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    Seadoo jet boat

    I live in Vancouver, is seadoo jet boat good for oceans like Indian arm , howe sound ,white rock , bowen Island , sunshine coast? I know seadoo jet boat discontinued manufacturing now, where can it be service or repair in here? I'm seeing some good 2nd hand deal...anyone have experience about...
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    Boat retail shop

    Anyone knows good boat retail shop in lower mainland? I want to check out new and used boats, but only knowing pro bass shop, any other good shop has good actual boat that we can see in person? Thank you.
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    Captains cove fishing

    Is there any fish along Fraser River at captains cove? Planning to take kids there on my 13ft zodiac,hows the currents over there,is it safe?
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    Yearly cost ?

    Hi I'm new and want to prepare buying a boat for family of 4, was looking at tahoe 16.5ft bowrider cause about $27,000 from pro bass shop, is it good for beginners? Approximately how much would it cause for maintenance and stuff annually? Was thinking just park at my back yard...or any...
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    Boat license or operation card?

    I'm new boater driving a 11ft zodiac with 5hp motor,do I need register for a boat license or doing tedt for a operation card? Thank you.
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    Public Boat ramp

    hi im new on water With a 3.3m dinghy boat with 5hp outboard....been to cates park for launching, any other great and easy boat launch ramp? Want to take kids out for some fishing and crabbing...thank you