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  1. Tugcapitan

    What is it with all these ads?

    Phew what a relief no ads has been for crew members, wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand it! Thanks guys
  2. Tugcapitan

    18.6 double eagle pod / power options

    I would always get as much motor as I could
  3. Tugcapitan

    No luck in Pender Harbor BC

    Hey Verve, My suggestion would be to hire a guide in the area to see how it’s done. Hopefully you’ll learn some techniques, and maybe a spot or two.
  4. Tugcapitan

    Stainless steel hooks singles and trebles

    Ah Gawd don’t start this one with him ha ha
  5. Tugcapitan

    Minimum Radar For Heading Offshore

    Does it have any blind sector behind you? Or can you see detail behind you shooting through the visor?
  6. Tugcapitan

    Navionics boating app problem

    Think something similar happened to me with it years ago. maybe it was just a one time thing near subscription time? I always open mine day before fishing, zoom in on places I might visit to make sure I have the charts downloaded, and generally just make sure it’s updated and ready to go.
  7. Tugcapitan

    Minimum Radar For Heading Offshore

    To each his own but I think the esthetic of the radar in front of the visor is weird. Especially for those who know how it works wondering why it’s in the wrong spot! Pretty sure the installation guide will say “as high as possible and unobstructed”
  8. Tugcapitan

    Minimum Radar For Heading Offshore

    Do you have a boat house without clearance or something? I don’t get why you wouldn’t want it up where it’s going to work best? If it’s a air draft thing you could build a mast on a hinge that dropped into a cradle or something. Some small commercial boats have hinged masts for air draft or boat...
  9. Tugcapitan

    Interaction With Freighter... Who's Right?

    Ok I’ll play. Fair warning, without being there I’ll have to make many assumptions. For one, I’ll be nice and say “I think you are mistaken” if the blue arrows represent the ships course on your marked up navionics picture. There’s absolutely no way the freighter was that far north going...
  10. Tugcapitan

    Seattle area marine surveyor??

    I used eric buntzen who saved me from a lemon Also heard good things about Jeff keiser at
  11. Tugcapitan

    Buying a used boat

    Yup, a boat surveyor for the hull and fittings, and a mechanic to inspect the engine. It will cost hundreds, but could save you thousands in unwanted headaches.
  12. Tugcapitan

    Minimum Radar For Heading Offshore

    I’m with those saying mount it higher, not so much for radiation, all for function. Putting a nice piece of equipment where it can only do half its job, no. Also, “I’ll only use on those days”, also no. For one, if you have it you have to use it, “all available means”. But mostly you have to...
  13. Tugcapitan

    2020 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

    Fair enough. 5 minutes out sounds about right to warn the fleet and allow guys to clue in and turn around. In these days of TC penalties and lawyers a guy is going to sound 5 blasts because that’s what the collision regulations say. Sure one might do it, but it would be pretty hard to explain...
  14. Tugcapitan

    2020 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

    Sounds like the FRPD 309 that’s been dredging at Centerm. Also sounds like someone couldn’t see the whole picture... no offense, but it’s pretty hard to judge all that’s going on from a small boat near the water line.
  15. Tugcapitan

    Local Guide for Wife and I

    Jason from bonchovy is great and is also based out of Sidney near Victoria half the time. He’ll be happy to show you some things too.
  16. Tugcapitan

    Measuring salmon - tip of nose to fork in tail

    Haha the underbite, good question!
  17. Tugcapitan

    105 pound Rivers inlet Chinook

    Why get sensitive about the weight? Isn’t that what this forum is for to discuss things? They caught a huge fish and everyone seems to appreciate it. I don’t think it looks bigger than 80 lbs myself, and that’s ok! Great fish, big smiles, and a few think it taped out to a world record and...
  18. Tugcapitan

    Where did the Haida gwaii closed thread go

    Hopefully to the garbage, it wasn’t cool at all.
  19. Tugcapitan

    Windows fogging

    You can try windex with crumpled newspaper to spread it around without really wiping it off. Nothing will beat airflow, especially if the fan is blowing warm air. I’ve never heard of the shaving cream trick, interesting!
  20. Tugcapitan

    Catching/Targeting Tyee's

    I too have released hundreds of Chinooks, over 1000 fish if I include Sailfish and Marlin. All I’m saying is, it’s an almost impossible thing to study and possess certain knowledge of. Different techniques and skill levels releasing, differing levels of original fish condition, how could anyone...