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  1. Heavyc

    Boat For Sale

    Here's a link to my centre console boat for sale. Style similar to the campion centre consoles, but a deeper V. Totally rigged out for fishing. HMU if you have Q's. Boat is located in Port Hardy, but will consider delivering to south island.
  2. Heavyc

    Item Sold, Please Delete

    Item Sold, Please Delete
  3. Heavyc

    Pic of commercial fleet in Barkley sound

    I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I'm trying to find that aerial shot of all the commercial boats setting their nats in Barkley sound fishing for sockeye from years back. For some reason my googling isn't yielding positive results.
  4. Heavyc

    How Hearty are Hali?

    Tonight my daughter & I went out for a night walk on the super low tide (1.3ft tonight). We came across a juvenille (roughly 5lb) halibut. The tide wasnt yet at its low, but the fish started to bury itself in the sand. Not sure if it could survive being exposed I 'helped' it into deeper waters...
  5. Heavyc

    Looking For Port Hardy Halibut Tips

    I was hoping to solicit some pointers on hali fishing out of Port Hardy. I spent a few days out with Riverboy & we picked up a couple of nice chickens last week. I've since gone back to a straight dogfish show. I tried several spots locals told me to try out front of the airport in hardy. Its...
  6. Heavyc

    ISO Reel 1/2 a Shimano Convergence Rod

    If anyone has the bottom half of a 10 6 Convergence they've been holding onto I need one. Dang seal broke my old one. I'm up in Hardy, but have availability to pick up all over the island.
  7. Heavyc

    Humminbird 550 depth sounder w/cables

    Item sold, pls delete.
  8. Heavyc

    WTB Rear Drag Spincasting Reel

    I need to replace a spin casting reel and am hoping maybe one of you forumers may have one kicking around that you could spare. It needs to be the larger variety, able to hold a 100+ yards of 15lb line. Anyone got one kicking around?
  9. Heavyc

    Mystery Salmon - Coho or Spring

    I realize this may seem like a silly question. I took these pictures of the salmon I caught yesterday and we still don't know if its a Coho or Spring. We asked the creel survey person and they thought it was a coho, but to me the jaw doesnt match. You can see it has a square tale, like a coho...
  10. Heavyc

    Please help out my blog - Looking for all vanisle breweries/brew pubs

    I started a blog for this year called leap beer. I'm going to drink 366 different kinds of beer over the course of the year and blog about it. I'm trying to get as much of the local brews as I can to help get them some exposure. I've got a list of breweries on the island, but I was hoping the...
  11. Heavyc

    Traitorous Canadians or "thread for the great Canadian Princess tuna barf-out" Thread

    As per OBH's 'request'. CS When where you thinking of going? If it works out time wise I may be interested.
  12. Heavyc

    Need help tracking down a guide in Port Hardy

    If anyone here knows the guides in port hardy well perhaps you could help me find the guy who helped me out when I hurt my hand at the dock there. He was probably in his late 40's early 50's, he told me he had been a paramedic for 15 years and that day he had taken a group up north van isle...
  13. Heavyc

    Please help me find more of this hoochie

    I have been searching the local stores in CR to find any more of this hoochie that worked so well for me last weekend but no body has them. Can anyone identify it? Closest I've seen is the M73L by Northern Pacific, but it doesnt have the white patch. Here's pics of my somewhat overworked...
  14. Heavyc

    Whats it worth used?

    Im curious what people think this stuff would be worth used? I do plan to take some pictures of it later, but all I can do is give you the info I have now. 28 horse Evinrude w/electric start ouboard. IIRC it is a short shaft. Age unknown. Service record unknown. In running condition (at...
  15. Heavyc

    Making your website clickable in your signature

    Im sure this has probably been covered before, but I've noticed several users have their website in their signature in strictly text. You can make it a clickable link by adding the url tags similar to how you'd add a link to a forum message. To do it yourself just remove use this template...
  16. Heavyc

    Chatham point reports?

    With the imminent closure of the hump I was curious if anyone had heard any reports out of browns bay/greensea/Chatham pt area yet.
  17. Heavyc

    Iphone app for charts

    Does anyone know the iphone app for charts that includes the west coast? Is it Navionics Marine & Lakes: US & Canada? I'd like to have it hooked up to compare to my handheld with the charts on it this weekend.
  18. Heavyc

    Canuck Attempts Suicide

    In an unfortunate turn of events today Roberto Luongo, disheartened by his game 7 loss and ridicule by the national sports media, attempted to commit suicide today. He stepped in front of a bus near the intersection of West Georgia and Granville today early in the morning. Luckily for all it...
  19. Heavyc

    What I learned today

    The lesson of the day is, NEVER PULL A HALI IN BY THE HARPOON. I'll attempt to phrase this out while I cry in my beer. So my friends and I had a plan to fish the hump in CR early this AM. Met at big rock at 5am, and set to it. Now begins the tale of woe. We set to it, 2 lines down...
  20. Heavyc

    Stacking Gear on Cannon Mag Downriggers

    Im wondering if anyone has experience with cannon downriggers. I haven't had much time to test the ones on my dads boat, but as we're planning a Friday trip to Alberni for sox I'm curious if stacking gear on them is a possibility. If anyone has experience with these units do you mind giving...