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    Brown’s Bay

    H Thx Crow. How is the quality still pretty bright?
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    Navionics boating app problem

    Hmm.... Just turned my airplane mode off and tried the app seems to be working for me. I did get an email in September stating my app version will be phasing out. I had to get the the new app and transfer my data over. Maybe you have a that email in your junk box?
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    2020 Comox Valley-Comox Harbour, Kitty Coleman, Cape Lazo, Denman & Hornby Islands

    Nice report DBB. Did you see any other boats catching?
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    Catching on Braid vs Mono

    I prefer braid with no mono attached. Braid straight to the flasher. Either way tho braid is the way to go.
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    Dealing with Seals stealing your fish

    If you are fishing a seal zone. Try to stay seated keep the net down while fighting the fish. The seals watch the boats for commotion and go down. As mentioned above If you do get sealed you have to stay on top of them hard don’t let up for air otherwise your in for another 5-7 min battle. I’ve...
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    2020 Winter Harbour Reports

    Keep the reports coming awesome. Hopefully you get for some tuna.
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    2020 Winter Harbour Reports

    play by play. I like it.
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    Port alberni Inlet massacre

    Thx for all your hard work. Good luck at the round table.
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    2020 Port Renfrew Reports

    how much is the fee?
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    2020 Winter Harbour Reports

    I guess the obvious spots would be Cliff point and the light house which do hold coho during summer months. The guides also tack around Mahatta river, due low water conditions there are probably some staging there. The narrows also can be good but it seems to be a small window 1 hour before the...
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    Bute pointers

    Nice Ejji does very nice work nice to support local artists. Yep I like to bucktail small spoons with my fly rod in the kelp beds. Some really good action on the eb tide. Same at the log dump.
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    Bute pointers

    Bute is an awesome spot for sure. Most importantly is pay attention to the outflow wind coming out of the inlet you will want to have a good point of land to hide behind. If you travel on the SE side of Stuart Is Henrietta point you won’t have to worry about any rapids. There is good anchorage...
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    2020 Campbell River Reports

    I haven’t had very many coho in counters on the inside this year. Considering chinooks are still coming down the straits I’m Hoping they will show late. Be interested to know if anyone has seen any decent coho numbers. Can’t wait for beach fishing.
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    2020 Campbell River Reports

    Try going deep 200 to 250 with flasher and hootchie. Army Truck has been very good down deep. You will probably pick up some feeder springs which are far better eating right now. good luck
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    2020 Campbell River Reports

    Fished Lewis channel 2 days ago. Picked up a couple keepers and lost a couple. Went for a swim at Castle lake, stopped in at Refuge cove for fuel then off to Lund for fish and chips. Great end of summer day trip for the Wife and I. Looks like Refuge restaurant didn’t open this summer but are...
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    2020 Campbell River Reports

    Fished the green can through afternoon slack. Picked up a 78 cm and 2 feeder springs 10-12 lbs. release one plus a handful of 20 inchers. Army truck and shower curtain down deep 150 -240 feet.
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    Salmon Fishing Toba Inlet

    Head north around west redonda 20 min and come down Lewis channel between Cortes and west redonda when you see the bottom structure come up to 200 ft in the middle of the channel Drop your gear down to the bottom there should something there. Also try Sara point heading south from there. Good luck
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    2020 Powell River Reports

    I haven’t mooched in many many years. Used to use 8oz circle weights with #8 trebles and live bait (livies ) What an awesome way to catch salmon. Lewis is most productive trolling the center of the channel down deep where the bottom comes up to 200ft. You might even get a halibut wink wink. Good...