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  1. coastal creeper

    2005 Yamaha 6

    4 stroke, runs great. A bit of cosmetic damage but nothing major. Unknown hours. $700. Located in victoria
  2. coastal creeper

    Transducer mounting block

    I’m looking to mount a transducer without putting any holes into my transom. I’ve heard you can sikaflex some kind of mounting block to the transom and avoid fasteners. Was thinking UHM but apparently sikaflex won’t stick to it. many suggestions on material for mounting block or process in...
  3. coastal creeper

    Navionics gold sd chip

    As the title says. $60. Located in victoria
  4. coastal creeper

    Help choosing a prop

    Anyone recommend somebody in Vic to help me choose the right prop for my boat. I’m running a Yamaha 115 on a Malibu 182. Does about 25mph at 4300rpm. When it’s a full boat it has a hard time getting up on step
  5. coastal creeper

    Brentwood bay moorage

    I thought I read something on a thread months ago about a good spot to keep a boat in Brentwood bay short term. Jacks something? anyway, if anyone has any recommendations I’d love to hear them. Looking to do some prawning with the kids. tight lines CC
  6. coastal creeper

    Drift or anchor for halibut

    Hello all, this may be an age old debate that has been done before on here but I’d love to know if there are many guys drifting out there. we’ve been fishing halibut in the Victoria area for about 7 years now. We predominantly anchor and have had a fair bit of success for the first 5 years...
  7. coastal creeper

    Sydney moorage

    Does anyone recommend a spot to moor a 19’ boat in the Sydney area? On a bit of a budget but would love to be able to take the family out cruising in that area. CC
  8. coastal creeper

    Used Yamaha parts

    Hi all, does anyone know a good place to get some used parts for a Yamaha 6hp kicker? I heard there’s a place in Sydney somewhere. Maybe like an auto wrecker type outfit cheers CC
  9. coastal creeper

    Looking for campion 542

    Looking for a campion 542 preferably with outboard and full standing canvas. Budget $18k cheers, matt