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  1. tyeeking

    Rough Start to The Year...

    If you add the Roadrunner to tell the whole story you will need a coyote under an anvil. LOL. Seriously, love the Roadrunner idea.
  2. tyeeking

    Those chinese knock off boats

    And don't ever feed pet food made in China to your pets! Some horrible stuff in much of it.
  3. tyeeking

    Those chinese knock off boats

    You don't always get what you pay for but your virtually never get what you don't pay for.
  4. tyeeking

    Do I need it ... No, but I want it. Rivian Truck

    I wouldn't get too excited about the pre-sale numbers. It only takes a $100 fully refundable deposit to order one. Not exactly a strong commitment. Just saying.
  5. tyeeking

    Towing a fishing boat behind cruiser....

    First off, you're going to have a blast. It's been a dream of mine to do something similar. I hope that you will give us regular reports on your adventure. I saw a couple doing something similar at Roche Harbor and they had a pretty clever setup. When in open water with modest current/wind...
  6. tyeeking

    Gas prices up again

    Heating oil season. Diesel and heating oil are produced at the same place in the cracking tower. In the winter with demand for heating oil going up and demand for diesel remaining static there is an net increase in demand for the distillate derived from that part of the cracking tower.
  7. tyeeking

    How much of your money has Justin spent?

    Someone please tell me that the video is photo shopped.
  8. tyeeking

    Gas prices up again

    Gas prices are a lightening rod. I remember my Dad complaining about 29 cents a gallon. We even got S&H Green Stamps with our purchase. Geez I'm old. LOL.
  9. tyeeking

    How much of your money has Justin spent?

    Pretty hard to have a meaningful and productive conversation when the ad hominem comments like "climate denier" and "white nationalist" make an appearance. So sad.
  10. tyeeking

    How much of your money has Justin spent?

    Scratching my head wondering what the hell an individual's opinions around anthropogenic climate change has to do with this conversation. LOL.
  11. tyeeking

    How much of your money has Justin spent?

    Giving lots of money to politicians is like giving whiskey and the car keys to a teenager.
  12. tyeeking

    How much of your money has Justin spent?

    I belly laugh when folks with fishing boats and requisite tow vehicles bitch about the evils of "big oil and gas".
  13. tyeeking

    Wellcraft 220 Ocean King

    Absolutely love my 22' Weldcraft Maverick. Have had zero issues. It's built like a tank. Even the welds that are hidden from view are beautifully done. The hull extension provides great buoyancy in a following sea and really helps to keep the cockpit dry.
  14. tyeeking

    Caution - Boat Repairs

    Ditto this. I do all of the scheduled boat and trailer maintenance myself. It's fun, I know it's done right, and I save a lot of dollars. I keep a meticulous log of all work done for my benefit and for when the day comes that I eventually sell the boat.
  15. tyeeking

    Centre console boat Opinion

    Oh good grief. Can we please keep this thread about center console boats instead of personal attacks. I was enjoying the thread until it devolved into meaningless crap.
  16. tyeeking

    Boat Safety Chain

    Launching and retrieving goes a lot quicker when one takes their time . . . within reason of course.
  17. tyeeking

    Centre console boat Opinion

    As we say skiing, there is no such thing as bad weather . . . just bad clothing.
  18. tyeeking

    Check your bilge pumps

    I too am part of the redundant bilge pump crowd. I also carry a few spare cartridges for quick replacement of the internals. Make sure your bulge pumps are properly located. I saw a story not too long ago about a Bayliner that had a low spot in the bow bilge with no pump. Unknown to the owner...
  19. tyeeking

    C-Dory 25', any owners willing to share their experiences with theirs?

    If your current boat works for you 95+% of the time then you are in the right boat. All boats are a compromise of some sort . . . at least that's how I convinced the wife that I need two boats!
  20. tyeeking

    Did I put it in the wrong hole?

    Had a great belly laugh on this one. I get lots of comments from folks not in the know along the line "why are there bags of toothpicks in every cubbyhole of your boat". LOL.