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  1. tyeeking

    Gold River Launch - Still Manned?

    Last I heard it was off and on a bit as to if the Gold River Launch and trailer parking lot was being manned. Anyone know the latest? Thanks in advance.
  2. tyeeking

    Tahsis/Esperanza - Crabbing?

    I'll be heading up for a week of fishing Aug. 11th with my brother. This will be our third annual trip to the area . . . we absolutely love it. Good fishing, beautiful scenery and friendly people . . . can't ask for more than that. Well maybe. Is there any decent crabbing to be had in the area...
  3. tyeeking

    Tides & Offshore Fishing

    I will be making my third trip to Tahsis this year after 10-years of fishing inside waters up at Telegraph Cove. Last year we caught most of our fish offshore (10-20 miles) out of Esperanza Inlet. I am used to fishing tide changes when fishing inshore. My question to the board is how...
  4. tyeeking

    Arch/Tower Question

    Hey guys, I am going to have an arch fabricated for my 22' Weldcraft Maverick. Weldcraft has agreed to do the work for me which will be nice since they obviously have all of the deminsions for a nice fit. What types of suggestions/ideas does the forum have for me to consider before I give...
  5. tyeeking

    Gold River Launch Question

    I saw on the recent Critter Cove thread that they recommend launching at Gold River with a plus 4 foot tide or higher. The problem is that the week I am there (8/6-8/13) there is no 4 foot tide. I seem to recall launching on a much lower tide last year with no problems. Has something changed at...
  6. tyeeking

    Cannon or Scotty

    Got a new boat on order that I expect to take delivery of in 30-days. Of course a new boat means new equipment. So what is the opinion of the forum . . . .Scotty Electrics or Cannon Electrics? I look forward to your thoughts.