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  1. Tugcapitan

    English Bay traffic lanes moved

    For everyone fishing in English Bay, you will notice the QB bouy has been moved farther North. So have the inbound and outbound lanes respectively. So, for those fishing the West Van shoreline or near the Cap, outbound ships will be coming closer than what you are used to in the normal fishing...
  2. Tugcapitan

    Navy spills fuel in Strait of Georgia

    10 times worse than that little fuel burp from the freighter in English Bay that still has people wringing their hands. Will there be the same outrage? :rolleyes:
  3. Tugcapitan

    Government funding allotment fail

    Justin Trudeau announces 1.2 Billion for the Ocean protection act...... Of that, the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, announces 7.2 million for fancy new hydrophones and experts to listen to the ocean for whales, mainly the endangered...
  4. Tugcapitan

    How young is too young to keep fish?

    Hey all, Interesting popcorn subject in the reports section maybe deserves it's own thread? Indignation from some about guys taking their toddler fishing and keeping fish on their license. Some think its unfair or against the law if they don't reel it in. Others think Dad's get out with...
  5. Tugcapitan

    Fishing in Traffic lanes

    In the Victoria reports section, fishing for Halibut in the traffic lanes was being discussed. A member PM’d me to ask if I thought anchoring for Halibut in the separation zone was legal, so I thought I’d start a new thread. So, some of you may be aware that there is a problem with sport...
  6. Tugcapitan

    SFBC reunites guide and guest

    I posted a while ago, how as a still maturing guide in the Charlottes I was schooled by my guests who came up with their own hand poured jigs. I think it was only my second or third year guiding up there, and I was so intent on trying to be a top rod using bait, hootchies and plugs in their...
  7. Tugcapitan

    Showing up on Radar

    Thought I'd start a new thread, we were talking about showing up on Radar in another one Quote Originally Posted by Tugcapitan View Post A radar reflector is never inappropriate. Obviously fog and low/no light conditions are where they come into their own, but you might be surprised how...
  8. Tugcapitan

    Islander handle trouble help pls

    Islander MR2 freshly spooled with maxima. I ordered and recieved the paddle handle conversion kit from "Wildthing" after finally getting sick of having the small black knobs make me feel like my hands had arthritis. During removal of knobs and installation of paddles I noticed some corrosion in...
  9. Tugcapitan

    Will released fish live?

    The Haida Gwaii fishing report thread developed an interesting argument about whether released fish will live to spawn. Obviously handling techniques, or a lack there of will be a huge factor. Someone posted a photo of a 52 lb chinook in post 1, and of course it got jumped on by those...
  10. Tugcapitan

    Fishing Collision Regulations

    -These rules apply to all vessels trolling for all species of Salmon -Nothing in these rules shall exonerate any vessel, owner or crew thereof from using common sense and courtesy -The word "vessel" includes every description of vessel unless it has been determined by locals that it is not...
  11. Tugcapitan

    Anyone driving thru Salmon Arm to Van?

    Left my lucky fishing hat in Salmon Arm! Beer for anyone who can pick it up?
  12. Tugcapitan

    1974 glas-ply gauranteed rot or maybe OK?

    1974 glas-ply out of town on trailer, 19' enclosed mini bow, mini cuddy. Haven't seen it yet but it looks nice in pics. Will get survey done, just wondering what some of you knowledgable stringer and floor replacers think. Guaranteed soft spots and rot? Or maybe ok? It has an inboard, would...
  13. Tugcapitan

    Ling vrs Salmon

    Maybe you've seen it before, maybe not. Any fisherman will love this footage. Stumbled upon it in YouTube one day and was impressed as always by the ling's tenacity, and the salmon's ultimate survival instinct.