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  1. Fish Whisperer

    Solid fall Salmon fishing

    Nice! I'm new to Ontario and fished Georgian Bay/Owen Sound for the first time this year. Definitely different from the west coast.. I must say it was bizzare pulling my first chinook out of a fresh water lake! Where do you launch/fish out of? I'd like to give it a shot one of these days.. keep...
  2. Fish Whisperer

    Ace prawn puller/bauer traps/ss crab trap..complete package

    I know I said I wouldn't sell separately but the "happy hooker" made a housecall and twisted my arm..took the puller and the 2 bauers. One nesting prawn trap gone too. If someone wants the rest make an offer. There might be an unmarked Scotsman there too I will have to check..
  3. Fish Whisperer

    Ace prawn puller/bauer traps/ss crab trap..complete package

    I have a complete prawning and crabbing set up for sale. Comes with an Ace line hauler with the bulldog hands free coiler, case, used a few times. 2 new Bauer prawn traps with the price tags still on them. 3 nesting prawn traps. 1 ss crab trap with the line and ss fittings. 4-500 ft of prawn...
  4. Fish Whisperer

    Lake Ontario VS BC salmon

    Thanks for the tips! I haven't ice fished in almost 20 years and It was for trout and pickerel. Catching a spring would be bizarre... I better get a gas auger with a big bit
  5. Fish Whisperer

    Lake Ontario VS BC salmon

    If the MR2 LA's won't do the trick I'll pull out the jigging rod with an Accurate Boss 600 on it.. That thing would winch Rita MacNeil from 50 fathoms licketty split ;)
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    Lake Ontario VS BC salmon

    This is an interesting thread for me. I recently accepted a position with work that had me relocate to Ontario. We purchased a log home on 50 acres, trying to dull the pain of moving from Vancouver Island to Toronto (I am not a city guy and dreaded the thought of living in the GTA). The place is...
  7. Fish Whisperer

    Yamaha 9.9Hp HT stolen last night

    The plastic wing nuts will smash easily, I use a heavy chain with a quality padlock from a locksmith (about 100 bucks) right through the leg and back to the transom tie downs. A bike lock works if you don't have room to feed it through the leg. It might slow them down or at least piss them off.
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    Rod and reel holder

    It was a G-loomis prop display for a vendor. It holds a ton of rods, and reels, as it is tiered. And its very cool! I've used it to hold my entire collection. I am moving now and can't take it. It was given to me for a case of Corona beer, so thats what I'd like in return :) I'm in Nanaimo for...
  9. Fish Whisperer

    SS Fish cleaning table

    9.5x2.5 stainless fish table. Just connect a hose pipe, has faucet and a hand sprayer, pvc drain, light, starboard cutting board, self levelling legs, attach to wall or fence. I know what I have into this table.. Moving.. $700 or I take it..Departure Bay, Nanaimo. Wil 250-802-8757
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    Sold to olde school
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    Bump. Never heard back from you Rob. $80
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    Little use, comes with the bail mount and lowrance cover. $95 Nanaimo Wil 250-802-8757
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    Quicksilver 25L outboard gas tank

    I'll trade it for a case of cold corona's! Nanaimo departure bay
  14. Fish Whisperer

    Styrofoam fish boxes

    6 of them, free, all or nothing. Nanaimo departure bay.. Wil 250-802-8757
  15. Fish Whisperer

    Tuna eats a seagull by mistake then spits it out.

    It must have had a fowl taste!
  16. Fish Whisperer

    Known fish species living in the Salish Sea increases in new report

    I have an excellent recipe for cedar planked pacific viperfish :)
  17. Fish Whisperer

    Fuel use betwen PA and Bamfield?

    2102 Trophy 150/9.9 Honda. 4am start fished PA sockeye till 8. Ran the inlet all the way at 25kts to 7 mile fished the better part of the day. Ran back fished Kirby for a few hours then went for dinner in bamfield. Went back out and fished the wall for another couple of hours. The next day...