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    Saw you today at Constance Bank
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    Salty Sockeye

    Hi All..Fellow I work with is complaining about the saltiness of Thriftys sockeye. Just wondering if they brine it or treat it with something..Thanks
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    Impurities in lead cannonballs

    Hi All..Does anybody have any thoughts about how impurities in lead cannonballs can affect voltage, or repel fish..Do cannonballs have to be pure lead...What about hali fishing with a stainless spreader bar and impure lead weight...Thanks Algae
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    Looking at a boat

    Hi All..I am looking at a 17 foot 1997 Bayliner Capri cutty cabin, with a force 120 Merc. The guy says he has only used it about 6 times in the last 8 years only on the lake It comes with a no rust galvanised bunk type Easy Loader trailer. It has been kept under cover its entire life and is in...
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    Biggest Halibut You Ever Caught

    Lets start a new thread about the biggest halibut you ever caught. I'll start with a puny 45lbs on Oak Bay flats, caught on tiny strip trolling for salmon.
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    charter boat insurance

    Hi Guys..Just wondering what kind of insurance you guides have or need to run a charter boat. Thanks