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  1. brands51

    WTB: center console 19+

    In the market for a 19+ foot welded aluminum Center console... budget around 40k. Any tip offs are much appreciated.
  2. brands51

    Looking for electric downriggers

    Looking for a set of electric riggers for my tinny no mounts needed have 500$ cash and can pickup anywhere on Vancouver island.
  3. brands51

    Islander reels for sale

    Have a pair of islander reels for sale. Both a few seasons old, well maintained in a good used condition. Pics to follow. Located in Victoria but I do frequently travel up island. MR2 gold spooled with 40lb maxima in September 350$ Steelheader Silver spooled with 20lb maxima in September 300$...
  4. brands51

    Looking to buy: GPS/depthsounder unit, trailer for 14ft boat

    Looking for a gps/depthsounder unit like the lowrance elite 5 and a trailer for a 14ft aluminum boat.
  5. brands51

    Wanted: super release dodgers

    Looking for super release dodgers in the 18" size or larger. Please pm what you have, willing to buy or trade.
  6. brands51

    Backyard mechanic

    Hey guys, I've got a 98 Yamaha 25hp 2 stroke that is due for a service. Currently is having a coughing problem, kicking up higher and lower rpms while trolling. Pretty sure the coughing problem is to do with the carb. I am looking for a reputable and reliable backyard mechanic to fix these...
  7. brands51

    12lb balls victoria

    Looking for a pair of 12lb balls in Victoria. Have 50$ cash in hand.
  8. brands51

    Wanted: 14 foot boat trailer

    I am looking for a trailer that will fit a 14 boat. Looking to spend under 500$. Trailer must be in good condition, but does not have to be perfect. Call Thomas 250-216-5475, have cash in hand.
  9. brands51

    Wanted: Pair of scotty downriggers

    Looking to buy a pair of scotty downriggers with new style plugs. Braid and swivel mounts would be a bonus. Looking to spend 500-600 for the pair.
  10. brands51

    Sooke River

    Anyone hitting Billings spit or the river lately? I heard the fish are there, thought it might be interesting if we get a little report section going. Ill be out tomorrow.
  11. brands51

    dodgers by wayne laughren

    Does anyone have any of the super release dodgers made by Wayne Laughren for sale?
  12. brands51

    Electric downriggers

    looking to buy a pair of electric downriggers for a good price, not 2 used ones for 800$ like used victoria.