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    Americans continue to Fish Pender Bluffs

    US boats continue to fish Pender Bluff area illegaly with no fear of getting caught.There is no one enforcing the rules and Americans are taking salmon at will. I saw one boat with 2 fish on and 5 other boats fishing all US.
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    Looking for aluminum boat for salt

    Soon to be selling my 2101 Seaswirl and looking to get about 17 foot aluminum for salt water use. If anyone is selling or has suggestion on new? Be nice to have steering and about 90 hp capable.
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    Canvas top maker

    Going to sell boat and need to replace the canvas. So far have not had any luck finding someone capable. Someone in Victoria would work best , anyone here know of any good places?
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    Boycott Vancouver Boat Show

    I hope everyone will be boycotting the boat show. You can write all the letters and send in all the emails you want but DFO simply ignores them. A failed boat show will make the media and do more good. In Hawaii when the fish started disappearing all the fishermen stopped buying licenses. There...
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    Has anyone used this heater ?
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    Catching herring

    In the old days we raked herring no problem, with the price of bait now I wouldn't mind catching my own and freezing. Anyone know best time of year?
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    Launch ramps

    I strongly believe the government should provide and maintain proper ramps at minimal cost to taxpayers.
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    Lings at Thrasher

    The lings made a great comeback after being closed for all those years and now it seems they are being fished more heavily than ever. The pics I see are of large fish that I believe are better left alone to breed , wouldn't it be better to take a smaller better eating fish than a photo op ?
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    Aluminum boat prices

    So it turns out I can't afford to down size from my 2005 2101 Striper fully loaded to fish for a 18 foot Aluminum bare boat with a 90 h.p. Yammie. The average price is 44k with a trailer for aluminum plus taxes, by the time you add kicker riggers etc. you are around 55k for a boat that can...
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    Big Lings at Thrasher

    I am curious to see how long the big lingcod will last now at Thrasher, every year more and more people including guides are taking them. I was there back in the 70's and 80's when guys would jig garbage cans full of cod, I give it another couple of years and it will be all shut down again. The...
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    Sounder/GPS combo

    I have had a cheap Eagle sounder/gps unit for 10 years and its starting to act up. Does anyone know of the best bang for buck unit out there now? Once again not looking for high end and spend maybe 7-8 hundred. Thanks
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    Hats off to Volvo

    This will be year 11 that I have owned my Striper 2101 and knock on wood the 4.3 GXI motor has been fantastic. The only thing to have failed was the alternator last year, other than that its been only oil and filter, spark plugs ,rotor and cap. I am pretty anal about flushing and after taking...
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    10 bucks a fish

    I'm not sure what to think about this , I have older relatives that can not get out to fish anymore plus are on a fixed income. They are buying sox for 10 dollars a fish and I don't know what to think really, I do give them the odd fish. These are fish sold by the natives and are from what I...
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    Red snapper and cod galore at McDonald Beach Ramp

    So today my wife and I returned to the ramp and I see a large 30 foot plus Harbourcraft with a blue extended cover waiting outside in the river. We went in and it continued to circle in the river, we noticed a few oriental people with coolers on the dock and some in parking lot. I guess once the...
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    Reack and field

    Track and field I know most on here are into hockey but check out hurdling,
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    GPS failing

    I have the cheap $500.00 Eagle GPS Sounder combo from 7 years ago and for the first time this morning it faultered, went in and out and the screen flashed that the card was not compatible. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks
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    Old charts $100.00

    I started with over 300 charts and have picked the best 250 , the charts go from Seattle all the way to Alaska. I'm giving away the more tattered ones and will sell the 250 which are in gd condition. They are not all old some are up to date. Selling all for $100.00 Buyer must pick up in...
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    Old charts

    I have just been given a pile of charts dating back to the 80's of the coast all the way to Alaska. I am picking out a few for myself and will give the rest away if anyone is interested in them.
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    New forum rules

    So I just recieved an email about the new forum rules and looks like censorship by some who are offended by anything as trivial s being called an "idiot" or perhaps a photo of a girl in a bikini. I hope no one here uses the word "Christmas " because that would be offensive to me as I only...