatchery for the bbq. All action on spooons.
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    Beach Journal 2018

    I’ve always found your beach fishing journal to be epic Treblig. I’ve always wanted to catch quality salmon off the beaches as you do,but opportunities seem to be somewhat limited in the South Island area. That being said, a Saturday night beach date with the girlfriend quickly turned into me...
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    2018 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Haven’t been out as much as I’d like lately, but the night bites have been pretty consistent for me of late. Picked up a beaut late season spring and a nice hatch coho on a last minute solo mission tonight!
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    2018 Sooke Reports

    Hit sooke for the first time since getting back from Haida... worked possesion and secretary all afternoon. Released a high teener early on, and got into a real nice fish later on. Pound for pound one of the best fighters I’ve ever seen, barking line in the holder with big head shakes. one of my...
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    2018 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Seems like pretty tough going out there boys. I got back from Haida Gwaii about a week ago now and have since fished the front twice. A skunk one morning last week was the first trip, and last night we picked up a 12# and lost a pretty decent fish, both minutes apart at the 615pm high slack...
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    2018 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Fished the flats on the weekend and got into a few 5-8lbers on coho killers... fished the front Saturday night fishing summer depths and got skunked. Off to Haida Gwaii today for my first summer of guiding at North King Lodge, so I’ll see you boys in August. Hope you all have a great summer!
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    Calm water salmon or halibut spots Oak Bay

    I’ll send you a pm when I’m off work with some pics man.
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    Calm water salmon or halibut spots Oak Bay

    Man, I’ve been fishing out of a 14” Lund for 4 seasons now. You gotta love the feeling of being low to the water, it’s a true west coast experience and at this point I wouldn’t trade it for a bigger boat. Before I go out I always check the weather via big wave and the weather network. If it’s...
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    2018 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

    Quick first tack of the season for me today out front from 6-730pm, what a beauty of a night. 1/2 on springs, released a typical 6lb winter. 17#s a beaut for this time of year!
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    Looking to buy: GPS/depthsounder unit, trailer for 14ft boat

    Looking for a gps/depthsounder unit like the lowrance elite 5 and a trailer for a 14ft aluminum boat.
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    2017 Sooke Reports

    Possible schools of Chum bound for the sooke river, or feeder chinook?
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    What's the lodge called?