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    Stamp Somass opens Aug 25 1 over 1 under

    ffective 00:01 hours Thursday August 25th, 2016 the Somass and Stamp Rivers will open to recreational angling for chinook and coho salmon. The daily limit will be 4 salmon per day of which: " Two (2) may be chinook of which only one (1) may be greater than 77 cm. in length, and " Two (2) may...
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    Catching bigger halibut - WCVI

    Hey All Just wondering if anyone can give me any tips on catching bigger halis on WCVI. Ive taken a few in the 10-15lb range but cant seem to get anything bigger. So far I have tried: trolling with large herring and spoons and speaders with salmon belly, squid, herring and octopus...

    just logged into BC fishing reports and they have been hacked by some pro syrian military group. does anyone know an admin for this site so they can be notified and take back their server?
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    Looking for Uclulet fishing charter for 6

    Hey Anyone here know of or recommend anyone in Uclulet people that have a charter boat big enough to take 6? Cheers photocopy
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    Are commercial trollers required to use barbless hooks?

    Was just wondering if commercial trollers are required to use barbless hooks? I have a pretty hard time swallowing the barbless hooks thing as a recreational fisher and I hope that commercial fisheries are subject to the same rules as me.