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  1. vangoalie

    In need of Simrad 4 pin power cord P/N 32-0055-08

    Hi looking for an extra power cord for my Simrad GO7, the 4 pin type, part number is 32-0055-08, let me know if you have one available you don't need anymore. Thanks
  2. vangoalie

    Brand New Garmin 93SV Complete--SOLD

    bought a brand new Garmin 93SV 9”GPS Chartplotter fish fishfinder on eBay, never installed all still wrapped in plastic, just won’t fit where I want to mount it, need to go with a 7”. Comes with everything including the GT52 transducer. Asking $875 obo . Navionics is of US and not Canada would...
  3. vangoalie

    Thoughts on Simrad go7xse or garmin 74dv

    Thinking of buying a simrad go7 Xse or garmin 74dv, looking for thoughts on it, great, bad, unreliable, stay with Lowrance. Even ease of use so I can decide yes or no. thanks
  4. vangoalie

    New Rod, possible sell if worth it 10’

    I recieved a rod today from a friend that was custom built for him. Just curious if anyone knows anything about these rods and thoughts On them. I am looking for a new gps fish finder and if this is worth something significant I might consider selling. Any thoughts on value? It’s a Freds custom...
  5. vangoalie

    Not marking fish on sounder

    Pretty new to fishing and trying to get my equipment figured out. Was out at the sandheads this weekend and 7-1 on Saturday morning, got skunked, saw a few boats pulling nets but not many, we got on undersized coho. My question is my sounder sometimes marked fish in the 160-200 range near the...
  6. vangoalie

    WTB 10’6” rod

    Well looking for a replacement for my shimano classic moocher 10’6”, caught a snag at the sand heads today and snap right in half. Looking for a 10’6” replacement that won’t break the bank, located in the lower mainland. Thanks
  7. vangoalie

    Cracked lower leg cowling, HELP!?

    Was out this morning at sand heads this morning, not a good morning lost a hoodie off the top of the boat, broke a rod and to top it all off when backing the boat into the driveway clipped the rv and put a 1” crack in the lower leg cowling!! I don’t think it is water tight so I think just...
  8. vangoalie

    WTB Depth sounder gps

    If anyone is looking to upgrade I am interested in a used depth finder gps, looking for one with a built in gps so not needing an antenna and looking for a 7” screen or bigger. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  9. vangoalie

    Scotty ball hooks and battery tray

    2 Scotty downrigger ball storage hooks, $10 each. Atwood group 24 battery tray $5. Flush deck mount is sold! Thanks for looking
  10. vangoalie

    Anchovy size

    i just got back from army and navy and they had the bait also at 25% off so I picked a bunch of packs of anchovies, i was excited to get a deal, i noticed when I got home they were the extra large and much more expensive, lol. They aren’t too big but the are a little bigger than what I have...
  11. vangoalie

    Small hole in floor help

    ok so I was wiring my boat for electrical downriggers, taking the plunge from manuals finally, all went well then I put a second battery in the rear battery compartment. Then I noticed under the new battery a slight puncture thru the floor, about the size of a quarter. If I push down there is...
  12. vangoalie

    Short 4 foot Salmon net

    Clearing The garage , Short salmon net . See picture. Thanks for loooking! Located in New Westminster Salmon 4 foot net $10
  13. vangoalie

    Battery Help

    New to electric downriggers and am confused how to use a battery switch, I am adding a second battery, deep cycle, to the boat to run the downriggers, my kicker does not charge. So here the question, how do I use them, start the motor with #1, run to where i am going, kill the motor and run...
  14. vangoalie

    WTB Electric Downriggers

    Looking for a couple of Scotty electric downriggers, find my son wanting to work less or come less and the manual ones are getting tiring. Electrics have not been in the budget so hoping this is the year, we will see what this brings me!! Thanks!!
  15. vangoalie

    Kicker mounting advice

    So I purchased a new to me campion 185 a last year and am getting it ready for fishing this year. I used it last year with just the main motor for trolling, a 2006 merc 115 optimax. This year I would like to run over to trasher rock and would like to have my kicker with me just in case, I went...
  16. vangoalie

    Downrigger ball advice

    Hi, relatively new to saltwater fishing in my own boat and looking for some advice, i have manual downriggers currently no budget to upgrade but looking ;-), also don't mind the manuals as I mostly fish summers, local to Vancouver and usually under 100 feet. I currently have 2-10lb balls and...
  17. vangoalie

    Raymarine A50D GPS/DEPTH SOUNDER - $200 (Sold)

    Raymarine A50d GPS and depth sounder, comes with transducer and all cables, cover and mounting hardware, in good used condition. Includes Navionics charts built in. Priced for a quick sale! $200 obo Thanks for looking
  18. vangoalie

    GPS Decision Humminbird or Raymarine

    New to fishing and boating, purchased a Campion 185, now need to equip it. Deciding whether to keep a Raymarine A50d or a Humminbird 788ci HD for my boat, any thoughts? Humminbied seems easier to use but need to purchase the Navionics card, Raymarine seems more complicated. Any thought would be...
  19. vangoalie

    WTB Navionics sd card

    Looking for a Navionics card for my Humminbird 788ci HD with the BC coastal waters. Thanks
  20. vangoalie

    Sold-For Sale Glasply with 2006 Mercury Optimax - Price Drop $5500

    Really nice Glasply 16 foot boat with an excellent condition 75hp Mercury Optimax, boat runs like new and is 100% turnkey, not a single problem! Great little runabout for the local waters and tops out at about 35mph with 4 on board. Comes with a galvanized roller trailer, a full top, VHF Radio...