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  1. Beacon

    Flasher or Not

    When using a spoon like a skinny G do you use a flasher or not. If so what length between the flasher and the spoon. Cheers
  2. Beacon

    Bait Brine

    Any suggestions on a good course salt bait brine for anchovies. CHEERS
  3. Beacon

    Chum Fishing

    Have never fished for Chum salmon just wondering if you fish the same tackel as for springs or coho. CHEERS
  4. Beacon

    Telegraph Cove

    Will be arriving June 25th staying on the boadwalk for 1 week any reports on the fish showing up and the prawn situation with the commercial opening. Thanks
  5. Beacon

    Telegraph Cove

    Back from telegraph cove last week 16 nice springs and 4 hal between 4 of us weather was great. Will be back July 30 till Aug. 4 any new reports for telegraph. Have the pinks moved in. Cheers
  6. Beacon

    Telegraph Cove

    Any reports from the north end of the island I am going to Telegraph Cove in two weeks. CHEERS
  7. Beacon

    Telegraph Cove

    Will be in Telegraph Cove Saturday for 1 week the boys yearly outing any reports. Commerical prawn boats do they have an opening in the Alert Bay area if so do you know the dates.
  8. Beacon

    Telegraph Cove

    Will heading up to Telegraph Cove next month just wondering if there are any reports on how the prawning and crabing have been. Probably to early for a salmon report will try closer to departure date Fathers Day weekend. Beacon
  9. Beacon

    Big Bank Co-ordinates

    Can anyone help me out that the co-ordinates for the Big Bank off of Ucluelet. Thanks Beacon
  10. Beacon

    Telegraph Cove

    Going to be in telegraph cove June 20-26/09 anyone else going to be there.
  11. Beacon

    Telegraph Cove

    Going to Telegraph Cove north end of Vancouver Island June 20 - 26 2009. Any reports for the area salmon, halibut, crabs and prawns.