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  1. Ghostprof

    Billings Spit

    Anyone still fishing Billings Spit? Thought we might get out for a last hurrah this weekend, but not if it's all done. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ghostprof

    Night Fishing on the Breakwater?

    So my wife and daughter went for a walk on the Ogden Point Breakwater last night around 8:00 and saw a couple of people fishing off it in the dark and fog. They seemed to just have lines in, not casting and retrieving. What could they be going for?
  3. Ghostprof

    Spots to shore fish/fly fish for salmon near Parksville?

    I'll be heading up to Parksville with my 11 year old son this coming weekend and we're wondering if there are any spots where people successfully fish from shore for salmon. The boy is mad about using his fly rod, but I'm down to cast buzz bombs or whatever. We had a blast at Billings Spit this...
  4. Ghostprof

    Parksville area fishing

    I will be heading up to Parksville next weekend with my 11 year old son, who is mad about fly fishing and basically fishing in general. We won't have a boat, but have enjoyed shore casting for salmon before, and dome a very little bit of river fishing. Are there any relatively accessible spots...
  5. Ghostprof

    Cheap place in Sooke?

    Looking for a cheap place to stay one night in Sooke this week or next -- any recommendations?
  6. Ghostprof

    Eat Dogfish?

    This might sound like an incredibly dumb question, but I honestly can't tell if I'm being trolled or not: does anyone eat dogfish? I assumed not (heard they taste like ammonia) but then got told that some people love them and they use them for fish'n'chips in the UK. What's the real deal?
  7. Ghostprof

    No room at the inn!!!

    Just purchased a new boat, a used 16' Double Eagle for me and my son to use. Went to put it in at OB Marina and ... joined a huge waiting list. Seem to be plenty of empty 20' slips there, and plenty more with boats showing tons of growth on the hulls (i.e., not used lately), but none available...
  8. Ghostprof

    Malibu boats

    I am considering buying a Malibu 16' boat used here in Victoria, but I'm unfamiliar with the brand and the stuff online seems to say they are mostly for wakeboarding and waterskiing. Does anyone have experience with these boats? How do they stack up against say a Double Eagle in the same size...
  9. Ghostprof

    Found crab trap

    On our way back in from fishing yesterday my son and I saw a float just below the surface. It looked like it had been in the water a long time so we pulled it up to check. It is clearly someone's lost trap from a way back, so I thought I'd see if anyone is missing one. If you think it might be...
  10. Ghostprof

    Catching Bait Fish?

    My 10 year old son is determined to catch his own bait fish to use as live bait for rockfish and lings. He's got a minnow trap we've put down off Cattle Point and right by the OB marina, but so far nothing. Even hook and line has come up empty. What are we doing wrong/is this impossible around...
  11. Ghostprof

    Fly fishing for 10-year-old

    Hi there, My 10y.o. son is wanting to fly-fish somewhere with a reasonable chance of catching a fish and not so much in the way of the local greenery. Any recommendations? We're in Oak Bay, but can be mobile on most of the south island. Thanks!
  12. Ghostprof

    Winter Spring set up?

    Anyone feel like helping this newbie with recommended leader length, lure, and depth to fish for winter springs? My 10-year old son has decided all of a sudden we should try. Thanks for any tips. We'll be on the flats, if it makes a difference.
  13. Ghostprof

    License renewal not available?

    My license expires in 11 days, and I tried to renew today but no love. When I try to purchase a new license or catch card I get a screen saying there are no licenses available for me to purchase. What am I doing wrong? Or is there something afoot that I'm ignorant of? Even if salmon doesn't open...
  14. Ghostprof

    Safe to eat crab from Oak Bay yet?

    I see the beaches still have some signs up saying the water is pretty polluted after all that rain a couple weeks back -- does anyone know if it's actually all clear or not?
  15. Ghostprof

    Winterizing -- or not?

    I have a brand new 25hp 4-stroke Yamaha bolted onto the back of my lil ol' Lifetimer. I was thinking of getting it properly winterized, but we may want to use it over the winter -- winter springs, etc. -- so I'm not sure. But as it's bolted onto the boat, I can't take it off and store it inside...
  16. Ghostprof

    Winter springs on the flats?

    We mostly fish out of oak bay in a little tinny. It's our first year trying for salmon and so far things have been better than we expected. I'm wondering now, though, if the winter springs come in along the flats like regular springs do, or if they have trouble with left turns like pinks and...
  17. Ghostprof

    Trout report for lower Island lakes?

    Anyone got any up to date info on how the trout fishing has been on lakes around Victoria lately (Aug-Sep 2019)? Thanks!
  18. Ghostprof

    Coho in Oak Bay?

    So ... do they come in along the flats and into the gap, or are they like the pinks and generally avoid us out here? New to this, so apologies if this is already well known or covered elsewhere in the threads.
  19. Ghostprof

    Using main as a rudder?

    Hi guys, I have a 14' Lifetimer skiff that I fish from, with a 25 hp Yamaha on as the main and a 2.5 hp Yamaha as the kicker/back up. I'm interested in hooking things up so I can steer from my front console when I'm trolling, but it seems really tricky if I have the 2.5 tipped up most of the...